St. Petersburg University – MIM: Detailed Review

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Avg. Age

RUB 578K

Avg. Cost of Study


Months Duration 

RUB 7000K

Avg. Salary

Introduction to MiM at St. Petersburg

The Master in Management program at St. Petersburg University’s Graduate School of Management, established in 1999, is the school’s premier offering. This program holds a place in the Financial Times international rankings.

Throughout the program, students gain versatile management expertise applicable to a range of sectors in both Russian and international corporations. This encompasses areas such as development, marketing, logistics, and analytics.

These acquired skills empower graduates to operate efficiently worldwide, enabling them to make well-informed decisions rooted in contemporary knowledge and a global perspective.

Why Study MiM at St. Petersburg?


FT Rankings


Best Global University – Russia

One notable feature of the program is the chance to undertake exchange studies at partner institutions affiliated with GSOM SPbU. Following the completion of their initial semester, students engage in a competitive selection process, enabling them to select from a diverse array of foreign business schools.

The number of partner universities involved in bilateral exchange programs with GSOM SPBU is continually expanding; it is currently surpassing 89 renowned institutions that are recognized, both globally and nationally for their excellence in business education. Furthermore, the network of GSOM SPBU’s partner schools spans across extensive geographic regions, encompassing nearly every time zone and continent.

Program Costs + Living Expenses : MiM at St. Petersburg

RUB 547K

Cost of Tuition/annum



Avg. Living Cost/month

RUB 578K

Avg. Cost of Study

Program Cost

The program cost for the Master in Management program at St Petersburg University is RUB 547,200 per year for international students. The program lasts for two years, so the total tuition fee is RUB 1,094,400.

Living Expenses

The cost of living in St Petersburg varies depending on your lifestyle and habits. However, you can expect to spend around RUB 28,000-35,000 per month on living expenses, including accommodation, food, transportation, and utilities. This means that your total living expenses for the two-year Master in Management program would be around RUB 672,000-840,000.

Total Cost

The total cost of the Master in Management program at St Petersburg University, including tuition and living expenses, would be around RUB 1,766,400-1,934,400 for international students.

For more details regarding fee structure and payment terms and conditions, visit the official page of St. Petersburg University: GSOM.

Employement Prospects : MiM at St. Petersburg


Employed within 3 months of graduation

RUB 70,00,000

Avg. Salary

    Most Sought-after Jobs

Innovation Management


Supply Chain Management

Management Consulting

Management of Russian & International Companies


The program is designed to prepare professionals capable of actively contributing to well-informed decision-making across diverse management domains by utilizing contemporary management principles and a global perspective.

Furthermore, students have the opportunity to partake in internships at esteemed Russian and international corporations, including but not limited to Russian Railways, Rosneft, Sberbank, Adidas Group, Citibank, Colliers International, Corinthia Nevskij Palace Hotel, Maersk Line, Nokian Tyres, DHL, Ernst & Young, KPMG, L’oreal, Philip Morris, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Unilever, and numerous others.

Eligibility Criteria for MiM at St. Petersburg

Admission to the MiM program at St. Petersburg University (SPbU) is highly competitive and is determined by the evaluation of applications and admission test results. The admission process for the 2023 intake primarily comprises the submission of a portfolio and a motivation letter.

To access the application process and find detailed information about enrollment options and admission tests for international applicants, we recommend visiting the official website of the SPbU Office for International Admissions. For an online application, please log into your Personal Account on the SPbU Admissions Committee’s official website.

These eligibility criteria serve as a guide for aspiring candidates interested in the Master in Management program at St. Petersburg University, ensuring they have the necessary information to apply and pursue their academic and professional goals. 

Application Deadlines - St. Petersburg MiM

International applicants seeking enrollment at SPbU have the option of applying for places on a fee-paying (contractual) basis or places funded by the Russian Government, which require references from the Russian Federation Ministry of Education. The application deadlines for the academic year 2023/24 are as follows:

Places funded by the Russian GovernmentNovember 14, 2022 – February 24, 2023
Places on the contractual basis from international applicantsApril 3, 2023 – June 16, 2023

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Specializations & Electives Offered

The Master in Management program at St Petersburg University is a two-year program that offers students a broad foundation in management principles and practices. The program is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree in any field, and it is particularly well-suited for students who want to develop a career in international business, marketing, or international logistics.

In the first year of the program, students take a core curriculum of courses that cover all aspects of management, including accounting, finance, marketing, operations management, and strategic management, and then in the second year, students choose a specialization.

In addition to their chosen specialization, students also have the opportunity to take elective courses in a variety of other areas.

You may visit the official website for a detailed list of the specializations and electives offered within the MiM program at St Petersburg University.

The MiM program at St Petersburg University is a great option for students who want to develop a strong foundation in management principles and practices, and specialize in international business, marketing, or international logistics. The program is taught in English, and it offers students the opportunity to learn from experienced faculty and to network with students from all over the world.

FAQs About MiM at St. Petersburg University

Yes, the Master in Management program is taught entirely in English.

The Master in Management program at St Petersburg University offers a number of benefits to students, including:

  • A strong academic reputation
  • A focus on international business
  • A diverse student body
  • A supportive learning environment
  • Opportunities for internships and capstone projects

The average age of students in the Master in Management program is 25 years old.

Here are some things you can do to prepare for the Master in Management program:

  • Take courses in business and related fields.
  • Gain work experience in a business setting.
  • Develop your English language skills.
  • Research the Master in Management program and St Petersburg University.
  • Talk to current and former students of the program.

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