Frankfurt School of Finance & Mgt. MiM Interview Questions

Interview Questions collected from Past clients

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

The purpose of the interview is to gain a better understanding of your character, personality, expectations, motivations, and goals.

We also take into account other significant experiences, commitments, or awards such as internships, international experiences, and volunteer projects.

Our Assessment Centres take place online only. Please make sure to submit your application at least two weeks before your preferred date.

– 31 January 2024

– 27 March 2024

Not all applicants will need to complete the extended online Assessment Centre. 

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MiM Interview Experience-1

So, I was interviewed by this professor who seemed to know the academic ropes really well. We chatted for around 30 to 40 minutes, covering the usual stuff about my character, motivations, and what I hope to get out of the Master in Management program. It was pretty chill, and the questions got me thinking about why I’m a good fit for Frankfurt School. I felt like they really wanted to get to know the real me, not just my academic side.

Here are some questions that they asked me:

  1. Can you share a specific situation where your character played a crucial role in achieving a goal?
  2. What are your expectations from the Master in Management program at Frankfurt School?
  3. How do you plan to stay motivated and engaged throughout the program?
  4. What are your short-term and long-term career goals?
  5. How do you see Frankfurt School contributing to the achievement of these goals?
  6. Can you discuss any internships or volunteer projects that significantly shaped your perspective or skills?
  7. Have you had any international experiences that have influenced your personal or professional growth?

MiM Interview Experience-2

  1. In challenging situations, how do you handle stress or pressure?
  2. Describe a situation where your leadership qualities were evident.
  3. How do you plan to apply what you learn in a real-world business context?
  4. How did you decide to pursue a Master’s at Frankfurt School?
  5. Where do you see yourself professionally in five years?
  6. Tell us about any awards or recognition you have received and how they have influenced your personal and professional development.
  7. Have you been involved in any projects that required teamwork and collaboration? How did you contribute?

MiM Interview Experience-3

My interview went really well. The interviewer’s attitude was understanding and relaxed. We had a laid-back chat for just over an hour, covering everything from my motivations to international experiences. It felt more like a conversation than an interview, which was nice. Left me thinking Frankfurt School is all about a well-rounded education.

Here’s a rundown of the interview questions:

  1. Can you share an example of a situation where your adaptability was tested?
  2. What role do you expect technology and innovation to play in your future career, and how does Frankfurt School fit into this vision?
  3. How do you plan to leverage the online Assessment Centre to showcase your abilities?
  4. What aspect of the Master in Management program excites you the most?
  5. How do you plan to contribute to the Frankfurt School community?
  6. Can you discuss any specific industries or sectors you are interested in, and how the Master’s program will help you break into those areas?
  7. How do you define success in your career?
  8. Share a challenging experience during an internship and how it helped shape your professional growth.

MiM Interview Experience-4

Two weeks ago, I was interviewed for the MiM program at Frankfurt School. Here are all the questions I remember them asking me:

  1. How do you approach building relationships and networking in a professional setting?
  2. Share an example of a time when your interpersonal skills played a key role in achieving a goal.
  3. How do you plan to balance the academic rigor of the program with other commitments or interests?
  4. How do you envision the Master in Management program influencing your leadership style?
  5. In what ways do you plan to give back to your community or industry after completing the program?
  6. Share an example of a project where you had to overcome obstacles and how it impacted your problem-solving skills.
  7. How have your volunteer experiences shaped your values and approach to social responsibility?

MiM Interview Experience-5

  1. Walk me through your resume.
  2. How do you feel about the interview today?
  3. How do you approach building trust and credibility in a professional environment?
  4. Describe a situation where you had to navigate conflicting opinions within a team.
  5. How do you plan to leverage the resources and opportunities offered by Frankfurt School to achieve your academic and career goals?
  6. What inspired you to choose Frankfurt School for your Master’s in Management?
  7. How do you see the program contributing to your personal growth and development?
  8. Can you discuss a specific skill or competency you hope to enhance during the program?
  9. Share a moment from your academic or professional journey that showcases your ability to adapt to new environments.
  10. How have your experiences shaped your perspective on the role of ethics and responsibility in business?

To future interviewees, my advice is to use the opportunity to showcase your personality and align your goals with real-world scenarios. The conversations go beyond the basics, offering a chance to highlight your fit with the program. 

Be genuine, connect your story, and show how the program seamlessly aligns with your professional ambitions. Relax, be yourself, and make the most of the chance to shine in Frankfurt School’s vibrant Master in Management community. Good luck!

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