HEC Lausanne Master in Management: Detailed Review

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Introduction to MiM at HEC Lausanne

HEC Lausanne’s Master in Management offers four specializations: Strategy, Organization and Leadership; Marketing; Business Analytics; and Behaviour, Economics and Evolution (BEE).

In today’s world, new technologies, globalization, and big data are creating new challenges for managers and leaders. HEC Lausanne has redesigned its MiM program to meet these challenges by offering four specializations that provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

The Business Analytics specialization teaches students how to extract insights from data to make better decisions. 

The Strategy, Organization, and Leadership specialization prepares students for a wide range of positions, including consulting, analysis, and entrepreneurship. 

The Marketing specialization provides students with the latest concepts and trends in marketing. 

The BEE specialization uses knowledge from management, economics, and evolutionary biology to help students understand human decision-making.

The HEC Lausanne MiM is one of the best management programs in the world, according to the Financial Times ranking.

Why Study MiM at HEC Lausanne?


FT Rankings


QS European University Rank

HEC Lausanne is one of the world’s leading business schools, known for its excellence in teaching and research. The HEC Lausanne MiM program is a rigorous and challenging program that prepares students for careers in business, finance, and consulting.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider studying Master in Management at HEC Lausanne:

  • Strong academic reputation: HEC Lausanne is ranked among the top business schools in the world by the Financial Times and other major rankings.
  • International exposure: The MScM program at HEC Lausanne attracts students from all over the world, creating a diverse and multicultural learning environment.
  • Specialized orientations: The MScM program offers four specialized orientations: Strategy, Organization, and Leadership; Marketing; Business Analytics; and Behaviour, Economics and Evolution. This allows students to tailor their education to their specific interests and career goals.
  • Focus on practical skills: The MScM program at HEC Lausanne emphasizes practical skills that are in high demand by employers. Students gain real-world experience through case studies, simulations, and capstone projects.
  • Excellent career prospects: Graduates of the MScM program at HEC Lausanne go on to successful careers in a wide range of industries and sectors. The school has a strong alumni network that provides students with support and opportunities throughout their careers.

In addition to the above, here are some other reasons why you might want to consider studying Master in Management at HEC Lausanne:

  • The school is located in Lausanne, Switzerland, a beautiful and vibrant city with a strong economy.
  • HEC Lausanne offers a variety of student support services, including career counseling, academic advising, and financial aid.
  • The school has a strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.
  • HEC Lausanne is part of the University of Lausanne, which gives students access to a wide range of resources and opportunities.

Overall, the Master in Management program at HEC Lausanne is an excellent choice for students who are looking for a rigorous and challenging program that will prepare them for a successful career in business.

Program Costs + Living Expenses : MiM at HEC Lausanne

CHF 11,600

Cost of Tuition


CHF 6,000

Avg. Living Expenses/Quarter

CHF 17,600

Avg. Cost of Study

Tuition Fee

The tuition fees for the MiM program at HEC Lausanne are CHF 580.- per semester. For non-Swiss students, there is an additional administrative fee of CHF 200.-.

Living Expenses

In addition to tuition fees, students will also need to budget for living expenses. The estimated cost of living in Lausanne is CHF 2,000 per month. This includes the cost of rent, food, transportation, and other essential expenses.

Total Cost Over the Two-year Duration

Over the two-year duration of the MScM program, students can expect to pay approximately CHF 11,600 in tuition fees and CHF 48,000 in living expenses. This totals CHF 59,600.

However, it is important to note that these are just estimates and actual costs may vary depending on individual circumstances. 

For more information on program costs and living expenses, please visit the HEC Lausanne website:

Employement Prospects : MiM at HEC Lausanne


Employed within 3 months of graduation


Avg. Salary

    Most Sought-after Jobs

Management Consultant

Product Manager

Marketing Manager


Strategy Analyst

Project Manager

Operations Manager

Supply Chain Manager

The Master in Management program delivers advanced training in business administration, equipping students with cutting-edge tools derived from research in management, economics, applied psychology, sociology, business analytics, and marketing.

The Business Analytics specialization imparts knowledge on extracting insights from data to make effective decisions and enhance performance. Graduates can pursue careers in various sectors, including business analysis, data analysis, consulting, project management, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing analysis.

The Strategy, Organization & Leadership specialization provides qualifications for a diverse range of roles, such as consultants and analysts, while also nurturing entrepreneurial aspirations. Career opportunities encompass consulting, project management, business analysis, and human resources management.

The Marketing specialization hones students’ expertise in the latest marketing concepts, emerging trends, and methods. Graduates are well-prepared for roles like brand management, marketing analysis, digital marketing management, consulting, and customer and market knowledge management.

With the BEE orientation (Behavior, Economics, and Evolution), the program integrates knowledge from management, economics, and evolutionary biology to offer a comprehensive understanding of social interactions. This understanding of human decision-making is valuable for making more informed and timely managerial decisions. 

Graduates of this orientation can explore opportunities in various sectors, including sustainable development, environmental conservation, natural resource management, biotechnology, agriscience, and pharmaceuticals, in roles such as consulting, project management, communications management, human resources management, and entrepreneurship.

All orientations within the Master’s in Management program also provide strong foundational preparation for pursuing a doctorate and an academic career.

Eligibility Criteria : MiM at HEC Lausanne

Admission requirements

A Bachelor’s degree from a Swiss university in Economics, Management, Finance or Information Systems. Another degree or university qualification in the same field of study may be deemed equivalent and give access to the Master’s program, with or without conditions.

Prior knowledge

Proficiency in English

Experience has shown that for applicants whose native tongue is not English or whose Bachelor’s degree was not taught in English a solid command of English is essential for succeeding this program. Upon starting the program, you should have attained a level of proficiency in English as a foreign language corresponding to one of the following minimum levels:

  • TOEFL CBT: 250 points
  • TOEFL IBT: 100 points
  • TOEFL PBT: 600 points; 
  • Aademic IELTS: 7 points
  • Cambridge English Advanced (CAE): Grade B
  • Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE): Grade C
  • TOEIC: 850 points

Knowledge requirements

No refresher courses are offered. The following references represent the required level to start the program.


  • Choi F.D.S. / Frost C.A. / Meek G.K., International Accounting, Prentice-Hall
  • Horngren C.T., Foster G. and Datar S., Cost Accounting, A Managerial Emphasis, Prentice-Hall


  • Brealey R. / Myers S., Principles of Corporate Finance, McGraw-Hill


  • Kotler P., Marketing Management, Prentice-Hall



  • Hal R. Varian, Microeconomic Analysis


  • Gujarati D., Basic Econometrics, McGraw-Hill
  • Greene W., Econometric Analysis

Application Deadlines - MiM at HEC Lausanne

Submission of the application

  • April 30
  • February 28 for candidates needing a study visa 

Semester cancellation

Cancellation of the Fall semester is authorized until October 15 only and the one of the Spring semester until March 15 only. Passed these dates, every student will be obliged to register and sit his/her examinations.

You may visit the official website for more information regarding semester cancellation.

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Scholarships Available : MiM at HEC Lausanne

HEC Lausanne offers a number of scholarships to international Master in Management (MiM) students. One of these scholarships is the UNIL grant.

The UNIL grant is a scholarship for excellence awarded to international students who have graduated from a foreign university and whose academic results are of a very high level.

The scholarship is granted for the minimum statutory period of the program chosen by the student and amounts to CHF 1,600 per month for 10 months a year for the complete duration of the master’s (one and a half years or two years depending on the chosen master’s).

Candidates are made aware of the fact that the sum of the scholarship awarded is not sufficient to live in Switzerland. It is not a fully funded scholarship.

Kindly visit the official website for more information about the UNIL grant for international students.

Specializations & Electives Offered

The MiM program at HEC Lausanne is a two-year program that offers four specializations:

  • Business Analytics
  • Behavior, Economics, and Evolution
  • Marketing
  • Strategy, Organization, and Leadership

The first year of the program is common to all students and covers the core foundations of business management. In the second year, students specialize in one of the four areas listed above.

The MiM program is designed to prepare students for careers in business, finance, and consulting. The program emphasizes analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to think strategically and work in a team.

You may visit the official website for more detailed information on the program structure and curriculum.

Brief Overview of the Specializations

  • Business Analytics: This specialization prepares students to use data to make better decisions. Students learn how to collect, analyze, and interpret data to identify trends and patterns. They also learn how to use data to develop and implement business strategies.
  • Behavior, Economics, and Evolution: This specialization teaches students how to understand and predict human behavior. Students learn about the biological and economic factors that influence human decision-making. They also learn how to use this knowledge to develop effective marketing and business strategies.
  • Marketing: This specialization prepares students for careers in marketing and advertising. Students learn about the latest marketing concepts and trends. They also learn how to develop and implement marketing campaigns that are effective and profitable.
  • Strategy, Organization, and Leadership: This specialization prepares students for careers in strategic planning and management consulting. Students learn how to develop and implement business strategies that are aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives. They also learn how to lead and motivate teams.


FAQs About MiM at HEC Lausanne

None of these tests is mandatory but a good score could help the scientific committee to better appreciate your application GMAT > or = 650 points

Kindly refer to the link below for more information regarding the same:

Documents Required

If you are accepted to several programs you will have to make your final choice during the first week of SEPTEMBER the latest, thus BEFORE the start of the classes. The registration fee is only charged once.

Yes, you may apply for a Masters Scholarship even if you have not yet obtained your degree equivalent to a Swiss university bachelor’s degree at the time of application. Nonetheless, you must of course have completed and obtained your degree before the start of your chosen master’s programme at UNIL.

If you are in the process of obtaining your university degree, you must provide in your application all existing grade transcripts as well as a description of the remainder of your course until you obtain your final degree, including the list of modules to be followed, the number of credits to be obtained or, for example, the subject of the end of course dissertation you are working on, depending on the structure of your degree course. This description must be as precise as possible. This does not need to be an official document.

If you have obtained the degree corresponding to a Swiss university bachelor’s degree at the moment of application for the scholarship but not yet received the final diploma, you must provide us with at least an official certificate of success in the degree course (with the remark degree obtained, graduated), signed by the institution that awarded it.

Any member of the teaching staff with knowledge of your past or present studies (lecturers, supervisors, assistant lecturers, etc.). Any of your current or former employers may also write a letter of recommendation.

The recommendation letters must be sent directly by their authors (mentioning the name full name of the applicant) by email to: [email protected]. Final deadline November 1st.

Only recommendation letters sent after an online application will be accepted!

It is of course possible to provide more than two letters of recommendation.

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