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Northwestern University MeM Sample Essay & LORs

Northwestern MeM Application Essay 2023-24

This is a central part of your application, which allows you to demonstrate your motivation, aptitude, and creativity. In 750 words or less, please address the following questions:

  • Why are you applying specifically to the Master of Engineering Management program at Northwestern University?
  • How do you hope to uniquely add value to the experience of your classmates?
  • What are your career aspirations upon completion of the program, and how will MEM help you reach those goals?
  • Additional Personal Statements

Compare and contrast your experiences working on a high-performing and low-performing team. Please ensure your response is 300 words or less and addresses the following:

  • What contributed to or led to the high/low performance of both teams?
  • Could you have done anything to shift the low-performing team to a high-performing team?

MEM challenges its students with rigorous content and, at times, a fast-paced learning environment. Describe a situation where you leveraged time management skills to ensure the success of a project. Please ensure your response is 300 words or less and addresses the following:

  • What lessons did you learn from the experience?
    How can you translate those skills into being a successful MEM student?

Northwestern MeM Letter of recommendation 2023-24

We require 3 letters of recommendation from individuals who have had supervisory experience over you in a professional and/or academic setting and can attest to your work performance and management potential. As a rough guide, the table below outlines a recommended balance between professional and academic letters of recommendation, based only on number of years since the completion of an undergraduate degree.

When in doubt, a professional recommendation is generally more valuable than an academic one. For letters from current and former employers, we would appreciate an assessment of the applicant’s career progress, management potential and leadership skills. For academic references, we would appreciate an assessment of the applicant’s potential for graduate work.

In addition, the admissions committee looks for comments on the following (where applicable):

  • How long have you known the candidate and in what capacity?
  • Can you provide examples that highlight the candidate’s career progress or suitability for our graduate program?
  • Can you provide any point of comparison for the candidate against others in similar circumstances?
    Please note: The application system will email your recommenders at the email address you provide. Recommenders will receive a request to address the questions outlined above as well as instructions on how to upload their completed letter to the application system. Recommenders may use standard word processing software for letters.

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