UTS MeM Interview Questions

Interview Questions collected from Past clients

UTS MeM Interviews

About MeM Interviews:

The interview will typically last for around 30 minutes and will be conducted by one or two members of the admissions committee. You may be asked questions about your academic background, professional experience, career goals, and why you are interested in the Master of Engineering Management program at the University of Sydney.

5 Tips to Ace Your MeM Interview:

Here are some tips for preparing for your interview:
1. Research the Master of Engineering Management program and the University of Sydney thoroughly.
2. Be prepared to discuss your academic background, professional experience, career goals, and why you are interested in the program.
3. Practice answering common interview questions.
4. Dress professionally and arrive on time for your interview.

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UTS MeM Interview transcript 1:

“My interview with UTS was less than 30 minutes, so I was not sure how she felt, but I did the best that I could. Here are the questions that I remember”

1. Describe yourself to us.
2. Why engineering, business, and the arts?
3. What career objectives do you have?
4. Describe a failure you experienced and the lessons you took away from it.
5. That isn’t truly a failure. Please share a real-life failure you experienced with me. Kindly respond once again.
6. What is your biggest flaw?
7. What kind of interview preparation did you do?
8. Why UTS?

“Showcase your passion for education by sharing relevant experiences and expressing your commitment to lifelong learning.”

UTS MeM Interview Transcript 2:

“I had a Skype interview for the UTS MeM Program. It was conducted on February 03, 2021. The questions were:”

1. Which personal attributes or characteristics do you think will help you succeed in the University of Sydney’s Master of Engineering Management programme?
2. Could you describe an instance in which you proved to be resilient and adaptable in a demanding professional or educational setting? What personal traits enabled you to go through it?
3. Tell about a moment when you had to work together to accomplish a shared goal with people who had different personalities and backgrounds. What lessons did you take away from the event, and how did your interpersonal skills come into play?
4. Engineering management is a dynamic industry where originality and innovation are highly prized. Could you give an example of how your original thinking or inventiveness resulted in a creative solution or strategy?

“Dress professionally and maintain good eye contact to convey a sense of professionalism and confidence during the interview.”

UTS MeM Interview Transcript 3:

“A career team member from the UTS MeM Program conducted a 45-minute interview with me. It was held on February 18, 2021.”

1. What makes you think you’re a better team player or leader naturally?
2. How do you deal with uncertainty and ambiguity in your work?
3. What motivated you to enrol in the MEM programme, both personally and professionally?
4. Could you give an example of a time you handled a conflict inside the team?
5. In what way will you support the spirit of cooperation among the university community?
Talk about a big personal failure you had and the lessons you took away.
6. How do your moral principles fit with the program’s emphasis on social responsibility and ethics?

“Prepare examples of how you have overcome challenges or contributed positively in past educational settings, highlighting your problem-solving abilities.”

UTS MeM Interview Transcript 4:

On the Campus Interviewed on: October 24, 2019
“The interviewer is very friendly, and we went over my resume thoroughly.” In general, each topic featured three questions: what you do, how you became involved, and why you did it.”

1. Tell us about Facebook the way you would have explained it to your grandmother.
2. When you work under pressure, how do you handle things?
3. What impact has technology had on our lives, in your opinion?
4. How recently have you stepped outside of your comfort zone?
5. What impression do you think you have of your friends?
6. Tell about a time when you had to learn and adapt for yourself.

“Be ready to discuss your teaching philosophy, emphasizing student engagement, individualized instruction, and your dedication to fostering a positive learning environment.”

UTS MeM Interview Transcript-5

“The interview starts exactly in the time given. I was greeted by two PhD who were going to conduct my interview. We exchanged greetings and I confirmed with them whether they could see and hear me properly.”

They introduced themselves and briefed me about how the interview would be conducted and when I get the results.

1. What are your areas of strength and weakness?
2. What would you consider your area of passion?
3. Can you handle the demands of a demanding academic schedule?
4. If we were to ask your co-workers about you, what would we probably find out?
5. Tell us about a moment when you resolved a challenging circumstance involving your co-workers.

“Try to be realistic and honest. Make sure you engage them in your answers.”

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