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Cranfield School of Management

Once your online application has been submitted together with your supporting documentation, it will be processed by Cranfield’s admissions team. You will then be advised by email if you are successful, unsuccessful, or whether the course director would like to interview you before a decision is made. Applicants based outside of the UK may be interviewed either by telephone or video conference.

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MiM Interview Experience-1

My experience with the Cranfield Skype interview was quite enlightening. The interview panel consisted of two individuals, an alumnus, and a member of the adcom. Our conversation lasted approximately 35 minutes, during which they asked a diverse range of questions that covered profiles, competencies, goals, hypothetical scenarios, and current events. Here are some of the questions I encountered:

  1. Why have you chosen Cranfield School of Management for your MiM studies, and what specific aspects of the program attract you?
  2. Can you tell us about a personal strength that you once viewed as a weakness but have since learned to leverage effectively?
  3. Given your impressive GMAT score, do you feel confident in your quantitative skills and aptitude for mathematics?
  4. Are you targeting a specific industry for your future career, and if so, which one and why?
  5. Discuss your experience with public speaking or presentations and how you handle conveying complex ideas to diverse audiences.
  6. What is your long-term vision for your career, and how does it align with the skills and knowledge you expect to gain from the MiM program?
  7. Share a current global event or development that has piqued your interest and discuss its implications for business or society.

The interview went well and I look forward to hearing from them soon.

MiM Interview Experience-2

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview with the admissions team at Cranfield. The interview was conducted via video call and lasted about 30 minutes. During this time, the panel asked me a wide array of questions, delving into my background, motivations, and vision for the future. Here’s a glimpse of the questions that came my way.

  1. Can you tell us more about your educational background and how it has prepared you for this Master’s program at Cranfield?
  2. What motivated you to apply for this specific program, and how do you envision it aligning with your long-term career goals?
  3. Please share a significant achievement or experience from your academic or professional history that you believe sets you apart as a candidate.
  4. How do you see yourself contributing to the diverse and collaborative environment of Cranfield?
  5. Describe a time when you had to take on a leadership role within a team or group. What was the situation, and how did you handle it?
  6. Can you provide an example of a challenge you faced and successfully overcame, highlighting the skills and qualities that helped you do so?
  7. What interests you the most about Cranfield School of Management, and how do you plan to make the most of the resources and opportunities it offers?
  8. In your view, what are the most significant challenges facing the business world today, and how do you think this program will prepare you to address them?
  9. Discuss a current global issue or development that has captured your attention and explain its relevance to your field of study.
  10. How do you plan to use the knowledge and skills you acquire from this program to make a positive impact on your future career and the broader community?

The interview was relatively tough with the diverse range of questions asked by the Adcom. Although I was nervous, I did my best to confidently attend to all the questions asked. 

MiM Interview Experience-3

My recent interview with the Adcom was a rewarding experience. The interview was conducted online and took around 40 minutes. The panel consisted of two interviewers who posed a series of thought-provoking questions. Let me share some of the key questions from the conversation.

  1. What do you consider your most significant accomplishment, either professionally or academically, and how did you achieve it?
  2. If you were tasked with estimating the total number of smartphones in use worldwide, how would you approach this guesstimate?
  3. Could you provide an example of a challenge you faced while working in a team and how you contributed to resolving it?
  4. If you were to invest in a startup company, what factors or metrics would you consider most important in your decision-making process?
  5. Can you discuss a current global business trend or issue that you find compelling and how it may impact the business world?
  6. What technical or quantitative skills do you possess, and how do you believe they will be valuable in your studies and future career in business?

MiM Interview Experience-4

My interview was both insightful and engaging. The panel comprised an alumnus and an admissions committee member, and our discussion stretched over 45 minutes. They probed into my past experiences, aspirations, and problem-solving abilities. Here are some of the questions I had the chance to tackle:

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Which non-professional clubs are you interested in joining?
  3. What do you believe are the most critical qualities or skills that a successful business leader should possess?
  4. Describe a time when you had to adapt to a rapidly changing environment or market, and what strategies did you employ to succeed?
  5. If you were given a hypothetical business scenario with limited information, how would you analyze and make decisions in such a situation?
  6. Do you have any questions for me?

MiM Interview Experience-5

I had a virtual chat with the Cranfield admissions folks not long ago. The interview lasted about 25 minutes, and they were all about digging into why I’m here and what I bring to the table. Here are a few questions they tossed my way:

  1. What led you to apply to Cranfield, and what do you think you can contribute to the program?
  2. In your own words, can you describe a time when you really had to step up as a leader, maybe in a team or project? What happened?
  3. Cranfield’s all about innovation and entrepreneurship. How do you see yourself fitting into this culture, and what kind of ventures or ideas are you passionate about?
  4. Let’s talk challenges. Can you share a situation where things didn’t go as planned, and how did you bounce back from it?
  5. We’re big on diversity here at Cranfield. How do you plan to embrace and contribute to the diverse student community if you join us?
  6. If you were given the task of estimating the number of electric vehicles on the road in the UK, how would you approach that guesstimate?

The interviewers were pretty chill which made me feel less nervous about the whole thing. There were a few mind boggling questions but I survived through them. My only advice to prospective students is that prepare hard for guesstimates and stay updated with the current world scenario. Oh and don’t forget to go through your resume, that’s a must!

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