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INSEAD Business School – Introduction


When it comes to rankings, INSEAD is on a roll. Insead Business School kills it when it came to “international course experience,”. INSEAD offers one of the shortest MBA programs available: students graduate in less than a year. Having a strong global mentality, Insead Business School prefers applicants who intend to work in a multi-national, multi-cultural environment. More than half of all students have already worked outside of their native country.

Insead Business School program is a rigorous that draws motivated, determined students from around the world. Insead Business School sees this vast cultural mix as a vital learning experience. The international environment makes for many opportunities for students to share and learn from one another about different cultures and business practices.

Good Things:

  • It is a 1 year MBA and costs only 84K Euros. You can get the brand name and an amazing alumni network at half the cost and time of any Ivey league US B-schools.
  • More than 40% of MBA end up in consulting world with an average salary of $103K.
  • INSEAD prides itself on diversity of the batch and on average students have 2 years of international exp.

Things to Consider:

  • Of course being at the top of the ladder, puts INSEAD out of reach and makes it tough to crack, and ofcourse it boast a very low conversion rate of 10-15%.
  • INSEAD focuses a lot on diversity and international exp. Unless you have either of these, better save yourself and your recommender the effort of going thru 9 personal essays and 12 recommendation essays.
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