Catolica Lisbon MSc in Management Interview Questions

Interview Questions collected from Past clients

Catolica Lisbon MSc in Management

The Admissions Jury may request an interview. This can either be face-to-face or online.

MiM Interview Experience 1:

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a senior member of the admissions committee who was also a Catolica Lisbon graduate. Their demeanor was exceptionally warm and welcoming, which instantly put me at ease and transformed the interview into an enjoyable experience. Surprisingly, the 30 minutes passed by swiftly, and it did not feel like a rapid-fire question and answer session. 

The interview kicked off with the following inquiries:

  1. Can you introduce yourself?
  2. What motivated you to pursue an MSc in Management after immediately completing your undergrad? Why Catolica Lisbon?
  3. You have an engineering background, yet you ventured into management. Could you shed light on what prompted this transition and your departure from engineering?
  4. Have you ever played a role as an agent of change in any scenario? If so, what actions did you take, and what was the impact of your initiatives?
  5. While leading a team, what challenges did you encounter, and what valuable lessons did you learn from those experiences?
  6. What would you consider your strengths and weaknesses?
  7. How did you handle cross-functional projects, especially when team members had competing priorities? What strategies did you employ to align everyone’s efforts and prioritize your work?
  8. During the interview, I highlighted my strengths as having an analytical mindset, being innovative, and assisting others. This led to a follow-up question: Can you walk me through your thought process when working on an innovative project and generating novel ideas?

As I reflect on these questions, the advice I can offer is to prepare in a way that demonstrates your potential to enrich the program and your ability to adapt to your peers and excel in a team-oriented environment.

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MiM Interview Experience-2

Before I dive into what I took away from my interview, let me stress the importance of keeping the interview conversation relaxed. This lesson came from my fair share of unsuccessful interviews. It pays off to have some work-related anecdotes ready.

Here’s how the interview went:

  1. They kicked it off with a casual “Tell me about your background.”
  2. We chatted about the challenges I faced during my work experience.
  3. The interviewer was curious about my interests within the field of management.
  4. They asked about any international experience I had.
  5. A question about why I was considering Catolica Lisbon.
  6. They inquired about potential challenges settling in Europe.
  7. I got to share what I could bring to the class.
  8. We lightened the mood a bit, discussing how I unwind and enjoy myself.
  9. I had to reflect on something I felt I was lacking in.
  10. We rounded off the conversation with a little chat about the school. It was a great discussion, and they even shared some career advice with me. Plus, they kindly offered to connect me with some alumni.

MiM Interview Experience-3

Off-Campus Interview with Admissions Committee for the Master in Management at Catolica Lisbon.

Final Decision: Withdrawn Application

I had the opportunity to chat with two members of the Adcom, during a one-hour interview. Here’s a rundown of the questions:

  1. Could you start by taking me through your resume?
  2. What prompted your decision to pursue a MiM, and why is now the right time for you?
  3. What led you to choose Catolica for your MiM?
  4. Can you share some of the mistakes you encountered on your professional or academic journey?
  5. If given a chance to go back, what changes would you make in your professional endeavors so far?
  6. How do you envision contributing to the class?
  7. What are your aspirations after completing the MiM program?
  8. Tell me about a work-related challenge you faced and how you managed it.
  9. Do you have any questions for the interviewer?

Finally, we had a 10-minute session for any questions I had for the interviewer. I hope this insight proves useful to you, and best of luck with your application process!

MiM Interview Experience-4

Highlight: The Skype connection during the interview was quite poor, with difficulties in hearing the interviewers, and it seemed they were facing the same issue. Additionally, the image quality was less than ideal. Thankfully, we were able to switch to a phone call to continue the interview.

The interview revolved around the following questions:

  1. Why do you believe that Catolica would be a suitable fit for your MiM studies?
  2. In what ways would you be contributing to the study group and classroom dynamics, student clubs and the broader school community, and the Alumni network?
  3. Please share any additional comments or insights you would like the Admissions Committee to consider.

Here’s a valuable tip: Approach the interview with confidence and a relaxed attitude, emphasizing your accomplishments and what you can bring to class discussions. Concentrate on enhancing your knowledge of developments in your specific industry and their potential implications for the business environment.

MiM Interview Experience-5

Hello everyone! So, I was waitlisted without an interview in Round 1, and I finally received an invitation to interview in Round 2.

The interview was conducted virtually and had a very relaxed atmosphere. One of the members from the adcom, the sole interviewer, began by extending her greetings.

Here’s a summary of the interview questions:

  1. Can you start by telling me about yourself?
  2. What motivated you to pursue a Master in Management? Why in Europe?
  3. Why did you choose Catolica Lisbon for your MiM?
  4. Please share a project where you contributed to your team’s success. What did you learn from this experience, and is there anything you wish you could have done differently?
  5. Describe another project in which you led a team to success in a cross-collaboration setting.
  6. Share an instance where you faced a team failure.
  7. As you aspire to become a consultant, can you discuss a recent event in Europe that you believe would make a compelling case study?
  8. What do you envision bringing to the school, both inside and outside the classroom?
  9. How do you plan to ensure your success in the program?

Here’s some general advice:

  1. Exude confidence but avoid arrogance.
  2. Ensure your technical setup is flawless before the interview, with a strong internet connection and no disruptions.
  3. Be authentic and honest because the interviewers are experienced and can easily spot deception.
  4. Familiarize yourself with your CV in case you’re asked about it.
  5. Be prepared to discuss why you want to move to Europe, considering all relevant factors.
  6. Practice in front of a mirror or a camera to minimize hesitation and ensure you sound confident without coming across as overly rehearsed.

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