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This is a 1 week preparation program designed to help you master your interview skills and clear the last hurdle in your admissions to your dream university.

During the week, you will be working 1 on 1 with a dedicated mentor. The program, consists of 3 calls (1 hour each) on alternate days to help you ramp up step by step. We typically work backward from your actual scheduled interview date. So for example, if your interview is on the 10th, then we will do the 3 calls on 4, 6, 8th of the month.

Most of the calls will be via zoom and can be recorded to help yourself observe and learn from your mistakes during the mock sessions. 1st Call is for brainstorming and fixing the content you have prepared. The subsequent 2 calls are Mock interviews.

(Fast-track version: in case you are running short on time, we can complete the 3 calls in 3 days)



What we focus on

Content Development

The most important aspect of any interview is the content you have prepared to pitch.
During the first brainstorming call, we will guide you on how to improve your content and how to structure it better. Especially for international business schools.

Improve Body Language

First Impression matters. The way you sit, hands movement and smile everything matters.
That is why after a mock the first set of feedback we give is always around body language. We will hihglight the areas that need improvement.

Video Recordings

You can record all calls on zoom for yourself. Recordings are very helpful is looking back and identifying your mistakes.
Sometimes where needed, we will also provide sample recordings so that you can see where your competition is like.

Preparation Plan

Day 1 - Pre-Prep

Before you schedule your first call with your mentor for brainstorming, it is usually best to spend some time preparing to the best of your capability. 

If you come prepared to the best of your capability, then we often see much higher value addition from the brainstorming calls. If you come without any preparation, then we usually end up discussing basic entry-level stuff. 

A brainstorming session is the first opportunity for you to pitch your answers in a safe environment.
We will ask you to pitch your answers to the key basic questions that you have prepared.

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • What are your goals
  • Why do you need an MBA
  • Why from our school. 

Then, we will discuss and share feedback on how to improve your content and pitch further.

You can record the calls for your personal viewing later if you would like. 

Self-prep days are reserved for you to improve on the feedback from the previous session.

In case we are short on time, we skipp self prep days and go back to back on calls. 

In mock 1, we usually focus on testing the basics only (usually around your career goals and personal attributes like strengths, weakness,es etc)

It will be a 30/40 mins of mock interview, followed by feedback discussion.  

You can record the calls for your personal viewing later if you would like. 

Self-prep days are reserved for you to improve on the feedback from the previous session.

In case we are short on time, we skip self prep days and go back to back on calls. 

30/40 mins of mock interview with your mentor, followed by feedback. In mock 2 we try to push harder, introduce situational questions, and stress test you a little. 

You can record the calls for your personal viewing later if you would like. 

If you make it this far, ideally you should be feeling confident in your prep and ready to rock your interview. 

About the Coaches

Ameer Khatri

(HEC Paris | Ex-PM @Amazon)

Shireen Salma

(IIM Bangalore | PM @Microsoft)

Money Back Guarantee

If you do not get admitted in the school, we will refund our fees. For refund claims, we would need the official rejection Email or verification from the application portal.

Refund Guarantee:

  • 100% refund – for all clients who have worked on their Essays and Resumes with us. 
  • 50% refund – for all new interview-only clients. 

The refund will be processed upon submission of the rejection letter. 

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Our Happy Clients

What Our Clients Say About Us

Rajat Siwach

“I connected with Ameer for a profile evaluation and intro call, he had an amazing presentation and facts based excel in place and was very well able to guide me in right direction.”

Amit Sharma

It feels good to get answers for your questions when you are in middle of the ocean of MBA prep. Thank you so much to Ameer, he is very helpful. The session helped me in understanding more about different real aspects of Ex-MBA and pros and cons of it wrt 1 year MBA.

Anika Gupta

I had a chance to attend the profile evaluation workshop by Ameer this evening. It was very informative and he paid attention to every candidate’s need/questions. I’ll be updating this review with a detailed feedback once I’ve had a chance to consult him.


We are 2 member team. Your mentor will be either Ameer or Shireen. You will be workign with either one of us, depending the date of your interview and our respective bandwidths during that week. 

Prep Schedule:

You will have access to your mentor’s calendar and you can select a time as per your convenience.
We typically work: 

  • 06 pm – 12 am : India Time
  • 02 pm – 08 pm : Central European Time
  • 09 am – 03 pm : New York Time (EST)
  • 06 am – 12 pm : San-Francisco Time zone (PST)

Fist Brainstorming call is usually scheduled when you feel confident of your prep and you are ready to have a brainstorming discussion. 

Without Pre-prep, brainstorming often leads to very basic entry level discussion. 

We schedule these calls on alternate days, working backward from your interview date. So, for example, if your interview is on the 10th, we will do the three calls on 4, 6, and 8th of the month.


I am sorry, we are a 2 member team and you will be either working with Ameer or Shireen. 

We tried onboarding mentors from different schools but at this price point the operations hassel training everyone and always keeping a roaster of mentors on call simply didn’t make sense. 

Personal Interview is usually the last step in your admission process and for most schools it carries the most weightage. Typically 30-40% in your entire decision making process. 

Unlike your job interview,  B-schools interview opportunities arrive only once a year and most of our clients work with us to ensure they put their best foot forward to convert it.

You can pay via any credit card and we will issue the refund on the same credit card if you do not get the final interview invite. 

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