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Rotman Business School – Introduction


The University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management is one of the best B-schools in Canada. Rotman is the highest ranked Canadian program according to the Financial Times. The average GMAT score is about 665, making it easier to get into than the top U.S. programs, and it has an excellent track record, with 38.7% of last year’s grads working in the financial industry. While U.S. programs usually boast about 1/3 of their student population being international students, Rotman’s student population is more than 50% international.

Good Things

  • – 26% of intake has financial services background and 38.7% made into financial services after graduation. That is good switch % for people looking to move into Financial services sector.
  • Avg. Gmat score is 658. Very good for applicants with low GMAT. It has actually reduced from last year’s avg GMAT of 665 and 674 year before that. Rotman prefers to focus on diverse profiles with spike factors, instead of GMAT and GPA metics.
  • Avg. experience for batch is 4.6 years, This is the youngest among reputable MBA you will find.
  • Indian applicant can get up to 3 yrs of visa after graduation to stay and look for a good job (need to verify*).
  • Rotman is a complete 2 years MBA program with a much bigger class size of 350 as compared to Ivey’s 1 year program and class size of 150.
  • Rotman also composes a much diverse class with 52% of international students in last class. Rotman doesn’t really give a nationality breakdown of it’s class but on average considering 15 % Indians this provides a much better shot for Indian candidates who are looking to moving into Canada.
  • In terms of placement Rotman is really know for it’s reputation in the finance world in Canada and every year almost 30% of class makes it into top notch finance roles. Consulting comes a close second but for consulting Ivey would be a much better choice.

Things to consider

  • Only 85% placement after 3 months of graduation. US schools have on av. above 90% after 3 months, so be careful, no one is handling a job on a platter, you would need to put in the effort.
  • Mean base salary of $92K is also on the lower side when comared to US and European MBA’s.
  • For consulting aspirant Rotman is a good school for Ivey might be a better fit but Ivey is only a 1 year MBA program.
  • Lately due to US immigration policies, Canada is fast becoming a preffered choice for MBA aspirants and Rotman is becoming more and more selective with it’s intake. Apply at the earliest to best the rush.
Financial Times

Rotman MBA Sample Essays


Rotman Essay 1: Please upload 1-3 of your ‘spikiest’ pictures and use the essay to tell us why you have chosen these particular images to illustrate your ‘spike factor’ (use up to 1000 words).

I am a corporate lawyer with seven years of professional exp and currently working with Deloitte. At Deloitte, I independently handle the Public Sector Industry projects as a part of Deloitte India corporate legal team. After undergraduation, I have crafted a successful career for myself while working with some of the biggest MNC’s and international clients. But things were not always like this, there was a point in time when being independent was a far fetched dream.

When I was eight years old, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis which rendered me bedridden and with limited movement for six years. Back in the day, the only known cure for my condition was regular penicillin injections which was an excruciating and painful procedure, to say the least.

In these six years, I was bedridden for the most part and could barely make any friends or enjoy any of the childhood pleasure. The only pleasure I had to indulge myself in was watching television. Given my lack of social life and inability to participate in physical activities, I developed a deep love for movies and television. Watching movies was the only pass time I had, I would often mimic dialogues, lip sync songs and hoped that one day I would get out of my state and be able to do these things in theatre. This was the beginning of my dream and passion for doing theatre one day…Continue Reading Here

Rotman MBA Interview


We ended up conducting the interview at the lobby/cafe of the area because the conference rooms were being used by QS MBA for its preparation. I must say that Tara visiting me in my country made me 30% more nearly sure to choose Rotman.

We communicated via E-mail to meet up with each other, so prepare your mobile data!

When I met her, I gave her a firm handshake and thanked her for this opportunity. I asked her how is she and how she finds the Philippines so far. Moreover, I also suggested some places for her to visit the next time she comes back here.

She ordered a cup of tea, but I passed because my mind was so focused on the interview itself. There were a lot of questions, but what I remembered were the following:

1. She let me introduce myself first.

2. What accomplishment on your resume are you most proud of?

3. In what extracurricular activities were you involved during college?

4. What do you do exactly in your position?

5. I told her I convinced my president to increase the marketing budget in the company, so she asked me how I did that and what specific things I did…Continue Reading Here

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Rotman MBA Application Tips


The University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business is one of the leading business schools in Canada. Known for its design approach to MBA education and strong emphasis on problem solving, Rotman’s program has grown in renown.

This year Rotman is all about Spike Factor, asking you to upload 1-3 of your “spikiest” pictures and select 1,000 words to explain why you chose these pictures. This year’s essay should be fun to answer, providing you with a creative way to show Rotman what makes you a unique and valuable addition to their community.

Essay1: Please upload 1-3 of your ‘spikiest’ pictures to the supplemental items section of your application here and use the space below to tell us why you have chosen these particular images to illustrate your ‘spike factor’. (up to 1000 words)

• Think about your key strengths and accomplishments and select photos that show this in an engaging way. “Spike factor” allows you to highlight your resilience, grit and determination in setting and reaching ambitious goals.
• You might also think of this like “the Tokyo test”—something I have heard recruiters mention. Is this person interesting enough that I’d be happy sitting next to them on a flight to Tokyo? Make sure you share something interesting—and this can expand beyond work to interesting hobbies, sports accomplishments, businesses that you have started, charities you’ve founded or supported etc.
• Consider organizing your answer around a few key themes with photos that support each one.
• Organically weave your career goals around the picture(s) you upload—ideally one of those photos may help inform what you’d like to do after Rotman.
• Think not just about what you can get from Rotman but also how you will be able to bring value to the Rotman community through the photos and explanations you share.
• It may help to use a CAR (Challenge/Action/Result) model as you provide support for the examples you share.
• Presence and communication are valued by Rotman in the admissions process as it is stated right in the introduction; be sure to upload a visually appealing and well written submission. Edit, proofread and pay attention to detail.

Essay 2: Reflection Question: List 3-5 attributes or characteristics that best describe you.

With these scant words, you should both reinforce your main application and essay message(s) and, also, add a little something extra and new – but that doesn’t contradict those other points. So, if your main message revolves around excellent soft skills and persuasion, look for another complementary point, e.g., risk-taker, that may not be emphasized but that is still reflective of you – and that will also be consistent with your profile and application even if not the most prominent point.

Video Essay: Required video interview (2 questions) with a new timed written response component (10 minutes in length).

Without knowing what the questions are, your best approach is to approach the video interview with both your own application and the Rotman program fresh in your mind. This will help you to simultaneously avoid both (a) being redundant and (b) being contradictory or inconsistent. This written response is new this year. I suggest viewing and approaching it as a continuation of the dialogue. It presents special challenges, particularly for non-native English speakers and writers who may typically take more time to polish their writing in English. While it’s natural for a follow-up piece like this essay to be less polished and thought through than essays on which you reasonably spend much more time, it also shouldn’t sound like a different person or present such a gap in English writing fluency that it raises doubts in the adcom. If you are worried about these things – practice. Give yourself sample topics and a 5-10 minute response window. Use tough questions, to make the actual one (hopefully) seem easier! (NOTE: The Rotman website gives an example – not an actual sample – question).

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