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February 29, 2024

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Our Clients in
Ivy League US Schools (M7s)

What They Actually Said About Us


Stanford Admit

Ameer was instrumental in guiding me towards the right b-school application decisions. When I first contacted him, I was intending to apply to programs which I now realize were not suited to my career goals. He patiently told me various scenarios and helped me chose the programs that best fit my background and goals.

Ameer helped me with written and video essay crafting and editing to bring out my story and goals clearly. He also helped me with mock interviews where I learnt a lot about how to balance composure and prepare answers. I had a lot of things unbalanced before he took the mock interviews and his critique helped me improve in almost every area.

Now I have admits from Stanford GSB and MIT Sloan and Ameer was a major reason for my success.

MIT Admit

If you are a prospective applicant beginning your journey, do read the full answer below. However, if you’d specifically like to know only about the experience with Ameer, skip to the second part.

Firstly, you WILL need a good consultant’s help to submit a great MBA application. Admissions are becoming hyper-competitive with each cycle, and you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned if you are serious about it. 760s are dinged, top-undergrad degree holders are dinged, rockstars from the who’s who of feeder firms are dinged, and so on for myriad reasons. At best, anyone only has good odds of getting in, and that’ll need realizing blind spots and overcoming weak spots. Here’s where a consultant can make a big difference.

Coming to Ameer,

  1. Check his own credentials:
    HEC Paris: Great B-school, one that asks for a lot of essays and has alum interviews, typically tougher than most
    PM at Amazon: What you might not know is that its recruiting happens after a lot of difficult behavioral interviews
    MBA consulting: He’s helped a lot of candidates get in, evident here and on his site, which is also very resourceful
  2. He doesn’t limit the number of discussions and works on a refund model (if you land short). Some big-name consultants I know restrict the personal time they can give you and have only mail correspondence. This aspect makes you realize how serious he is.
  3. He helped me with school shortlisting, essay reviews, and interview prep. I’m thankful for his value-add here. I got acceptance from my top-choice school.
  4. He emphasizes bringing out a holistic application (including personal, volunteering, and extra-curricular aspects) and not just a professional focus. That’ll make you stand out and present you as an interesting candidate. Ad-coms aren’t short of high-performers and don’t like boring ones.
  5. Be ready to draft, re-draft, and re-edit your essays. In short, not easy-going here. But you’ll get better through that, and you’ll need it as an MBA grad and beyond. In my case, I hadn’t written essays in a long time and got the focal elements right after such iterations.


NYU Stern Admit

Short answer: A truly fantastic MBA Consultant – hands down!

I worked with Ameer from the very beginning on my MBA application process. Regardless of your academic or professional background, the process of applying to a top school can be a daunting one. Ameer takes a logical, streamlined and practical approach to this process and guides you every step of the way! 

He has always made himself available to answer any concern one may have, and is happy to jump on a call. As a person, he is friendly, light and easy to work with. He is great at helping you flush out your strengths, be it for your essays or interview, and really does give you the confidence to be your best! I truly can’t recommend him enough. Thank you, Ameer for everything!


Our Clients in - EU Schools

What They Actually Said About Us



I am attending my dream school (INSEAD) in a couple of months and I owe this success to Ameer.

I got in touch with him one evening when I was feeling stuck as I was working through the application essays. I had written down many ideas to discuss but couldn’t decide which to focus on and how to weave them into one meaningful story.
Unlike other consultants I had spoken to who told me to apply to other lower ranking schools due to my low GMAT score, Ameer was very supportive. After the initial conversation, I felt encouraged and inspired to continue to pursue my dream. We set up a few meetings that week to get things started. It began with me telling my stories and what I think I should present to adcom. You can tell just by talking to him how kind and caring he is. He took the time to really understand not just the story but me as a person. By asking thoughtful questions, he teased out things I didn’t know was important or critical to the success of my application. It was these sessions that helped me dig deeper to who I am, what values I bring to the program and think of a creative way to talk about my journey. Though the story is mine, it was told in a much better manner than I had ever thought of – Thanks to Ameer’s expertise and support.

Another thing that I really liked about working with Ameer is how brutally honest he is. He was very clear with me about his reservation for how I want to bring out some qualities and not others. But in the end, he helped me shine through the application essays by highlighting my strengths and discussing my weakness in the best light possible anyway.

In so far as MBA consulting is concerned, his service is the most affordable all around. Compared to other consultants who’ll cost you an arm and a leg, I’d venture to say that Ameer is better and much more flexible imo. He truly cares about his students and doesn’t mind investing time and energy to help them succeed. Now that application season is over, Ameer still reaches out to offer advice and help as I am about to relocate to France for school in a couple months. This is just an example how his kindness extends beyond the work the he does.

I was admitted to INSEAD with a scholarship – This would not be possible without Ameer’s help. I totally recommend him for folks like me who have great potential but don’t know how to package themselves well.

And to Ameer – THANK YOU so much!!!


HEC Paris Admit

“Ameer helped me prepare the interview of HEC Paris, including a 10-min presentation and the question-answer session. I got much valuable advice and made great progress through 2 mock interviews, especially for the presentation, where he suggested me to adjust the structure of the content in order to better match the school’s requirements. Moreover, Ameer inspired me a lot when practicing some cross questions, which made me think further about my strengths and weaknesses. He did me a big favor not only for the interview but also for my future learning experience at HEC”

Our Clients in - US Schools

What They Actually Said About Us


USC Marshall Admit

Ameer is a truly amazing and dedicated consultant. He helped me with my application interview processes last minute and helped me in formulaic strategic manner which made it easy for me to prepare and reharse for interviews with the top MBA programs within 1 day!! Ameer helped me successfully gain admission inyo University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business Full-Time program with a scholarship! Thank you so much Ameer, my investment in your expertise truly paid off! I highly recommend hiring Ameer as a consultant especially during the interview preparation portion of the application process. He is truly incredible and has a precise strategy to ensure success!


LBS Admit

My experience with Ameer was truly amazing on many different levels and I would strongly recommend him to anyone applying for an MBA.

  • His website (www.ameerkhatri.com) was a tremendous reference while writing my essays. I used his tips and pointers in order to help me craft a strong and compelling story.
  • While preparing for my interview Ameer quickly identified the “holes” in my application that he thought my interviewer could go after. He not only made me aware of them but also helped me prepare the answers.
  • Ameer improved the structure of most, if not all, of my answers. While many of my answers were ok in terms of content, they were poor in terms of structure. Ameer quickly made that obvious and basically helped me say the same thing in a more gripping way.
  • Ameer also helped me work on my body language and my non-verbal cues. He analysed how my body language evolved as the mock interview progressed and how it changed from one question to another.
  • Lastly, throughout my experience, Ameer made sure to cover pretty much all of the points in my application. That gave me a huge confidence boost before my interview. When I called Ameer, I was extremely nervous. When we finished, I was extremely confident.

It’s also worth mentioning that Ameer is a genuinely cool guy. I asked him if we could stay friends after we were done. He said yes 🙂

Our Clients in - Canadian Schools

What They Actually Said About Us


ISB Admit 

Coming from a typical Male engineering (Civil) background, a GMAT Score of 700 and a work ex of 5 years, I was very confused about which universities to apply as I had already faced rejections last year. I was skeptical about the whole MBA consultant process but also didn’t want to land into rejections again. I kept following ameer’s post on the GMAT avengers group on FB and his unique style of presenting facts and data caught my eye. I had a call with him discussed my profile, work ex, extracurricular and he assured me I had nothing to fear. 

I started working with Akanksha who has been nothing but brilliant. She has been supportive throughout the process, providing insights and a fresh perspective on my application. She pushed me to introspect which has increased my learning curve exponentially. The best part was that she pushed my limits every time for the better even during times when I was slacking. Not once did I have to compromise on the universities. The universities I applied to were chosen after careful brainstorming keeping my aspirations in mind. I can’t thank her enough for my success. I wholeheartedly recommend Ameer Khatri Consultancy and Akanksha. So far I have got confirmation from IIM-A (PGPX), interview invite from ISB and awaiting results from other universities.


NUS and SMU Admit

Working with Aamir was a delight and a very productive consultation. There are two things that stood out with Aamir’s approach: firstly, his method had a structure, and secondly, he was very accessible throughout the period of consultation.

During the first call, which I think was the most important one, we devised a game plan and Aamir asked me to categorically write down all my accomplishments and hobbies that could be used to tell a story about who I am and what is my potential. After all, that is exactly what the admission committee is looking for in a prospective student. Finally, Aamir helped me frame a coherent response from my stories, which helped me stand out amongst the other applicants.

Along with his brilliant approach what I liked the most was that Aamir was readily available, whenever I had questions. There were no limitations on how many times I could approach him for a quick chat to clarify any queries. He is very patient in his approach, and he made sure that I understood my goals clearly and he helped me approach them tactfully for a better result.

Even though I only had a month’s time to prepare, I was invited for an interview from both the universities that I had submitted my applications to. Eventually, I successfully cleared my interviews, receiving offer letters from both the universities. I cannot thank Aamir enough for his outstanding effort, and I highly recommend his services to any future aspirants without any reservations.

Our Clients in - Indian and Asian B-Schools

What They Actually Said About Us


Schulich Admit 

My experience with Ameer was amazing. With his guidance and encouragement, I was able to secure multiple offers with scholarship.

Many testimonials before me would tell you that Ameer is brutally honest with his clients, that is absolutely true and also the primary reason why I decided to work with him. He doesn’t make any false promises and delivers on what he commits.

He put in the time and effort to understand my goals, my career graph, and my past life in general so that we could shortlist the points we would like to highlight in the essays. In fact, after some time he remembered my stories more than I did. That is how invested he is in his clients.

Ameer has a well-structured approach towards the applications. He focused on all my strengths but also ensured that I have a strategy in place to tackle any potential weaknesses. He put in a great effort with me throughout the application process whether it was essay writing, video questions, or interview prep. He never set a limit on the number of essay drafts he will review or even the number/duration of the calls. If you need him, he will be there to guide you. Even with the interview prep, if he feels that you need more than two mock interviews, he will tell you that and will take the time to prepare you well. In short, if you decide to work with Ameer, be assured that he will see you till the end of the process.

I can’t thank Ameer enough for being a friend and a mentor, someone I will keep going back to for advice. I strongly recommend Ameer if you are considering applying to a B-school.


McMaster Admit

Approx 5 months ago I had a rejection letter from every MBA school I had applied in despite taking guidance from Princeton review people. Therefore I was very disturbed and someone suggested me to consult Ameer sir.
In nutshell, Ameer sir really put life into my essays, advised me on how to go about making the university know that I want to join them and helped me with supporting communications. And as a result, I got admits from Schulich, Mcmaster and Dalhousie University (I was only interested in MBA in Canada) – FYI I took his help for only a few universities and got admit from each one of them.

So the bottom line is that he is a very professional person who knows well about admissions in B schools. Therefore I recommend any student looking towards business education to take his guidance.


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