The Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives (PGPX) is one of the finest one-year, full-time, residential programmes in India.  The current batch of students carries an average GMAT score of around 700. The average experience of the batch is more than 8.5 years in a variety of sectors. The class represents a diverse range of industries and it is one of the best in India when it comes to diversity.

The programme is globally known for intellectual rigor of IIMA. The design of the programme based on a vigorous debate among the industry leaders from public and private sector organizations and a fifteen member strong IIMA faculty, is quite unique in the world. It is no surprise that programme is consistently rated as either best or second best programme in the world by Financial Times for career progress.


Financial times




Essay Prompt:

What do you expect to gain from the PGPX Programme at IIMA? (500 words)

 “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.
When I first heard this quote recently, it got me thinking about why I love my job. After some introspection, I realized that I am drawn to the thrill of seamlessly managing the multiple pieces of a solution that delivers value to the client.
This has fuelled my short-term ambition of heading the delivery for high-value accounts as part of an IT services organization such as IBM or Accenture, where I can handle multiple high-impact portfolios and build a lasting client relationship. In the long-term, I see myself as a senior leader (Vice President/Country Head) in IT services, where I will have the influencing power to make strategic decisions that can steer my organization to future successes.
I started my career as a software developer building web applications for retail clients of Infosys. My interest in quickly ramping up on web technologies paved the way for my overseas assignments to UK and Canada. An exposure to cutting-edge technologies in these assignments helped me build a solid technical base for my career. The overseas experience also helped me become more flexible and adapt to people from different cultures quickly. I felt a sense of immense satisfaction and accomplishment when the projects I worked on transformed the clients’ business.
This feeling has become a powerful motivator of my professional career. Though I have performed effectively as a project manager, I believe that I need to gain comprehensive business knowledge, sharpen my analytical skills, and hone a far-reaching, strategic mindset, to accelerate my career and achieve my goals. As a mid-career professional, I realize that a structured 1-year MBA program is exactly what I need, to prepare for senior management roles.
I believe that the case-study pedagogy at IIMA will help me connect my professional experiences with the concepts I learn. From perusing the placement statistics of IIMA, I can see that IIMA would provide me with ample opportunities to pitch my candidature to my dream companies. At IIMA, my cohorts will likely have a similar level of work experience as I do – this makes IIMA a very good fit of B-school for me, as I see a lot of value in engaging in discussions with such peers.
With the digital future revolving around SMAC (Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud), I think that it is very essential for me, as a future IT Services leader, to stay abreast of these technologies. At IIMA, I would like to attend conferences on ‘Advanced Data Analytics’ and ‘Business Analytics and Intelligence’ that will facilitate this knowledge and open up networking opportunities with IT Services industry leaders. As a person passionate about delivering high impact projects, I would like to be involved with the Centre for Electronic Governance (CEG) in the impact assessment of e-Governance projects. I look forward whole-heartedly to the IIMA experience to help me achieve a transformation into an effective leader of the future.


IIMA-PGPX Essays submission is for short-listed applicants only. Typically candidates get hardly 10-15 days time for creating the essays once the shortlist is announced. So it is highly advisable to spend some time to shortlist essay stories and arrive at possible themes for the essays well before the shortlist is announced.

IIMA PGPX Essay 1: What do you expect to gain from the PGPX course at IIMA?

IIMA PGPX Essay 2: Describe a situation that has demonstrated your leadership qualities.

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