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Introduction to MeM at WU

The expansion of technology and its ability to harness it has created a growing need for leaders who possess a unique blend of tech skills and management acumen. Become the engineer who sees the bigger picture, can make data-informed decisions and has the leadership to reach across the organization.

Offered through Washington University’s Sever Institute at the McKelvey School of Engineering, this nationally-ranked full-time Master of Engineering Management (MEM) graduate degree program will help you advance with the knowledge, leadership and skills needed to understand, shape and lead projects, as well as manage teams, engineering functions and companies.

Why Study MeM at WU?


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  • Interdisciplinary Curriculum: The MEM program provides a holistic understanding of engineering and management principles.
  • Expert Faculty: Students benefit from experienced faculty members with expertise in engineering and management.
  • Innovative Research Opportunities: MEM students can engage in cutting-edge research projects, contributing to advancements in the field.
  • Industry Connections: The program fosters strong ties with industry partners, offering networking opportunities and real-world exposure.
  • Career Development Support: Washington University provides resources for career counseling, workshops, and job placement assistance.

Program Costs + Living Expenses : MeM at WU


Avg. Cost of Tuition


Avg. Living Cost


Avg. Cost of Study

  • Tuition is based on the number of enrolled course units. When a student takes 9 or more units, a flat-rate tuition is applied. A per unit rate is applied if a student is enrolled in 8 or less units. 
  • Tuition for full-time students is determined by each student’s prime division, not by the division that teaches the course. Students should check with their department before enrolling in courses outside their division. 
  • International graduate students are not permitted to register for fewer than 9 units without special permission from the Office of International Students and Scholars.

Employement Prospects : MeM at WU


Employed within 3 months of graduation


Avg. Salary

    Most Sought-after Jobs



Associate Consultant

Associate Software Engineer

Business Analyst

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies are increasingly looking for engineers who can solve complex business problems and collaborate across teams. This has led to a growing demand for highly skilled engineering management professionals. There is now a broad range of jobs in engineering management:

  • Engineering managers oversee the work of engineers and other technical staff. They are responsible for planning, organizing and directing engineering projects. They also work with other departments to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • Product managers are responsible for developing and launching new products. They work with engineers, designers and marketing professionals to create products that meet customers’ needs.
  • Project managers are responsible for the planning, execution and completion of projects. They work with a variety of stakeholders to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget and to the required quality standards.

These positions are just a small sample of the many engineering management jobs available. The remainder of this article will describe the skills you can gain in a school for engineering and explain how those abilities could translate into challenging and in-demand career opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria for MeM at WU

The following supplements are required to submit your application:

Application fee ($75)

Unofficial copies of all transcripts

  • Transcripts must list the applicant’s name, name of the institution, and all grades received, in English.
  • Include full academic history – undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  • See some frequently asked questions about transcripts.

Three letters of recommendation

  • Input recommendation providers’ names and email addresses. Recommendation providers are automatically sent an email requesting a recommendation.
  • Paper and email recommendations will not be accepted.
  • The recommendations must be posted by the published deadline for final application submission.
  • See some frequently asked questions about letters of recommendation.

Statement of Purpose & resume/CV

GRE scores

  • Please reference the chart below for the individual program requirements.**
  • GRE General Test and GRE General Test at Home are accepted.
  • Applicants must report their official GRE scores via ETS to the WashU School Code 6929.
  • See some frequently asked questions about GRE scores.

Documents required : MeM at WU

  • Transcripts: All transcripts (official or unofficial) must be in English and contain the applicant’s name, institution, and all grades received. Please include your entire academic history for any undergraduate and graduate work.
  • Three letters of recommendation: In the application, enter the names and email addresses of three recommendation providers. When you save your application, an automated email is sent to these individuals requesting the recommendation. (Please note that we cannot accept paper and email recommendations.) Recommendations must be posted by the published deadline for final application submission.
  • Statement of Purpose: The Statement of Purpose should be a brief document explaining your goals and ambitions.
  • Resume: Upload your current resume or curriculum vitae in the section immediately following the Statement of Purpose.
  • $75 application fee: Fees are payable by credit card or electronic check issued from a U.S. banking institution. 

Application Deadlines - MEM at WU

Spring 2024 entry for the full-time MEM and MISM graduate programs:

Application opensApplication deadline
April 1, 2023October 1, 2023

Fall 2024 entry for the full-time MEM and MISM graduate programs:

Application opensApplication deadline
September 1, 2023March 1, 2024

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Scholarships Available : MeM at WU


  • Full-time undergraduate student or master’s degree student at any of the universities.
  • Meets the eligibility criteria for fall enrollment
  • Applying to an eligible PhD program (listed above)

Financial details

  • Full tuition waiver
  • Monthly stipend for the duration of the PhD program as long as academic progress is being made.
  • Awardee will receive a one-time award of $5,000 USD at the start of the PhD program, and $500 per year for 5 years which can be used for professional development activities.

To know more in detail Click here.

Specializations & Electives Offered

The 30-unit (10-course) MEM degree program is available for full-time or part-time study and is designed for students with a Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) background; it is known as the “Engineer’s MBA.”

The 15-unit (five-course) graduate certificate in Engineering Management is also available and can be transferred into the degree program at any time. A graduate certificate is an excellent option for individuals wishing to advance their careers, with a shorter time commitment than a degree.

MEM courses are available in evening and online formats, and are designed with input from employers, thought leaders and practitioners, and taught by leading professionals from throughout the engineering industry.

Students learn the art and science of the complete business cycle, gaining hands-on experience by running simulated businesses and working on real industry projects. Courses bring to life the essential functions and capabilities that make a business run. Students learn to set strategy, leverage technology and data analytics, market to customers, interpret and drive finances, make informed data-based decisions, manage projects, build teams and lead.

To know more about the electives and cores click here.

FAQs About MeM

The full-time Engineering Management and Information Systems Management degrees are designed to be completed in 3 semesters. We encourage students to take advantage of all 3 semesters, as it allows more time for professional development, networking, internship and career opportunities, and more!

Our part-time degree programs are specifically designed to benefit working professionals. When you take classes through the Sever Institute, you can work toward your degree at a time and place that fits best with your schedule. The average time to complete a master’s degree part-time is 2-3 years.

More information is available on our Financial Assistance for Admitted and Current Graduate Students page. Our Sever Institute admission team can help you explore possible financial options, answer questions, and guide you through the process.

You can enter all types of work experience in the Education and Experience section as well as detailing these experiences on your CV (Resumé).

Yes. Sever is a long-standing endowed department within the School of Engineering offering several full and part-time graduate programs. Degrees earned through the Sever Institute, however, are conferred from Washington University in St. Louis. Diplomas are signed by the administration of Washington University and contain the name and embossed seal of the university.

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