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Introduction to MiM at Stockholm

Do you love meeting new people and cultures, leading and collaborating, inspiring and being inspired by talented professionals from different backgrounds? Welcome to SSE’s Master of Science program in International Business!

The MSc in International Business provides you with the tools to master the challenges of management and strategy in global organizations. The program combines advanced analytical training with active learning in real projects together with SSE’s and CEMS’ corporate partners. Upon admission to the MSc program in International Business candidates are pre-approved to the CEMS MIM program.

You will work on an advanced level with topics focused on running and developing global organizations. SSE uses strategy and marketing tools to put the firm in context and explore how firms influence their competitive environments. You also learn how to make firms grow and prosper from the inside, through innovation and management practices that build operational excellence. Ultimately, you will learn how to improve organizations and the things they do.

The first year of the program is completed at SSE, where you will mix classes in global management, led by some of the most competent professors in the field, with corporate finance, international projects, an international immersion internship, project assignments with corporate partners, an international business research thesis and a CEMS international internship in the summer.

During the second year of the program, students do their CEMS year or participate in another exchange program. Students who decide not to do CEMS can apply to another exchange program and spend the fall semester abroad at one of our partner schools.

The CEMS students attend a one-week intensive block seminar to kick-off the fall and take a CEMS core course in global strategy. They spend either the fall or the spring semester at one of the CEMS partner schools. All MIB students take global management practices, and choose from a selection of elective courses. Students also conduct a business project during the spring term, which combined with the MIB research thesis during the first year meets the Master thesis requirement.

The elective courses allow you to tailor parts of the program to fit your own aspirations and interests. To deepen your existing knowledge in a specific area, you can select advanced courses in economics, accounting, finance or marketing including courses offered as part of the Data Analytics Track.

What is a good GMAT score for MiM at Stockholm?

Short Answer – The average GMAT score is 660 for the last entering class. If you score above 660, you have a fair shot and you will receive an encouraging response to your profile evaluation from the admission committee. 

Long Answer – There is no such thing as a safe score, higher is always better. In our years of consulting experience, we have seen our clients with 640 getting selected into top schools like INSEAD and on the other hand, someone with a 770 getting rejected too. A good benchmark that we advise all our clients to beat is the average GMAT score of the last entering class as mentioned in the Class profile published every year. Scoring above the average gets you a fair shot; 

“The higher your score, the better is it for your interview or admission chance.” 

If you plan to apply with a score that is below the average, then you are starting a fight with one hand tied behind your back or, let’s say, you are starting a few yards behind your competitors. You can definitely catch up in other sections of the application by writing outstanding essays or performing really well in an interview later. But it is always nice to start ahead of the competitor. A higher GMAT score helps one gain a competitive advantage.

“What if you are from the over represented Indian or Asian Pool?”

The over-represented candidate pool of Indian or Chinese applicants usually goes through a rigorous preparation process for GMAT, with a lot of Indian applicants scoring quite high. Hence, the overall competition and the Average score for this diaspora goes up by a few notches. That is why we recommend candidates within the most over-represented profiles to shoot at least 20 points higher than the school’s class profile average. 


Quick Overview and Rankings



FT Rankings

Tuition Fee and Scholarships for MiM at Stockholm

360,000 SEK

Tuition Fee

24,000 SEK

Living Cost


Avg. Cost of Study

The Tuition fees for  Stockholm MIM is around 180,000 SEK per year. In case you don’t need to pay the tuition fee, you will be asked to provide a proof of your status (e.g. EU/EEA passport, decision from the Migration Board granting you the residence permit in Sweden).

It is your status by the payment deadline that defines whether you are required to pay or not. E.g. if you are in the process of receiving a EU passport or Swedish residence permit and you get it before June 1, you are not required to pay. If you receive it after June 1, you are required to pay the fees for the first semester, but will be exempted from paying for the next one.

Important Scholarships

Employment Prospects : MiM at Stockholm


Employed within 3 months of graduation

538,505 SEK

Avg. Salary

  Most Sought-after Jobs


Business Analyst

IB Analyst

Investment Banking Analyst

Equity Research Analyst

M&A Analyst

Risk Analyst

The curriculum of the MSc program in International Business is designed as a direct response to the need we have seen for a new breed of managers and business professionals. People who see the world as their home. Through the combination of topics covered in the program, you will acquire a deep understanding of how international firms and other organizations function, how to navigate them to achieve results, and, last but not least, how to improve them and the things they do.

The average salary of Stockholm MIM  for the last graduating class was 538,505 SEK. 92% of the class was employed within 3 months of graduation.

Eligibility Criteria for MiM at Stockholm

No academic background in business or economics required

SSE requires a Bachelor’s degree with at least 90 ECTS in Social Sciences or Humanities (including but not limited to Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Political Science, Psychology and/or Sociology), and a minimum of 30 ECTS in Business Administration.


Applicants with a background in Engineering, Law, Philosophy, Languages and Literature, Computer Science, Technology, Biomedicine previously also succeeded in the program and SSE views Social Sciences broadly. The MSc admissions team makes an individual assessment based on the Bachelor degree courses.

Documents required : MiM at Stockholm

1. Bachelor’s degree with at least 90 ECTS in Social Sciences or Humanities (including but not limited to Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Political Science, Psychology and/or Sociology), with a minimum of 30 ECTS in Business Administration.

2. GMAT or GRE test result

  • GMAT Focus Edition:
    A minimum total score of 555
  • GMAT Exam or GMAT Online:
    A minimum total score of 600
  • GRE General Test or GRE General Test at Home:
    A minimum quant score of 155

3. Proof of proficiency in English

4. Proficiency in another language

5. Motivation & supporting attachments

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Scholarships Available : MiM at Stockholm

Specializations & Electives Offered

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FAQs about MiM at Stockholm

Yes! You can enter all types of work experience in the Education and Experience section as well as detailing these experiences on your CV (Resumé).

Please list all the languages that you know. This will be taken into consideration during the assessment.

The degree with at least 90 ECTS in Social Sciences or Humanities (including but not limited to Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Political Science, Psychology and/or Sociology), with a minimum of 30 ECTS in Business Administration.

We have had successful applicants with a background  in Engineering, Law, Philosophy, Languages and Literature, Computer Science, Technology, Biomedicine as we view social sciences broadly and make an individual assessment based on the courses from the Bachelor studies.

Students in their last year of the Bachelor program are welcome to apply and must upload a document in the application with the remaining courses in their degree.

At the beginning of each semester for three weeks, various banks come to take part in the Bank Forum organized by HEC Paris to allow you to learn about bank loans, open a French bank account, and compare the exclusive financial benefits offered to HEC students. Over the course of the academic year, BNP Paribas, la Société Générale and LCL have a permanent stand in the RU twice a week; this means you will always be able to get support and information from people who are used to helping international students. You can open a bank account and pick up your card in the same place. Please note that it is compulsory to open a French bank account to get a residence permit and for receiving housing aid.

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