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UBC Sauder MBA Sample Essays

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UBC Sauder’s MBA Sample Essays 2023-2024

  • What motivates your decision to pursue an MBA? (200 words)
  • What excites you about the UBC MBA Program? Also, how do you plan to get the most out of this journey? (200 words)
  • Given the opportunity to provide 1 piece of advice; to the most important person in your life, personally or professionally what would that be? Why? (500 words)
  • The UBC MBA program prepares innovative and ethical leaders who understand the impact of business on society; and who seek to create value for the world. Please describe a situation in which you created value for an organization or group. What was the outcome we encourage you to consider your contributions in both professional and community settings. (500 words)

UBC Sauder’s MBA Winning Sample Essay – 1

UBC Sauder Essay 1: What are your motivations to pursue an MBA? (200 Words)

I am an electrical engineer with 5 years of managerial experience in Coal India Limited (CIL). Last year, I got promoted to a deputy manager’s role where I lead a team of 32 personnel. I am responsible for complete supply chain logistics and timely delivery of 10, 500 tonnes of coal per day to nearby power plants.

As a deputy manager, I am leading culturally diverse teams on multiple projects. Leading these teams have taught me a great deal about leadership and management. But, my new role as deputy manager, managing supply chain and operation has made me realize the critical gap in my knowledge when it comes to business fundamentals of management, operations, and supply chain.

Also, so far, my experiences and learnings have been limited to coal sector only. In the short-term, I plan to broaden my experiences to industries outside of coal sector as well. Therefore, I believe an MBA would be a perfect degree to help me fulfill the knowledge gap and provide me the opportunities to change industries so that I can broaden my expertise to achieve my long-term objective of being a senior executive in a fortune 500 company.

UBC Sauder Essay 2: What excites you about the UBC MBA Program? How do you plan to get the most out of this journey? (200 Words)

The 2 things which excite me the most about UBC’s MBA are the global immersion program and the mentoring programs.

The Global immersion program- Till now I have very limited international experience and exposure outside of coal sector. This program can help me gain international experience and provide me an opportunity to work on business problems in different sectors and countries. I believe this program not only helps improve my business acumen but also aids in building my personality to work in global companies.

The Mentoring Programs – While researching about the college, I got a chance to talk to one of the current students of UBC, he emphasized the importance of Mentoring programs especially if a candidate is looking to change sectors or industries. I look forward to making use of these invaluable mentoring programs which can provide networking opportunities and open doors for potential career paths after strengthening my business knowledge and fundamentals.

Overall, these 2 programs are perfectly in line with my short-term objective of broadening my horizons and expertise outside of coal sector. I believe, by taking active initiatives in these programs, I can get the most out of my MBA journey and fulfill my goals.

UBC Sauder Essay 3: The UBC MBA program prepares leaders who seek to create value for the world. Please describe a situation in which you created value for an organization or group. What was the outcome? We encourage you to consider your contributions in both professional and community settings.(500 words max.)

I have been working in Coal India Limited (CIL) for the past 5 years. Our coal mine project “Jhanjra” is miles away from the nearest capital city and surrounded by small villages. Good education and medical facilities are scarce in such small villages. Educational and medical funds donated by CIL as part of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is the biggest source of primary education and medical funding is the nearby villages.

I have been a volunteer since the beginning and took over as a coordinator of CSR team 2 years ago to lead the efforts. Last year, while organizing a quiz competition for the kids, I came across a kid named Arijit who was extraordinary in the Quiz competition. I started interacting with him and his father, who happened to be a contract worker on the project I was leading at the moment. After my brief interaction, I came to know that one of the kid’s kidneys has failed and the other one is also in critical condition. After three months, the kid’s father reached out to me for help as his son’s other kidney has also failed. Although he found a kidney donor for the transplant, the cost of the transplant was unaffordable for a daily wage earner. Since he was a contractual labor, he and his family were not covered under any medical insurance facilities provided by our company or his agency.

My team and I took an initiative to raise funds and collected a total of 2,75,000 INR from the executive staff of Coal India Limited. We were able to raise enough funds that we could help his kid Akash with the transplant.

This incident raised a bigger question in my mind, as to how many such kids and families are going through these troubles. How many not covered by the medical insurance, but still working in the hazardous conditions of a coal mine. After investigating, we realized that a large number of contractual labors were not being extended medical insurance by their contracting agencies. My team and I brought the issue to the notice of senior management and higher authorities. Our team initiated an awareness campaign which led to a small movement. Hundreds of executives signed a petition requesting CIL to extend the medical insurance facilities to temporary and contractual labor and make it compulsory for the contracting agencies to provide medical insurance facilities to all the contract staff.

I am glad to say that; the petition was reviewed at an executive board meeting two months ago. The Board agreed to make an amendment which now requires all the contractors to provide a medical insurance plan to all their employees. This outcome has made me proud because I was able to make a difference and add value to the organization as well as the society around me. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to make a small difference in their lives because contractual and temporary laborers form the backbone of our organization.

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UBC Sauder’s Winning Sample Essay – 2

UBC Sauder Essay 1: What are your motivations to pursue an MBA? (200 Words)

My long run career objective is to acquire a Partner/Director position at a strategy consulting firm, such as Mckinsey, Bain or BCG. I intend to achieve these positions after acquiring the necessary experience and skill-set by working my way up as technology strategy consultant at a boutique consulting firm.

I have 3 years of technology consulting experience with Deloitte. But most of my experience has been on the implementation side not on strategy side. Moving forward I would like to change my track from implementation to strategy first and then pursue my long run career objective.

However, to expedite my envisaged career-progression from implementation to strategy, I need to acquire following capabilities that can be best provided by a full-time MBA only:

– Theoretical knowledge and practical exposure to general business management concepts so that I could effectively understand, and resolve complex business problem.

–  I need to learn the “sell-side” on consulting so that I could effectively pitch the ideas to senior management and clients to gain more business.

– Also, I would like to learn cost-risk assessment and other business frameworks to effectively analyse the viable technical business solutions to make better informed decisions.

UBC Sauder Essay 2: What excites you about the UBC MBA Program? How do you plan to get the most out of this journey? (200 Words)

The 2 things which resonates with me and got me excited to apply for UBS’s MBA program is its emphasis on experiential learning and global immersion program.

During my interactions with Aditya Vardhan (UBC MBA’14), he highlighted how UBC elective curriculum will enhance my overall business acumen by complementing my technical knowledge. Subjects such as ‘Managing Information Technology’ and ‘Business Intelligence for Management’ will give me deeper insight into management side of information technology. To supplement the theoretical knowledge, I am looking forward for an active role at the MBA Society and Management consulting club to have a truly experiential learning experience. To make the most out of the on campus learning I would enrol/opt for Sauder Business Career Centre’s various mentorship programs and coaching to help me guide in the direction to achieve my goals.

After having the enriching experience through on campus learning global immersion program can give me more hands-on experience off-campus in an international environment. The diverse background of peers and professors at UBC along with the global immersion program will allow me to broaden my horizon and expose me to cross cultural insights. Working in a highly diverse group of professionals, I will try to learn their best practices and by combining such practices with my class-room learnings, I will try to transform my strategic knowledge and analytical capabilities into practical experience during the summer internship.

UBC Sauder Essay 3: The UBC MBA program prepares leaders who seek to create value for the world. Please describe a situation in which you created value for an organization or group. What was the outcome? We encourage you to consider your contributions in both professional and community settings. (500)

In my life I have always been motivated to give back to the society and improve the life of those who were not fortunate enough. Following my motivations I have always been proactive in seeking opportunities where I can create value for the society or my organization in my professional career.

One such opportunity came during the Deloitte Employee Giving Program (DEGP) in which we try to raise funds for NGO’s such as Literacy India and Khushii. In 2015, my direct manager was leading the initiative for Deloitte Gurgaon office. Due to unforeseen emergency he had to go on emergency leave a week  before the start of DEGP. I volunteered to step in and lead the initiative for fund raising for children education.

After taking over, I realized that the fund collections for the year has been not good so far as compared to previous years. I analysed the situation and quickly realized the 3 major contributing factors which were lack of coordination among organizing teams, Non-participation of new hires and poor promotional campaign.

The overall atmosphere was a downer but I was motivated to make this event a success. I planned out a new strategy with my core team. We changed the organising team structure to work more in groups rather than in Silos. We moved the awareness campaigns and fund-raising events from the common cafeteria to respective floors to increase visibility of the on-going program. We also conducted floor-walks which increased our participation ratio. And the most important thing which turned out to be a huge success was a skit performed by children from Khushii NGO, depicting the importance of education.

Eventually our efforts paid off and we were able to raise more than $200K which were then distributed among multiple NGOs to provide better educational and healthcare facilities to over 500 underprivileged children of the local community.

Another situation where I believe I created value for my organization as a leaders was in June 2015. My team was working on a $ 50 Million project for a major US client. Deloitte was delivering their first project in transportation domain, so team had not pre-determined approach for building the solution. The project was distributed among 5 cross functional teams spread across 4 different geographical locations in 3 different time zones. Without prior experience there was a clear lack of coordination among teams.

Coordination Issues and ambiguous requirements pushed the various teams to build the solution as per their own understanding. Things began to go out of sync and delivery started getting delayed.

Since I was the only offshore project coordinator, my manager asked me to come up with concrete measures. I started by having discussions with all the teams and acted as a single point of contact for improving coordination efforts. We organized clarification meetings with the clients and came up with specific guidelines and requirements. My findings and efforts and tried to bring the teams on common functional grounds.

Eventually our efforts paid off we were able to deliver the high quality solution within stringent timelines. We achieved 20% higher accuracy than previously predicted and client signed a long-term mandate.

Although these experiences were driven by a commitment to bring a meaningful change–these also showed me the importance of empathy, collaboration, leadership, and the importance of taking calculated risks in uncertain situations to achieve greater outcomes. I plan to expand and augment these skills at UBC.

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