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University of Auckland MeM Program Overview







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Introduction to MeM at Auckland

Viewed as ‘an MBA for engineers,’ this prestigious taught programme is offered jointly with the University of Auckland Business School.

Aimed at professionals, the MEMgt appeals to a broad range of students from different engineering and technological backgrounds intending to pursue management roles. It is a flexible qualification oriented towards enhancing your professional and business capacities for the global market.

Why Study MeM at Auckland?


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The MEMgt offers a distinct career path towards leadership positions. Its industry focus additionally demonstrates your management competence to employers. Unlike generic management qualifications, it focuses directly on issues unique to engineering companies, allowing you to draw from your perspectives as a professional engineer.

Once you become a student at the University, you can get help with planning and developing your career from Career Development and Employability Services.

Program Costs + Living Expenses : MeM at Auckland


Avg. Cost of Tuition


Avg. Living Cost/Quarter


Avg. Cost of Study

  • You can live in University of Auckland Accommodation for your entire degree – whether you study with us for three years or more – undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • First-year residents in University Accommodation statistically perform better than non-residents, 3% with a higher pass rate and 20% with higher ‘A’ grades.
  • We offer a wide range of Accommodation scholarship opportunities to help you with your cost of living.
  • Living in our Accommodation will often cost you less than trying to set up your own flat in the  Auckland CBD or Parnell, or even at some other universities around the country. Really, it’s true!

Employement Prospects : MeM at Auckland


Employed within 3 months of graduation


Avg. Salary

    Most Sought-after Jobs

Chief engineer

Engineering manager

Engineering or management consultant

Manufacturing manager

Operations manager

Product development manager

Project manager

Eligibility Criteria for MeM at Auckland

  • Minimum programme requirements

The minimum requirements listed here are the likely grades required and do not guarantee entry. We assess each application individually and applicants may require a higher grade to be offered a place.

  • Taught 120 points

You must have completed a BE or BE(Hons) with a GPA of 5.0 or higher 120 points above Stage III.

  • In exceptional circumstances, they will consider you for entry if you have completed a bachelor’s and have three years of work experience in engineering.

Documents required : MeM at Auckland

You can meet postgraduate English language requirements by completing either:

These ELA grades are considered equivalent to the IELTS bans for admissions purposes: 

  • IELTS 7.0: A- in FCertEAP or EPPS
  • IELTS 6.5: B- in FCertEAP or EPPS

Please note that enrolment in the ELA programme is at your own expense.

Equivalent qualifications

If you have completed study in the English medium, you may not have to take a language test. Please see the documents below for approved alternatives to our IELTS requirements.


Application Deadlines - Auckland MEM

Application closing dates

Semester One 2023=8 December 2022
Semester Two 2023=Domestic4 July 2023,International16 June 2023

Other important dates

See important dates for the academic year, including orientation, enrolment, study breaks, exams, and graduation.

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Scholarships Available : MeM at Auckland

 University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship

Rewards exceptional academic performance combined with outstanding sporting, artistic,
cultural and/or leadership achievements.

University of Auckland Māori Academic Excellence Scholarship

Recognises exceptional academic success from Māori tauira who have either engaged in Te Ao Māori, their community, the arts or played a leadership role in sports or cultural contexts.

University of Auckland Pacific Academic Excellence Scholarship

Recognises students with Pacific heritage, who have excellent academic records and active participation in community, cultural and other activities.

University of Auckland Academic Potential Scholarship – School Leavers

Supports students demonstrating academic achievement (taking into account a number of factors that can impact on an individual’s ability to participate fully at university).

University of Auckland Waka Moana Scholarship

To recognise Māori tauira potential who have strong engagement in either Te Ao Māori, their community, the arts or played an exceptional leadership role in sports or cultural contexts, as well as demonstrating academic ability.  

University of Auckland Vaka Moana Scholarship

To recognise indigenous Pacific students who have strong engagement with their school and community, or the arts, or played an exceptional leadership role in sports or cultural contexts, as well as demonstrating academic ability. 

Specializations & Electives Offered

Completion of the MEMgt requires a total of 75 points in elective courses alongside your 45 point ENGGEN 766 project. 
You will be required to choose at least two courses from the following list of engineering electives:
  • CIVIL 703 Project Management (Semesters One and Two)
  • CIVIL 704 Advanced Topics in Project Management (Semester Two)
  • CIVIL 708 Work Based Learning (Semesters One and Two)
  • CIVIL 765 Infrastructure Asset Management (Semester One)
  • ENGGEN 705 Advanced Innovation & New Product Development (Semester Two)
  • ENGGEN 730 Management Skills for Project Professionals (Semesters One and Two)
  • ENGGEN 731 Agile & Lean Project Management (Semester One)
  • ENGGEN 733 Systems Thinking and Project Business Case (Semester One)


You’ll also need to choose at least two courses from the following list of Business Administration electives:
  • BUSADMIN 762 Marketing (Quarter Two)
  • BUSADMIN 764 Accounting (Quarter One)
  • BUSADMIN 766 Supply Chain Management (Quarter One/Quarter Three)
  • BUSDEV 711 Business in a Changing World (Quarter Two)
  • BUSDEV 712 Financial Management (Quarter Four)
  • BUSDEV 713 Sustainable Value Chains (Quarter Three)
  • BUSDEV 714 Managing Creativity and People (Quarter Four)
  • BUSDEV 715 Contemporary Marketing (Not offered in 2021)
  • BUSDEV 731 Business Analytics (Quarter Three)
  • BUSDEV 732 Commercialising Technology (Quarter Three)
  • BUSDEV 733 Turning Technology into IP (Quarter Four)
  • BUSDEV 734 Technology Entrepreneurship (Not offered in 2021)
  • BUSMAN 701 Managing People and Organisations (Quarters Two and Four)
  • BUSMAN 702 Contemporary Marketing (Quarters Two, Three and Four)
  • BUSMAN 703 Financial Decision-Making (Quarter Three)
  • BUSMAN 704 Supply Chain Management (Quarters Two, Three and Four)
  • BUSMAN 705 Strategic Human Resource Management (Quarters Two and Four)
  • BUSMAN 707 Business Analytics (Quarter Three)

FAQs About MeM

You are eligible to apply if you have earned a Bachelor of Science in a similar science discipline, but you may be at a disadvantage compared to engineering majors who have applied. Please thoroughly review the requirements of the program in the MSME Graduate Handbook to help you decide if you are prepared for our program.

 Yes. Students with a BS degree are eligible to apply to the PhD program.

You can enter all types of work experience in the Education and Experience section as well as detailing these experiences on your CV (Resumé).

Entry requirements for postgraduate programmes vary from programme to programme, although applicants applying for postgraduate study with the faculty must normally have either a recognised tertiary level qualification in their area of study or a recognised professional qualification and work experience. Some programmes also require the student to be currently registered with a professional association.

If you are a student with Māori or Pacific ancestry, PG Poutama STEPPS is a set of online tools designed specifically for you.  The online tools help you as you prepare for postgraduate study in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences (FMHS) at the University of Auckland.

We understand it can be overwhelming knowing where to start if you have not studied at the tertiary level or have had a long gap since studying. The online PG Poutama STEPPS tools are aimed to help you identify areas where you feel more or less prepared for postgraduate study

Application Process & timeline

We strongly advise all our clients to have a proper excel sheet or a timetables mapped out.
Once you are done with GMAT the entire application process usually take 4-6 weeks

Step 1

GMAT / GRE Score

2-3 months.

If you are not sure about what score to target then look at the average score of the schools you want and shoot above the average. 

Step 2

Profile Evaluation

 1-2 weeks.

Get your profile evaluated from a professional consultant and figure out what schools you can target based on your profile

Step 3

Application Prep

3-4 weeks at least. 

Start writing at least 1 month in advance of their 1st deadline. First application usually takes the longest.

Step 4

Interview Prep

1 week

School will notify you and give you roughly 1 week to schedule your interview. Ideally, start your prep ASAP and Do some mock interviews.

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