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Schulich MBA Application Essay 2023-2024

  1. What are your short-term and long-term goals (eg, roles, employers, industry) and how will your selected program of interest help you achieve these goals? (350 words)
  2. Optional: Is there any other information or area of concern in your academic or personal history that you believe would be helpful to the admissions committee when considering your application? (please limit your answer to 350 words)

Schulich MBA Winning Sample Essay – 1

Schulich Essay 1: How will the Schulich MBA degree help you achieve your short and long-term career goals? (please limit your answer to 350 words)

My long-run objective is to acquire a leadership/decision-making position at a technology strategy consulting major, such as Deloitte or Boston, driving IT Strategy and Transformations solutions across various technical capabilities such as digital, cloud and analytics for C-Suite Executives. I intend to achieve that position after acquiring the necessary experience and skill-set required to manage a global consulting firm by starting my career as Technology Strategy Consultant post MBA and working my way up.

At Deloitte, the experience that I have gained through multiple levels of involvement in interdisciplinary technological projects while serving clients encompassing diverse industries(Transportation, Health Insurance Providers and US Human Services) has offered me strong understanding of the challenges introduced by technology. This knowledge complemented with my strong analytical skills will contribute towards my long term career fulfillment.

However, to expedite my envisaged career-progression from implementation side to management side of technology, I need to acquire following capabilities that can be best provided by a full-time Schulich MBA:-

  1. to acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical exposure to general business management concepts so that I could effectively break down the complex business problem into manageable components and gave it a proper structure.
  2. to learn the “sell-side” on consulting so that I could effectively pitch the ideas with well supported facts to senior management at my firm and then to the client.
  3. to learn cost-risk assessment frameworks to effectively analyze the viable technical business solutions to make better informed decisions.

Numerous interactions with Schulich Alumni Sumit Kapila (MBA’ 16) and Samir Madhani (MAB’ 15), who are currently working in the Technology Strategy vertical at Deloitte, highlighted how the ‘Summer internship’ and ‘601 Strategy field Study’ will provide ample opportunity to implement class-room lessons into practice and will prepare me holistically for real world consulting engagements. I am also aspired to enhance my abilities to manage and integrate diverse cross-functional verticals by working on real-world consulting engagements through York Consulting Group (YCG).

Moreover, specific courses such as ‘Managing new technology’, ’Systems analysis & design’ and ’Innovation through Technology and Design’ will give me clearer vision of how to use technology constructively to provide pioneering solutions. Further, my wholesome immersion at the BTMA (Business technology Management Association) and CAC (Case Analysis Club) will facilitate interaction with industry-leaders, imbibing unparalleled perspectives and global outlook.

Conclusively, I am confident that with my collaborative ability, innovative spirit, and leadership skills, I will add significant value to Schulich community.

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Schulich MBA Winning Sample Essay – 2

Schulich Essay 1: How will the Schulich MBA degree help you achieve your short and long-term career goals? (please limit your answer to 350 words)

Post-MBA, I aspire to be a full-fledged strategy consultant in the technology sector.

For the past 3 years, I have been working at Deloitte as a technical analyst to implement technology solutions. Deloitte has given me opportunities to hone my analytical and problem-solving skills while working on challenging projects in Health Insurance and Pharmaceutical verticals.

I have worked with seasoned strategy consultants and international clients. Now, I would like to join the ranks of strategy consultants and be on the decision-making side of the consulting. In the long run, I intend to move up the consulting ladder to a partner/director role in the consulting domain.

But to achieve my envisaged career progression, I need to enhance my understanding of business/management fundamentals. Hence to fulfil the knowledge gap, I would like to pursue MBA and I think, Schulich MBA would be a perfect fit for me due to 3 prime reasons:

  • York Consulting Group – York consulting group can provide me the opportunity and hands-on experience of working under the guidance of experienced consultant to help the local community along with my academics.
  • Internationalize my degree – I want to have hands on experience of learning in a different cultural environment. That’s why I want to come across the world to Canada and on top of that Schulich MBA can provide further opportunities to internationalize my degree via its 84 partners through study tours to Chile, Peru and many other great opportunities.
  • Flexibility – After discussion with Shreya Bhashyakarla ‘MBA 2016, I was amazed at the flexibility Schulich can provide me to tailor my MBA via 20 different specializations. I am really excited to attend courses such as Strategy Management of Technology which would help me towards my short-term goal. Further, I have heard great things about Negotiation course by Professor Kevin Tasa and I am sure the flexibility would allow me to have all these great learnings.

After thorough research and consultations with current students, I firmly believe an MBA degree from Schulich coupled with experiences I have gathered at Deloitte, can help me achieve my career goals

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