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My Team

Ameer Khatri, MBA Consultant, MBA Application essays and Interview prep

Ameer Khatri

(HEC Paris, IIT-ISM Dhanbad)

MBA !! Consulting !! C-Suite !! Dreams !! That was me 3 years ago when a crash in Oil prices jolted me out of my comfortable job in Norway and made me realize it’s not going to happen just by dreaming. Oil market was crashing and I needed an exit. 

Apparently, a degree from the prestigious IIT is not enough if you want to rub shoulders with the fancy consultants and fly business class. That’s how my MBA journey started. Friends and a community of GMAT Avengers with a common goal provided the necessary motivation and guidance.

3 years later, I have made it, been there, done that !! It’s time for me to give back to the community. I wish I can help make a difference with the lessons I learned along the way. 

Akanksha Sharma

(ISB, Thapar University)

A Consultant by profession, I had my career plans all extensively chalked out.  On-site opportunities, Big 4 Partner, dreams were clear but the path was not. 2 years back, when disruptive technologies introduced a slump in the software consulting domain,I realised that I had to make things happen for myself instead of waiting for them to happen.

My B.E. degree in Computer Science would just not suffice if I wanted to make it big in the corporate domain. This realisation became the advent of my MBA journey. 

The process of MBA admissions can be gruelling but at the same time it contributes manifold to our personal growth. Having been through the process myself, I am here to help others cut ice in their MBA journey.


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Abhilash Kandwal

Indian School of Business
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Vaibhav Vishal

MBA, Schulich Business School, Canada

“Coming from India with a 620 in GMAT, I was not sure of applying to any of my dream colleges, but I was also not very keen to sit for another year to improve my GMAT score. I got in touch with Ameer, and he asked me to focus on my strength which was 7 years of Leadership experience in a Public Sector Organisation. I trusted his guidance throughout my application process and interview. His serious effort in the reiteration of my essays and the mock interviews was beneficial in securing an admit in a top Canadian business program.”

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Hu Shunfeng

HEC Paris

“Ameer helped me prepare the interview of HEC Paris, including a 10-min presentation and the question-answer session. I got much valuable advice and made great progress through 2 mock interviews, especially for the presentation, where he suggested me to adjust the structure of the content in order to better match the school’s requirements. Moreover, Ameer inspired me a lot when practicing some cross questions, which made me think further about my strengths and weaknesses. He did me a big favor not only for the interview but also for my future learning experience at HEC”


Akhil Khanijao

MBA, HEC Montreal

“I got in touch with Ameer through Facebook group. I was just starting to think about applying but I was not clear in which school I would fit in and what I want to do after MBA with my 10 years of Entrepreneurial experience. Working with Ameer was a wonderful and fruitful experience. Ameer really guided with school selection and career goals I might be able to pursue. He put in serious efforts in my application, and made sure that I get the admit.”


Sonali Kakrayne

700, PWC, Indian School of Business

“When I met Ameer, I was confused and unsure about the application process, I just knew that I want to get into one of the top business schools. He evaluated my strengths and weaknesses and helped me to put them into words  He helped me tailor each and every application to the best of my capability. In the end, I got 3 offers some with scholarships and I finally decided to join ISB.”


Dharam Nain Singh

740, Deloitte, USC Marshall School of Business

“Applications are mostly about selling yourself in the best way possible. Ameer helped me in making a list of all the important events in my life, and used them to highlight what skills I have.I think I might not have been able to make the application so precise and to the point without Ameer’s help. I don’t think I would have been able to make so convincing applications without his help.”


Harshal Singla

700, Deloitte, Carlson School of Management

“I took Ameer’s help for my MBA interviews. Ameer helped me prepare for the worst that I could face during my interview and gave critical feedback. He not only help me find the practise proper answers but also helped me improve my body language  and that is partly why my interview went flawlessly. More than a consultant, I found him as a friend committed to help me.”

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