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SDA Bocconi MiM Introduction

The Bocconi MSc in International Management is a challenging study programme that provides students with the tools they need to understand the global world we live in, training prospective managers and entrepreneurs to make a significant contribution to the performance of organisations of all types worldwide, while applying the ideas of responsible and sustainable futures to business operations in practise.The MSc in International Management is divided into three different programs, which will expose you to different international learning environments (International Management, CEMS MIM,China MIM). You can choose the program that best fits your individual needs and preferences. Scroll down for further information on SDA Bocconi MiM Average GMAT, SDA Bocconi MiM Class Profile, SDA Bocconi MiM Application process, employment report, SDA Bocconi MiM fees, and more.

Students will gain a critical understanding of discipline-based concepts and approaches to managing an organisation in the global business arena, as well as a keen understanding of how to apply it in practical international business situations. It will also teach students how to communicate effectively and persuasively, work in groups, manage time, and plan work assignments. In short, students will graduate with skills that are crucial to taking their career to greater heights


SDA Bocconi MiM Rankings

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SDA Bocconi MiM Class Profile & Employment Report

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Class Profile Summary 
Class Size85
Average GMAT Score700
Average Work Experience (yrs.)0-2
Average Age (yrs.)24
Employment Summary 
Average Starting Salary$ 77,452
Average Bonus 
% placed within 1 year97.9%
Tuition Fees Summary 
Total Tuition€ 28,680
Living Cost€ 28,000
Total Cost€ 56,680


SDA Bocconi MiM Brouchure 2022 (Click Here)


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SDA Bocconi MiM Employment report 2022 (Click Here)


SDA Bocconi MiM Application Essay Questions

Students need to write a Letter of Motivation to apply. The following are some questions students should try to address in their Letter of Motivation:

  1. Why are you interested in this Program?
  2.  What are the personal skills and experiences that you have and that make you confident in spending one year in a complex and foreign environment like China and with a particularly intense workload?
  3.  What do you consider your most important achievement and failure so far? Why?
  4. Which characteristics/traits do you most like and dislike about yourself?
  5. What qualities will you bring to this Program?
  6. What are your professional aspirations? 

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