HKUST MIM Interview Questions

Interview Questions collected from Past clients

HKUST MSc in International Management

A face-to-face interview will be arranged for shortlisted candidates residing in Hong Kong. Otherwise, video interviews via the Internet will be conducted. Phone interview requests are not accepted.

MIM Interview Experience 1:

My interview for HKUST was conducted via video, and it was an engaging experience. The interviewers were friendly and asked questions that delved into both my academic and extracurricular experiences. Some questions they asked were:

  1. How do you plan to balance academic demands with extracurricular involvement during your time at HKUST?
  2. Share a specific example of a challenge you faced in your academic journey and how you overcame it.
  3. Discuss a global issue that you believe requires innovative solutions and how your chosen program can equip you to address it.
  4. In what ways do you see the program aligning with your long-term career goals?
  5. If given the opportunity to lead a collaborative project, how would you ensure effective communication within the team?
  6. Discuss a recent technological advancement in your field of study that you find intriguing.

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MIM Interview Experience-2

So, my interview for HKUST happened online, well it was surprisingly chill. The interviewers were cool and asked questions that got me thinking about my academic and outside-of-school experiences. They wanted to know stuff like:

  1. How I plan to juggle studies with fun stuff at HKUST.
  2. Share a time when I faced a challenge during my studies and how I dealt with it.
  3. Thoughts on a big global issue and how the program could prepare me to tackle it.
  4. How I see this program fitting into my long-term plans.
  5. Any tricks on staying in the loop with industry trends and how I’d use that at HKUST?

Hope that helps, and good luck!

MIM Interview Experience-3

Being shortlisted for an interview at HKUST pleasantly surprised me. The interviewers conducted a thorough discussion, focusing not only on my academic achievements but also on my personal and professional experiences. 

They wanted to know how I could bring a unique perspective to the program and contribute to the university’s vibrant community. The questions were thought-provoking, touching on my future aspirations, how I handle challenges, and my awareness of global issues. 

It was evident that HKUST values applicants who are not only academically competent but also bring a holistic view to their academic community.

MIM Interview Experience-4

Questions asked by the interview panel during my interview:

  1. Share an experience from your academic or professional background that showcases your adaptability.
  2. Discuss a recent technological advancement in your field of study that you find intriguing.
  3. In what ways do you think cultural diversity enhances the academic environment, and how would you contribute to it?
  4. How do you see the program at HKUST preparing you for the evolving demands of your chosen industry?
  5.  Imagine you’re tasked with organizing a team of experts from various fields to design a spaceship for intergalactic travel. How would you ensure that the communication flows seamlessly among team members with diverse expertise and backgrounds, including scientists, engineers, and creative artists?
  6. Then they asked me if I had any questions for them which I did. I’d advise you to ask some genuine questions here that you’re actually curious about, not just something boring to fill the room. Doesn’t give away a great impression so use this opportunity well. 

Hope this was helpful!

MIM Interview Experience-5

My interview was honestly quite interesting, engaging, and fun. I did not feel nervous at all. Anyway, without wasting any more time, here are the questions they posed:

  1. Can you walk me through your resume, starting from your academic background and moving on to your professional experiences?
  2. If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be and why?
  3. Tell me about a project or task where you had to think outside the box to find a solution.
  4. Tell me about a moment when you had to navigate through a challenging team dynamic. How did you handle it?
  5. Lastly, do you have any questions for me?

There were some more interesting and fun questions but I do not remember them all. No worries, you just need to be confident and treat it as more of an informative and friendly chat rather than a strict so-called interview. That’s what I did, at least and it helped me a great deal. So, all the best, and go crack that interview!

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