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Rotman Business School – Introduction


The University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management is one of the best B-schools in Canada. Rotman is the highest ranked Canadian program according to the Financial Times. The average GMAT score is about 665, making it easier to get into than the top U.S. programs, and it has an excellent track record, with 38.7% of last year’s grads working in the financial industry. While U.S. programs usually boast about 1/3 of their student population being international students, Rotman’s student population is more than 50% international.

Good Things

  • – 26% of intake has financial services background and 38.7% made into financial services after graduation. That is good switch % for people looking to move into Financial services sector.
  • Avg. Gmat score is 658. Very good for applicants with low GMAT. It has actually reduced from last year’s avg GMAT of 665 and 674 year before that. Rotman prefers to focus on diverse profiles with spike factors, instead of GMAT and GPA metics.
  • Avg. experience for batch is 4.6 years, This is the youngest among reputable MBA you will find.
  • Indian applicant can get up to 3 yrs of visa after graduation to stay and look for a good job (need to verify*).
  • Rotman is a complete 2 years MBA program with a much bigger class size of 350 as compared to Ivey’s 1 year program and class size of 150.
  • Rotman also composes a much diverse class with 52% of international students in last class. Rotman doesn’t really give a nationality breakdown of it’s class but on average considering 15 % Indians this provides a much better shot for Indian candidates who are looking to moving into Canada.
  • In terms of placement Rotman is really know for it’s reputation in the finance world in Canada and every year almost 30% of class makes it into top notch finance roles. Consulting comes a close second but for consulting Ivey would be a much better choice.

Things to consider

  • Only 85% placement after 3 months of graduation. US schools have on av. above 90% after 3 months, so be careful, no one is handling a job on a platter, you would need to put in the effort.
  • Mean base salary of $92K is also on the lower side when comared to US and European MBA’s.
  • For consulting aspirant Rotman is a good school for Ivey might be a better fit but Ivey is only a 1 year MBA program.
  • Lately due to US immigration policies, Canada is fast becoming a preffered choice for MBA aspirants and Rotman is becoming more and more selective with it’s intake. Apply at the earliest to best the rush.
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