IIM Bangalore MMS (Public Policy) Interview Questions

Interview Questions collected from Past clients

MMS Interview Experience 1:

Off-Campus with Adcom

Final Decision: Admitted

I participated in an interview for the MMS program, it was conducted by a panel of two professors and one alum. The interview was relatively brief, lasting about 15 minutes.

Here are some questions they asked me:

  1. What drives your interest in pursuing a Master of Management Studies and other potential pathways to achieve your post-Master of Management Studies goals?
  2. Inquiries related to my professional background and the accomplishments I had mentioned in my application.
  3. There were follow-up questions based on my responses to the previous inquiries.
  4. The panel also posed several additional questions that were relevant to the content of my application essays.

The interview involved extensive cross-questioning, which sometimes made it challenging to provide complete responses. On occasion, I had to defer answering one question before addressing the next.

After the interview, I did some reflection and I guess my performance was above average, but I acknowledge that there was room for improvement.

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MMS Interview Experience 2:

Off-Campus Interview with the Adcom for the Master of Management Studies at IIM Bangalore.

There were two professors and an alumni present for my interview. The interview lasted for 25 minutes, and here are the questions I encountered:

  1. They began with a question about general awareness. After discussing various topics, they chose to delve into the subject of inflation and its effects on India, which led to a 15-minute conversation.
  2. I was asked about the projects I had mentioned in my SOP, followed by several additional inquiries related to those projects.
  3. They inquired about my short term goals, long term goals, and the organizations I aspired to join, along with the reasons behind my choices.
  4. I was questioned on why I had chosen IIM Bangalore for my Master of Management Studies.
  5. They offered me the opportunity to ask any questions I had for them.

The only advice I can give to prospective applicants is that you must thoroughly review everything in your SOP since the interview largely revolves around the information provided in it.

MMS Interview Experience 3

Final Decision: Admission Granted to the Master of Management Studies Program

This was quite a challenging interview. Also, I have some professional experience in consumer products, and marketing, so a few questions circled them too.

Here’s a summary of the questions they asked:

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. What do I do in my current work?
  3. Meaning of my name and its origin
  4. Difference between sales and marketing.
  5. How are you going to contribute to IIMB?
  6. Give an example of a “let down” and what did you do to make up for it?
  7. Tell me about some Business news that has the potential to disrupt markets.
  8. Asked the author of a book I mentioned. How did your undergrad books help you?
  9. Where do you see yourself 5 years down the lane?

During the interview, one of the panelists consistently displayed disinterest with facial expressions and yawns, while another maintained a persistent, insincere smile. 

This style of interviewing seemed to stifle my ability to communicate and discuss relevant topics. Despite the challenge, I appreciated the depth of the interview, as it helps prepare one for future engagements.

I’d advise future applicants to maintain a positive attitude and not lose confidence. 

MMS Interview Experience-4

Mode: Skype

My interviewer was a friendly lady, likely in her 30s, and the entire interview lasted approximately 20 minutes.

The questions she posed were as follows:

  1. Introduction: She asked me to walk her through my resume, with a particular emphasis on explaining “why” I made the choices I did. This led to detailed inquiries into specific aspects of my profile, such as how I found certain experiences.
  2. Why Master of Management Studies/Why IIMB?
  3. Contributions: How do I envision contributing to the school, clubs, class, and study group?
  4. Life Experiences: She inquired about times when I worked in a multi-cultural team, my most significant achievements, my major strengths, leadership in project situations, and any international experiences.
  5. Personal Perspective: What do I believe is the key issue that businesses tend to overlook in the world, and what should they do about it?
  6. Presentation: She selected a topic for me from a list and gave me 5 minutes to prepare. The focus was more on my approach and perspective than on the final answer.
  7. To conclude, our conversation shifted towards her experiences at IIMB, the qualities they seek in candidates at this stage, and her current role within her firm, along with the reasons behind her choice.

I hope this provides some valuable insights, and remember to be well-prepared for your interview!

MMS Interview Experience-5

Interviewed for Master of Management Studies

Written Ability Test Topic: “Considering India’s diverse linguistic diversity, what is the best link language?” 30 minutes to write approximately 250 words.

Interview Details:

Panel Composition: 1 alumnus and 2 professors

Interview Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

The interview discussion touched on the following points:

  1. What aspects of the MMS program at IIMB are you most enthusiastic about?
  2. Why did you choose IIMB for your MMS?
  3. Could you share your short-term career goals?
  4. What are your long-term career aspirations?
  5. How do you believe an MMS and your short-term goals will contribute to your long-term career objectives? (Multiple follow-up questions were raised.)
  6. Since I’ve some internship experience, they asked me to narrate an instance when I encountered a conflict with my manager and describe how I managed it.
  7. What misconceptions might your co-workers have about you?
  8. Have you applied to other schools, and if so, which one is your preferred choice?

Overall, the interview was fairly straightforward and took about 30 minutes. 

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