Rishav Ankit

Rishav Ankit

“One of the best thing working with him was the amount of time he spent with me on my application, answering all my queries at any time.”



Santosh Reddy

“One of my friends suggested to approach Ameer and I instantly followed – it was one of the best decisions I took. His mock interview sessions were great and I strongly recommend taking them.”



Rayelene D’souza

“I had my heart set out on Boston University and I was admitted with a partial scholarship, I couldn’t be happier. This school is the perfect fit for my career goals and I could not be more grateful to Ameer for helping me get into the school of my choice.”


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Vaibhav Vishal

“I trusted his guidance throughout my application process and interview. His serious effort in the reiteration of my essays and the mock interviews was beneficial in securing an admit to Schulich School of Business, Canada.”


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Hu Shunfeng

“I got much valuable advice from Ameer and he inspired me a lot which made me think further about my strengths and weaknesses. He did me a big favor not only for the interview but also for my future learning experience at HEC”.



Akhil Khanijao

“I got in touch with Ameer through Facebook group. Working with Ameer was a wonderful and fruitful experience. He put in serious efforts in my application, and made sure that I get the admit from a desired school.”




Dharam Nain Singh

“Ameer helped me in making a list of all the important events in my life, and used them to highlight what skills I have.I think I might not have been able to make the application so precise and to the point without Ameer’s help.”




Harshal Singla

“I took Ameer’s help for my MBA interviews. Ameer helped me prepare for the worst. He not only help me find the practise proper answers but also helped me improve my body language. More than a consultant, I found him as a friend committed to help me.”