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Cornell MeM Application Essay 2023-24

  • Personal Statement
    The Personal Statement is an opportunity to provide us with more information about you. Please highlight any lived experiences or interactions – including successes, failures, conflicts, injustices, or journeys of self-discovery – that have significantly shaped or serve to demonstrate your problem solving, communication, collaboration and teamwork, leadership, maturity and self-awareness, endurance, and/or resilience
  • Technical Writing Sample
    The writing sample demonstrates your ability to synthesize and communicate quantitative information. Acceptable documents include but are not limited to a technical analysis, project or company report, white paper, published article, or projects/reports from a STEM course. If redacting the technical writing sample, we respectfully request that you ensure the submission is coherent and allows the admissions team to make an informed decision about your abilities.

Cornell Winning Sample Essay-1

Academic Statement of Purpose

My academic journey has been characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to continuous learning and growth. As I pursue a Master of Engineering Management (MeM) at Cornell University, I am eager to leverage my diverse background and experiences to contribute meaningfully to the program and the broader academic community. 

Having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Kallam Haranadha Reddy Institute Of Technology, India, I have developed a strong foundation in engineering principles and technical problem-solving. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I actively sought opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings through internships, research projects, or extracurricular activities.

One of the defining moments of my academic journey was my involvement in a research project focused on optimizing wireless communication systems. This experience not only deepened my technical expertise but also honed my research and analytical skills, providing me with valuable insights into the complexities of engineering problem-solving. 

Furthermore, my professional experiences as a Quality Assurance Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services have equipped me with a multifaceted skill set encompassing quality management, project coordination, and team leadership. In this role, I have led cross-functional teams in delivering complex IT projects, demonstrating my ability to communicate effectively, collaborate seamlessly, and navigate dynamic challenges confidently and consistently.

My decision to pursue a Master’s degree in Engineering Management at Cornell stems from my desire to bridge the gap between technical expertise and managerial acumen. I am particularly drawn to Cornell’s MeM program for its interdisciplinary approach, which integrates engineering, business, and leadership principles to prepare graduates for success in today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape.

 Through the MeM program, I aim to further enhance my understanding of strategic management, innovation, and entrepreneurship and assume leadership roles in technology management. I am confident that Cornell’s rigorous curriculum, world-class faculty, and vibrant community of scholars will provide me with the tools and resources needed to achieve my academic and professional aspirations.

In summary, my academic background, professional experiences, and personal aspirations align seamlessly with the objectives of the MeM program at Cornell University. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the Cornell Engineering Management community and embark on a transformative journey of learning, growth, and leadership development.

Personal Statement

My journey has been marked by a series of experiences and interactions that have shaped me into the person I am today. From overcoming challenges to celebrating successes, each moment has profoundly contributed to my growth and development. One such experience that significantly impacted me was my involvement in a non-profit organization that provided career guidance to students from rural areas in India.

Growing up in a similar environment, I understood firsthand the challenges faced by students who lacked access to quality education and mentorship. Through this initiative, I was able to leverage my knowledge and skills to make a positive difference in the lives of others while also gaining valuable insights into the power of collaboration, empathy, and resilience. 

Moreover, my professional experiences at Tata Consultancy Services have further reinforced the importance of effective communication, teamwork, and adaptability in achieving organizational success. Whether leading project teams or collaborating with clients, I have learned to navigate complex challenges with confidence and integrity, drawing upon my problem-solving and team player strengths.

Looking ahead, I am excited about the opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree in Engineering Management at Cornell University. I am drawn to the program’s emphasis on interdisciplinary learning and its commitment to fostering innovation and leadership in technology management. My diverse background and experiences have prepared me well for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and I am eager to contribute to the vibrant community of scholars at Cornell.

In conclusion, my journey has been shaped by a relentless pursuit of excellence, a commitment to continuous learning, and a passion for making a positive impact in the world. My unique blend of academic background, professional experiences, and personal attributes will enable me to thrive in the MeM program at Cornell and beyond.

Technical Writing Sample

Enhancing Quality Assurance Processes in Software Development: A Case Study

Introduction: As a Quality Assurance Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services, I have been actively involved in optimizing quality assurance processes to ensure the successful delivery of software projects. This technical writing sample provides insights into a specific project where I led initiatives to enhance quality assurance practices and improve overall project outcomes.

Background: The project involved developing a web-based application for a leading client in the banking sector. With stringent quality requirements and tight project deadlines, effective quality assurance was paramount to the project’s success. However, traditional testing methodologies proved inadequate in addressing the client’s evolving needs and the project’s dynamic nature.

Approach: To address these challenges, I spearheaded efforts to modernize quality assurance processes and adopt innovative testing methodologies. This involved:

  • 1. Conducting a comprehensive analysis of existing quality assurance practices and identifying areas for improvement.
  • 2. Collaborating with cross-functional teams to define clear testing objectives and establish robust frameworks.
  • 3. Implementing automated testing tools and techniques to streamline testing processes and improve testing efficiency.
  • 4. Conduct regular reviews and assessments to monitor project progress and identify potential bottlenecks or issues.
  • 5. Providing ongoing support and training to team members to ensure effective implementation of new testing methodologies.

Results: The adoption of modernized quality assurance processes resulted in several significant outcomes, including:

  • 1. Improved efficiency: Automated testing tools reduced testing cycle times by 30%, allowing for faster project delivery.
  • 2. Enhanced quality: Rigorous testing frameworks helped identify and address critical defects early in the development lifecycle, resulting in higher-quality deliverables.
  • 3. Increased client satisfaction: The client expressed satisfaction with the improved quality assurance processes and praised our proactive approach to addressing their needs and concerns.
  • 4. Greater team collaboration: Implementing collaborative testing practices fostered a culture of teamwork and accountability among team members, leading to smoother project execution.


Conclusion: Overall, this project exemplifies my ability to synthesise quantitative information, communicate complex technical concepts, and drive meaningful change through innovative solutions. It showcases my proficiency in technical writing and my capacity to leverage quantitative data to inform decision-making and drive positive outcomes in software development projects.

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Cornell Winning Sample Essay-2

Personal Statement

Navigating through the corridors of MEIL, where I orchestrated critical corporate strategies and spearheaded transformative projects, I cultivated a passion for management and fostering innovation through engineering. Leading initiatives such as acquiring a 1200 MW power asset and launching India’s largest natural gas pipeline, I have always been at the intersection of technical proficiency and strategic foresight.

My career began with a strong technical foundation as a Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University graduate, where I earned my degree in Computer Science Engineering. My keen interest in how engineering solutions can reshape industries, particularly infrastructure and energy, drove my transition from technical roles to a senior associate in corporate strategy. At MEIL, I increased our power portfolio by 250% and integrated pioneering business models like the gas subscription service, revolutionizing our market approach and significantly boosting customer engagement.

What excites me most about the Master of Engineering Management program at Cornell is the opportunity to blend my technical background with robust management strategies. Cornell’s emphasis on innovative problem-solving and leadership within the tech sectors aligns perfectly with my career aspirations to lead projects that are not only technically sound but also strategically impactful.

Cornell’s collaborative environment and its legacy of nurturing leaders who significantly contribute to their industries motivate me to contribute my diverse experiences in corporate strategy and project management. I am eager to learn from esteemed faculty and peers and share my insights from working across various global markets, enriching our collective learning experience.

Academic Statement of Purpose

I am drawn to Cornell University’s Master of Engineering Management program’s commitment to bridging the gap between engineering and management disciplines. My professional journey at MEIL, enriched by complex acquisitions and strategic projects, has prepared me to thrive in an environment that Cornell’s program offers—where technology meets tactical business understanding.

The program’s structure, offering courses in systems engineering, project management, and operational research, directly addresses the gaps I seek to fill in my own expertise. I aim to deepen my understanding of advanced engineering principles while gaining a strategic managerial perspective that complements my hands-on experience managing large-scale engineering projects.

At MEIL, my role required me to oversee and innovate our project delivery models. For instance, introducing a subscription model for natural gas consumers under my leadership was a first in the Indian market, demonstrating a blend of technical understanding with strategic market positioning. At Cornell, I intend to explore such innovative management strategies further, learn from leading experts in the field, and apply this knowledge to drive future technological solutions in sustainable energy and infrastructure.

The collaborative projects and the capstone project at Cornell will allow me to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, preparing me for strategic roles that demand a dual focus on technical excellence and leadership. I am particularly interested in leveraging Cornell’s extensive industry connections for internships and cooperative opportunities, which will provide practical insights and professional exposure.

Technical Sample Essay

The project of acquiring a 1200 MW thermal power asset by MEIL was a landmark in my career. It embodies the integration of technical analysis with strategic acquisition planning. My role was pivotal in conducting the comprehensive due diligence underpinning our successful bid. We developed a detailed financial model to compute the equity value of the asset, which not only supported our internal valuation and strengthened our negotiation position.

This acquisition was characterized by a series of strategic analyses, including a thorough market study to understand the asset’s operational viability and its alignment with our existing energy portfolio. Integrating this asset into our operations was projected to increase MEIL’s power generation capacity significantly, necessitating a meticulous approach to technical assessments and strategic planning.

Furthermore, the project involved extensive stakeholder management, from internal team coordination across departments to external negotiations with the existing asset owners and regulatory bodies. The success of this acquisition demonstrated the importance of a cohesive strategy that aligns technical assessments with long-term business goals.

In drafting the technical report for this project, I included quantitative analyses, such as cash flow projections and risk assessments, alongside qualitative insights into market trends and competitor strategies. This comprehensive approach facilitated informed decision-making and ensured that all stakeholders had a clear understanding of the project scope and its strategic importance to MEIL.
(Attach report/sample writing)

At Cornell, I look forward to refining my technical writing skills and ensuring that complex engineering projects are communicated effectively and executed efficiently with strategic oversight. I am eager to engage with faculty and peers in discussions that will enhance my ability to write and manage technical projects, preparing me for future challenges in engineering management.

Client Testimonials

Cornell MeM Application Letter of Recommendation 2023-2024

Two LORs are required

MEM Recommendation Letters
(Free Samples & successful Examples)

Professor - Recommendation letter Sample 1

Here is a quick PDF of a sample recommendation our client submitted for a successful admit. 

Sample letter of Recommendation for masters application from professor

How do you know the applicant? How long have you known them for?

I am the Dean and Professor at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology in Rohini, India. I have known Pavani since her first semester, where she was in my “Fundamentals of Computing” class.

I have had multiple opportunities to interact with Pavani as she was leading the student activities for her batch and was also working on the “Automated Stock Trading algorithm” project as a part of the curriculum, under my guidance.

What would you say are the applicant’s key strengths and talents?

One of Pavani’s primary strengths is her ability to lead a team even in uncertain situations. In her final year, Pavani was the Organizing Committee Member of the International Conference. Since it was the first conference of its kind, there were no previous benchmarks or processes in place. Right from marketing, outreach events, finding vendors for event management, to logistics—everything had to be figured out from scratch. The budget was also crunched, which further did not help the situation.

Pavani went beyond her responsibilities and took the lead on the project. She worked with other team members, discussed with them, and charted a plan. She delegated responsibilities to fellow peers and also guided them on their tasks. There were also conflicts in the team and unforeseen problems. One of the vendors cancelled the contract two days before the conference. Pavani immediately reached out to other vendors through personal contacts and engaged the team with a calm mind and got things done. Thanks to Pavani, the conference was a huge success with over 60 participants from multiple countries. As a result, 3 projects were selected and funded by our institution. The conference is now recognized internationally and is set to take place again next year in February.

Pavani also demonstrated her leadership capabilities while working on a project under my guidance. The project was focused on building automated stock trading algorithms that managed to maximize cumulative profit. Although she did not come from a finance background, Pavani quickly learned the basic concepts. She also brought her team members onboard by coaching them and teaching how the stock market works. With the team’s support, Pavani was able to build a functioning algorithm that got published in a reputed journal, “Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research”. I believe Pavani is the kind of candidate who can take ownership and deliver things with minimal guidance.

In which areas of development has the applicant progressed the most in the time you’ve known them?

Initially, when I met Pavani, she was a shy person who was not confident to lead a team. Even though she might have brilliant ideas, she used to keep them to herself and not put them forward. As a consequence of being shy, she even preferred to work alone rather than in teams. She needed a little encouragement to help break her out of her shell. Slowly, she started putting forth her ideas. As those ideas were adopted by her teammates, she started gaining confidence. She quickly learned to plan, lead, and delegate a team effectively.

Pavani grew to participate in competitions, representing the college on a national level. Seeing her progress into an effective leader, I appointed Pavani as the organizational head of an international conference that took place on our campus in February 2020, as mentioned above.

Pavani also progressed tremendously in her academics, from a 7 CGPA in the 1st semester to a 9 CGPA in later semesters. Her performance has progressed not just in theory but practical as well. She was part of 2 research papers that were published in reputable journals.

Another area that Pavani needs to develop is to be open and listen to others’ opinions. Sometimes, Pavani is quite stubborn when it comes to her plans and wants to execute them the way she has planned them. Therefore, she is at times not open to new viewpoints or any suggestions to the plan she came up with. This arises from her own perceptions that changing plans will lead to chaos and hence poor performance. In one of our sessions, I coached her and made her understand that she alone cannot control all things and she alone cannot achieve great things. She understood the importance of teamwork and has been trying to work it out. She is now a bit more open to new ideas and opinions. I believe she will learn these qualities over time and experience.

In what ways might the applicant contribute to the Masters in Engineering Management Program?

Pavani has always volunteered and stepped up to lead student activities. I have no doubt that she would continue to do the same in a Master’s in Engineering Management program. With her experience in project management and leadership, she will be a great asset in student-run activities and events.

Apart from that, I think Pavani is a fast learner who is always enthusiastic to teach her fellow batchmates. She has held multiple tutor sessions for juniors and fellow batchmates on tough courses. She will contribute to the class by bringing her technical expertise and practical experience during discussions and also coaching them on relatively tough concepts.

Is MEM Program a right fit for the candidate right now?

This course would be the natural academic evolution for her. On multiple occasions, Pavani has expressed her interest in taking up roles that are at the intersection of engineering and management. Engineering has given her a strong foundation in technical and analytical skills. However, she needs the academic experience and learning about management principles. More importantly, a MEM program will also groom her leadership abilities and impart holistic thinking capabilities. Pavani has great potential to learn and succeed, and I believe a MEM will be a step in the right direction towards achieving her goals.

Here is a quick PDF of a sample recommendation our client submitted for a successful admit. 

Recommendation Letter For Masters -  -

Please provide a brief description of your interaction with the applicant and, if applicable, the applicant’s role in your organization. (50 words)

I am the project manager, and Vinay is part of my team as a Senior Business Analyst for the past two years. I directly oversee his work and align with him on a weekly basis to understand the project requirements, roadmap discussions, and staffing plan for his team.

Describe your first-hand knowledge of the candidate’s work on a software or product development project. Describe the candidate’s role on the project and how their performance on the project compared with other well-qualified individuals in similar roles. (200-500 words)

I believe Vinay have good command over product development process and projects. To quote an instance, I was a project manager for one of the Healthcare clients. The client project involved heavy product development. I brought Vinay onto this project as a senior Business analyst to shoulder some of the project roadmap and team collaboration-related responsibilities. 

Before he joined, we were faced with a problem. The developers were working in silos, as there was no Business Analyst who gave proper guidance and a roadmap on what to work on, where to start, and the project lacked a proper structure. Also, the client was proposing new changes and had new requests every week, so the scope kept on changing, and the team was struggling. 

After joining as a Business Analyst, Vinay brought himself up to speed on the application, use cases, and what the client asked. He started doing user research, created empathy maps, drafted jobs to be done, and finally added all client requests and user stories to the product backlog. 

He took the lead in coordinating with the technical lead to understand the technical aspects and architecture of the product. He started adding product backlog of both functional and technical user stories, with the help of the tech lead and added around 130 user stories. He made sure the team followed Agile practices. Finally, within a short period of 3 weeks, the  team has a roadmap, stories to work on, and proper practices to follow.

As a result, we delivered the product with a UI improvement of 45% based on user feedback. And Vinay received appreciation from the client for his exceptional work. We also got a new project from the client for one of the pain points Vinay found to develop an application on Data security to safeguard patient data using blockchain technology.

Vinay’s performance impressed the Client Leadership Team (CLT) with how he worked with the team, bringing a structured format to the team, creating a product roadmap, Client communication, and Stakeholder management. As a result, we added him as a part of (CLT). He is one of the best BAs I have ever worked with.

More generally, provide your insights as to whether this candidate has promise to be an effective engineering manager. Include specific examples of times when they demonstrated skills and/or behaviors that would lead to their success in that role. (200-500 words)

I think Vinay has the potential to be a good product manager because, after joining the team as a Business Analyst, Vinay proposed doing a Discovery phase with the client. I let him take the lead on this and told him that he can go ahead if he can convince the client.

He observed it had been 8 years since we did the last discovery workshop. He pitched his idea to the Client and proposed a Discovery phase where his team and he can do a SWOT analysis for the project, prepare a roadmap, and a template containing all the tasks necessary for the workshop. The client really liked the idea and aligned on doing a Discovery workshop for a week.

Once the workshop started, Vinay ensured everyone was taking part completely and clarifying any doubts. He also ensured that everyone (Clients, Developers, designers, Salespeople, QAs) was thinking and contributing to the tasks based on their viewpoints. He also reminds everyone occasionally about empathizing with users while discussing or writing their points. As a result, the workshop was successful, and we got 4 new problem statements the client is currently facing; we got approval for 3 of them to start building the product as a part of new engagement and revenue of $3 Million.

He showcased effective communication skills during the workshop, motivating and inspiring everyone. He also brought the emotional intelligence and empathy part, where he could read the situation and influence everyone to make everyone empathize more with users in the workshop tactfully. One of the significant skills of any product manager is communicating effectively, interpersonal skills, and empathy. Vinay has all these skills to be an effective Product Manager.

Would you work with this candidate again? If not, why? (50 words)

Yes, If he desires to rejoin after completing his Master’s in product management.

What hesitations or concerns to have you have about recommending this person to the MSPM Program? (50 words)


Based Letters of Recommendation Guide for engineerign management aspirants, here are five do’s and don’ts tailored for candidates applying to a Master’s in Engineering Management program:

1. Choose Recommenders Who Understand Your Technical and Managerial Abilities:
– **Do** select recommenders who can provide detailed and specific examples of your technical expertise and managerial skills. Ideal recommenders include current or former supervisors who have directly observed your engineering projects and leadership roles.
Example: Your direct manager on a project where you led a team of engineers to develop a new product or improve an existing process.

2. Provide Comprehensive Background Information:
– **Do** give your recommenders a comprehensive overview of your achievements and context for your contributions. Highlight key projects, leadership roles, and innovative solutions you have implemented.
Example: Share a list of projects where you applied engineering principles to solve complex problems, managed project timelines, and coordinated cross-functional teams.

3. Meet and Discuss Specifics:
– **Do** meet with your recommenders to discuss your goals for the Master’s in Engineering Management, why you chose specific programs, and how the degree aligns with your career aspirations. This helps them tailor their letters to your specific goals and the program’s focus.
Example: Explain how the program’s curriculum and faculty will help you achieve your career goals in technical leadership or project management.

4. Ensure Specific, Anecdote-Driven Letters:
– **Do** encourage your recommenders to use specific anecdotes that highlight your technical and managerial strengths. Real-life examples provide credibility and illustrate your skills effectively.
Example: Ask them to describe a project where you led the team, detailing your role, the challenges faced, and how your leadership contributed to the project’s success.

5. Set Early Personal Deadlines:
– **Do** set early personal deadlines for your recommenders to ensure they complete their letters well before the application deadlines. This provides a buffer period for follow-ups if needed.
Example: If your application is due on January 1st, ask your recommenders to submit their letters by December 1st to avoid last-minute issues.

1. Avoid High-Ranking but Unfamiliar Recommenders:
– **Don’t** choose recommenders based solely on their title if they are not familiar with your work. Letters from high-ranking individuals who cannot provide detailed insights will be less effective.
Example: Avoid asking the CEO of your company unless they have directly worked with you and can provide specific examples of your contributions.

2. Don’t Write the Letter Yourself:
– **Don’t** write the recommendation letter yourself, even if a recommender offers to sign it. Admissions committees can detect self-written letters, which can harm your credibility.
Example: If a recommender suggests this, politely decline and offer to provide them with detailed information to help them write the letter themselves.

3. Avoid Generic Content:
– **Don’t** let your recommenders submit generic letters that could apply to anyone. Generic praise without specific examples will not make your application stand out.
Example: Ensure your recommenders avoid statements like “X is a great engineer” without context or supporting evidence.

4. Don’t Overlook Specific Instructions:
– **Don’t** ignore the specific instructions and questions provided by each school. Different programs may have different requirements for recommendation letters.
Example: Make sure your recommenders address each question posed by the school’s recommendation form and follow any formatting or submission guidelines provided.

5. Avoid Subordinates as Recommenders:
– **Don’t** ask subordinates to write your recommendation letters. Their perspective might not carry the same weight and could be seen as less objective.
Example: Recommendations should come from individuals in supervisory or client roles who can objectively evaluate your performance and potential.

These tailored do’s and don’ts will help ensure that your recommendation letters are strong, relevant, and supportive of your application to a Master’s in Engineering Management program.

Recommendation letter Template tailored for candidates applying to a Master’s in Engineering Management program:

Admissions Committee
[Masters in Engineering Management Program Name]
[University Name]
[University Address]
[City, State, ZIP Code]



Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing to enthusiastically recommend [Candidate’s Name] for your [Master’s in Engineering Management program] at [University Name]. I have known [Candidate’s Name] for [duration] in my capacity as [Recommender’s Title] at [Company Name], where I have had the privilege of supervising [him/her/them] directly.

Professional Capabilities and Achievements

[Candidate’s Name] has displayed outstanding engineering and management capabilities during our collaboration. In one notable project, [specific project/task], [he/she/they] [specific action taken], which led to [quantifiable result/outcome]. This accomplishment underscores [Candidate’s Name]’s proficiency in [specific skill, e.g., project management, technical innovation, systems engineering].

Another significant achievement was during [another specific project/task], where [Candidate’s Name] [specific action taken], resulting in [quantifiable result/outcome]. This demonstrated [his/her/their] ability to [related skills, e.g., lead cross-functional teams, optimize engineering processes, handle complex technical challenges].

Leadership and Team Collaboration

Beyond technical expertise, [Candidate’s Name] has shown exceptional leadership and teamwork. [He/She/They] effectively led a team of [number] engineers in [specific context], ensuring the successful completion of [specific project/task]. [His/Her/Their] ability to foster a collaborative and inclusive team environment was critical to our success.

Constructive Feedback and Growth

I have provided [Candidate’s Name] with feedback on [specific area for improvement]. [His/Her/Their] response was proactive and enthusiastic. [He/She/They] [specific actions taken to improve], which significantly enhanced [his/her/their] performance in [related context]. This commitment to continuous improvement is a testament to [his/her/their] professional growth.

Personal Qualities and Values

[Candidate’s Name] is known for [his/her/their] integrity, dedication, and willingness to help others. For instance, during [specific instance], [he/she/they] [specific actions taken to support others]. This not only improved team morale but also reinforced [his/her/their] role as a trusted and respected leader within our organization.


In summary, [Candidate’s Name] possesses a rare combination of technical acumen, leadership skills, and a commitment to continuous improvement. I am confident that [he/she/they] will thrive in the [Master’s in Engineering Management program] at [University Name] and make significant contributions to both the program and the broader engineering community.

Please feel free to contact me at [Recommender’s Email] or [Recommender’s Phone Number] if you need any further information.


[Recommender’s Name]
[Recommender’s Title]
[Company Name]

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