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INSEAD MBA Program: Complete Overview

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This blog seeks to provide an overview of the INSEAD MBA Program, recognized as a leading institution worldwide and consistently receives high ratings from prestigious rankings like the Financial Times and QS World University Ranking. INSEAD’s primary objective is to establish a supportive learning environment and deliver a high-quality academic experience that equips students with the skills necessary for success in the intricate landscape of modern business. In the coming sections, we will delve into comprehensive details about the INSEAD MBA program, encompassing admissions, tuition fees, and the diverse range of courses available.

The INSEAD MBA Program: Getting Started

INSEAD’s MBA Program stands as a beacon of innovation, prioritizing sustainability and responsible business education. With three integrated campuses spanning Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and a student body representing over 80 nationalities, it offers a uniquely multicultural experience.

The INSEAD MBA Program follows an accelerated 10-month curriculum designed to develop successful leaders and entrepreneurs who can create value not only for their organizations but also for their communities. The program goes beyond traditional business education by incorporating sustainability principles into every aspect of the curriculum.

Students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to make sustainable and socially responsible decisions in the business world. INSEAD’s alumni often describe their time at the institution as life-changing.

The program boasts an impressive 99.5% completion rate, thanks to a rigorous selection process, innovative teaching methods, and efficient administrative support services. These factors contribute to students fulfilling all academic requirements and earning their MBA degrees.

Overall, INSEAD’s MBA Program distinguishes itself by seamlessly integrating sustainability into business decision-making. It fosters a diverse and immersive environment, empowering graduates to make a lasting impact in the global business landscape.

INSEAD MBA Program Overview

Program Structure and Duration

The INSEAD MBA program follows an accelerated 10-month format divided into five periods, each lasting eight weeks. Each period concludes with assessments such as exams, essays, and projects. The initial part focuses on 14 core courses, providing a robust foundation in key management disciplines with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

In the second part of the program, students can choose from over 75 different elective courses covering various subjects.

The program culminates with a capstone project, where students apply their knowledge and skills to a real-world business challenge. This project demonstrates their ability to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to complex business problems.

Overall, the INSEAD MBA program structure and duration effectively blend core management principles with a focus on sustainability. It provides students with a well-rounded education, empowering them to become leaders who integrate sustainability into core business areas and drive positive change.

Class Profile


Insead MBA class profile


The INSEAD MBA program welcomes approximately 1000 students across two intakes (January and August), forming a class with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The average age of students is 29, ranging from 23 to 35 years old. The class comprises individuals with a diverse range of work experience, typically ranging from 3 to 8 years.

The class profile showcases the international nature of the program representing over 65 countries with students hailing from more than 75 different nationalities. Furthermore, the program demonstrates a commitment to gender diversity, with women comprising 38% of the INSEAD MBA class. This vibrant and inclusive class profile fosters a dynamic learning environment, encouraging student collaboration and cross-cultural exchange.



Insead MBA is second in the world according to Financial Times ranking 2023


The INSEAD MBA program consistently ranks among the world’s best. It secures an impressive 2nd place globally in the Financial Times ranking and holds a distinguished 3rd place in the QS Top MBA ranking.

The Financial Times ranking evaluates criteria such as career progress, student diversity, and faculty research. This recognition highlights INSEAD’s commitment to excellence and ability to produce influential business leaders.

The QS Top MBA ranking considers factors like academic reputation, employability, and student diversity. INSEAD’s consistent top rankings affirm its exceptional quality and global reputation.

These rankings validate INSEAD’s commitment to academic excellence, career outcomes, and fostering a diverse community. They solidify their position as a top choice for aspiring business professionals worldwide.

INSEAD MBA Curriculum



Core Courses

The INSEAD MBA core curriculum offers a comprehensive and rigorous foundation in key business disciplines, encompassing finance, accounting, marketing, economics, leadership, strategy, business ethics, and essential management skills. This intensive program equips students with the fundamental practices necessary to excel in any professional field or career path. It consists majorly of 3 periods:

  1. Period 1

The first period comprises six modules forming the basis of INSEAD’s progressive curriculum. These MBA topics, provided from a global viewpoint, cover basics of microeconomics, financial reporting, statistical techniques and decision-making strategies, valuing and investing, and handling individuals and functioning in teams.

  1. Period 2

In the second period of the MBA program, six subjects serve as the pillars for running a business enterprise. These subjects build upon the foundational knowledge gained in Period 1 and demonstrate how integrating various functions contributes to effective managerial problem-solving.

  1. Period 3

In Period 3 of the MBA curriculum, the focus shifts to a holistic perspective, examining the interconnectedness of different functional areas within the business. This period highlights how these functions are influenced by the dynamic and competitive international business environment in which corporations operate.


From Period 3 onwards, the INSEAD MBA program offers over 75 elective courses in 10 academic areas, allowing students to customize their curriculum. Students can switch campuses between Singapore and Fontainebleau during this period and may have the opportunity to take electives at partner schools like Wharton or Kellogg.

The entrepreneurship area offers popular courses that go beyond the classroom. For instance, courses like “Building Business in China” or “Building Business in India” involve travel to these countries, providing hands-on learning experiences with local alumni, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Selected students from the July classes can participate in consulting projects and explore career opportunities in the Middle East through the Abu Dhabi Module.

The INSEAD MBA elective courses provide flexibility for specialization, global exposure, and practical learning opportunities, enhancing the educational experience for students.


Insead MBA Electives



In this course, you will take on the role of a company leader and face real-world challenges. You will learn how to make decisions and analyze situations while also considering the impact of sustainability on different areas of business management, like operations, strategy, accounting, finance, and marketing. It’s an opportunity to practice incorporating sustainable practices into all aspects of running a company.

INSEAD Campus Exchange

INSEAD recognizes the importance of developing leadership skills in diverse cultural and geographical contexts in today’s globalized world. To provide students with opportunities to broaden their perspectives, INSEAD offers the Campus Exchange program, allowing them to experience different campuses and collaborate with partner institutions.

INSEAD has campuses in France and Singapore, which serve as hubs for immersive learning experiences. These campuses provide a rich environment for students to interact with diverse classmates, faculty, and industry professionals.

Furthermore, INSEAD has established partnerships with renowned business schools such as Wharton and Kellogg in the United States and CEIBS in China. These partnerships allow students to participate in campus exchange programs with these esteemed institutions.

Through the Campus Exchange program, INSEAD students can explore new cultural contexts, gain exposure to different business environments, and expand their networks on a global scale. This initiative enriches their educational journey, fosters cross-cultural understanding, and equips them with the skills needed to lead effectively in a multicultural world.



INSEAD MBA Admission Requirements

To apply for admission into the INSEAD MBA program, prospective students need to meet certain prerequisites and submit the necessary documentation. The application process is conducted online through the official website, allowing applicants to work on different sections separately and save their progress for future editing.

It is important to ensure that all supporting documents are uploaded via the online application system for evaluation. Only when all the required documents have been received, in addition to the online application elements, will the application be evaluated.

For more detailed information and specific requirements, prospective applicants are advised to checkout the application requirements here.

INSEAD Campus and Location

INSEAD, one of the world’s leading graduate business schools, offers a truly global educational experience through its campuses and alliances across continents.

Europe Campus: INSEAD’s European campus, established in 1967, is the institution’s foundation, hosting a diverse faculty and inspiring students in various degree and Ph.D. programs.

Asia Campus: In 1999 INSEAD became the first business school to establish a fully-fledged campus in Asia. With a permanent faculty, the Asia campus provides a unique perspective on business education in the dynamic Asian context.

Middle East Campus: INSEAD extended its reach to the Middle East in 2007 by establishing the Abu Dhabi campus. It serves as a platform for executive education programs and reinforces INSEAD’s global engagement.

San Francisco Hub: “The Hub” is INSEAD’s first permanent facility in North America. It offers tailored executive development programs, adding to INSEAD’s global portfolio.

Along with alliances and partnerships, these campuses enable INSEAD to deliver a transformative educational experience to over 1,300 students in degree programs and Ph.D. studies. Additionally, more than 11,000 executives participate annually in INSEAD’s executive education programs. The global presence of INSEAD ensures a diverse and impactful learning environment for students and professionals seeking business excellence.

INSEAD MBA Costs and Financial Aid

Tuition Fee

The tuition fees for the INSEAD MBA program are determined annually and vary based on the intake class. For the August 2023 intake, the fee is €97,000, and for the January 2024 intake, it is €98,500. The fees can be paid in instalments and cover course materials, library access, IT services, language tuition, student council fees, gym access, business cards, printing, and health insurance.

Please note that fees are subject to change, and it is advisable to visit the official INSEAD website or contact the admissions office for the most up-to-date information.


Insead MBA average tuition fee plus living costs