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Isenberg Online MBA

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Introduction to Online MBA at Isenberg

The Isenberg Online MBA is the ideal course of study for professionals who want to lead their fields. The Online MBA program offers quality instruction that is adapted to the schedule and timeline of the student by combining the high caliber curriculum of our on-campus Masters of Business Administration program with the flexibility of the online platform.

The program allows you to complete your degree in as little as two years without having to put your life on hold and is extremely flexible to your requirements and schedule. If you live in the Massachusetts region, you can supplement your online education with some in-person seminars at one of our satellite locations in Boston or Worcester, where you can interact with teachers and other students. For individuals who meet the requirements, GMAT/GRE exemptions are offered.

Why Study Online MBA at Isenberg?


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There are numerous benefits to earning a Online MBA from Isenberg. Here are a handful of the strongest arguments:

  • The majority of online MBA programs are geared to accommodate working individuals. You can balance your education with your profession and personal life because to their flexibility, which allows you to study at your own speed and on your own time.
  • Both on-campus and online, Isenberg School of Management’s MBA programs have a strong reputation. Your credibility and job opportunities can be improved by receiving an MBA from a reputable college.
  • Through virtual gatherings, discussion boards, and group projects, the Isenberg Online MBA program frequently promotes networking possibilities even in an online environment. You may be able to use the Isenberg MBA program’s sizable alumni network for career guidance and job openings.
  • Getting an MBA might be a good first step toward career advancement. It can give you the abilities and information required to be successful in your area, boost your earning potential, and open up leadership and management roles.
  • Isenberg’s online MBA program is one of many that offers a variety of specialties. You can use these to customize your education to fit your job aspirations. Finance, marketing, healthcare management, and other fields are examples of common specialities.
  • Students come to the Isenberg Online MBA program from a variety of regions and backgrounds. This diversity can improve your educational experience by exposing you to various viewpoints and business procedures.

Program Costs + Living Expenses : Online MBA at Isenberg


Avg. Cost of Tuition



Avg. Living Cost


Avg. Cost of Study

The cost of the Isenberg Online MBA Program is approximately $36,075.

Fees: In addition to paying tuition, students must also pay fees. These fees pay for a range of costs, including student government dues, technology fees, and health insurance for students.

Supplies and books: The price of books Depending on the student’s course load and academic interests, the cost of books and supplies may vary. However, $500 each quarter is a fair estimate for books and supplies.

Transit: Depending on the student’s commute requirements and available transit options, the cost of transportation varies. However, $200 each quarter is a fair estimate for transportation.

Additional costs: Additional costs could include things like entertainment, travel, and presents. Depending on the student’s particular spending habits, the price of these expenses may vary.

Employment Prospects : Online MBA at Isenberg


Employed within 3 months of graduation


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    Most Sought-after Job Sectors

Financial Services






  • Technology: MBA graduates are in high demand in the technology industry, where they can use their skills to lead and manage engineering teams, develop new products and services, and solve complex technical problems. Some examples of technology companies that hire MBA graduates include Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon.
  • Finance: MBA graduates are also in high demand in the finance industry, where they can use their skills to analyze data, make financial projections, and manage investment portfolios. Some examples of finance companies that hire MBA graduates include Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan Chase.
  • Healthcare: MBA graduates can also use their skills to improve healthcare delivery, develop new medical devices, and manage healthcare organizations. Some examples of healthcare companies that hire MBA graduates include Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Abbott Laboratories.

Eligibility Criteria for Online MBA at Isenberg

  • A minimum of three years professional working experience.
  • A bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • While a strong GMAT/GRE score enhances any application, many of our candidates are able to submit a successful application without a GRE or GMAT test score based on professional experience and/or academic accomplishments.

Documents required : Online MBA at Isenberg

  • Online Application: Students have to submit an online application form at the official website.
  • Application Fee: Students need to submit their application fees.
  • Statement of Purpose: Reasons or intentions for pursuing studies in this program, including a description of prior experience.
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation: Your two letters of recommendation should be from individuals who know you on a professional level and well enough to provide specific examples and details regarding your past performance and competencies. Two professional references are encouraged, but one academic and one professional reference is acceptable.
  • Transcripts: Please submit your transcripts from all colleges/universities attended, undergraduate and graduate, where nine (9) or more credits were earned. Unofficial transcripts uploaded to the ‘Additional Materials’ page of your application are acceptable.

Application Deadlines - Isenberg Online MBA

The application deadlines for the Isenberg Online MBA Program are:

Fall Start

  • Priority: June 1
  • Final: July 15

Spring Start

  • Priority: October 1
  • Final: November 15

Summer Start

  • Priority: February 1
  • Final: March 15

If you apply by the priority deadline for your chosen start term, you will receive several educational and financial benefits:

  • $85 application fee reimbursement on your first tuition invoice.
  • ​Priority access to course registration.
  • Additional time to plan finances.
  • ​Early access to upcoming career and professional development opportunities

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Scholarships Available : Online MBA at Isenberg

Employer Tuition Assistance

It is possible for students to have a third-party sponsor, such as their employer, pay their tuition. If payment is conditional (based on grades, for instance), it cannot be charged directly to other parties.

Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student help (FAFSA) must be filled out by students who want to receive federal financial help. Under School Selection, enter the federal school code 002221. Through the Financial Aid Office, UMass Amherst provides additional financial aid details, such as how to apply for a Graduate PLUS loan.

Military Benefits

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is dedicated to helping military students, veterans, and their families. Please get in touch with the Veteran Services Office as soon as you can if you are a veteran or active duty service member and want to use your military benefits to cover your educational costs.


There are a few MBA scholarships that are offered. There are no graduate assistantships offered for the hybrid or online MBA programs at Isenberg.

Specializations & Electives Offered

With one of our five concentration areas, students in the Online and Hybrid MBA programs can enhance their degree. The additional 9 credits of elective courses in each focus area will provide you the information and skills you need to advance your profession. Some of them are:

  • Business Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Marketing
  • Sport Management

FAQs About Isenberg Online MBA

All applicants will receive an Acknowledgement Letter via email from the Graduate Admissions Office which includes your Admissions ID and Access Code. This will enable you to keep track of application materials that have been received. Additionally, the Isenberg Graduate Programs office will be in touch about incomplete materials and next steps.

A personal essay should be one to two pages in length and include information about your past and current academic and professional history, your future goals and reasons for pursuing the MBA, and other pertinent details that will help us evaluate you as a candidate.

Please submit your transcripts from all colleges/universities attended, undergraduate and graduate, where nine (9) or more credits were earned. Unofficial transcripts uploaded to the Additional Materials page of your application are acceptable. Upon admittance, official transcripts will need to be submitted, either electronically or in paper format, directly by each institution’s Registrar to the Graduate Student Service Center. 

YES! All eligible MBA students can participate in graduation ceremonies and receptions. You are eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies and receptions if you complete your MBA credits by May of the same year as graduation. 

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