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10 Common Kira Video Interview Questions

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Kira Video Interview Questions

Kira Video Interview Questions have become integral to most universities’ admissions processes during the last few years. Hence, your performance in the interview determines the success of your application. You must perform competently to crack the interview and secure admission.

We know you have numerous questions popping up in your mind now.

What are the commonly used Kira video interview questions? How should you answer them?

Don’t worry. We will discuss the types of questions asked in Kira Video interview and how to answer them perfectly.

So, let’s dive right in.

Importance of Kira video interview in your MBA admission

Every university wants to admit the best candidates to their MBA programs. However, it is hard for them to know if the candidate possesses the right analytical, decision-making, and soft skills they expect. A Kira video interview helps them in this regard. The video interview is also the best chance an MBA aspirant gets to demonstrate how suitable they are for admission in the following ways:

Demonstrate your communication skills

Communication is one of your most essential skills as an MBA candidate. Understanding a question, forming answers based on knowledge, and articulating the same clearly is an important skill. The interview helps you display this skill effectively, and it can help you impress your audience to a great extent.

Display your competencies

During the interview, questions will be asked about the subject matter. This will test your knowledge about business and people management, how businesses work, and the role of technology in doing business. It is an excellent opportunity to display your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

Shows your ability to think innovatively

During your interview, you may be asked to answer a few questions that are not related to your admission or business management. In order to answer them clearly, you must think outside the box. It helps you display your innovative thinking and impress the admission committee.

Demonstrate your analytical skills

Some questions you may be asked during the interview will require you to demonstrate your analytical skills. You should analyze a few elements from the question and formulate your answer accordingly. This will help the admission committee understand you are a resourceful candidate who deserves admission.

While your application, CV, or personal statement may showcase all these skills, the video interview helps the university understand it well. Therefore, if you perform well, your chances of getting admission will also be high, even if your academic records are less than stellar.

Types of questions asked in Kira video interview and how to answer them?

 Kira Video Interview Questions

The questions asked during the Kira interview can be categorized into the following:

Personal questions

Like any other interview, personal questions are asked at the beginning of the Kia video interview. They help the interviewer familiarize the candidate and make the candidate feel relaxed.

How to answer personal questions in Kira Video Interview Questions

The personal questions can be answered as you would answer them in any other type of interview.

However, you need to take care of the following while answering them:

  • Always be honest about the answers.
  • Avoid being boastful about your achievements.
  • Acknowledge any help or support you received.

Motivation-based questions

These are questions that encourage you to explain why you made certain choices that you did. It could be about your choice to pursue an MBA, study in a particular university, or why you decided to study MBA after engineering. Your interviewer can understand the reasons behind your choices with the help of these questions. The answers you give will have a profound influence on the success of your application.

How to answer motivation-based questions in Kira Video Interview Questions

Relating your academic or professional experience to your MBA program is the best way to answer the question. You can narrate how you felt the need to upskill yourself during your job hunting or professional experience.

This helps the interviewer understand that you want to pursue the course because you have a pragmatic necessity—upskilling—to do it. You can use a few instances from your previous experiences to make the answer even better. The more detailed your answer is, the more insightful it becomes.

Behavioral questions

Another type of question asked in the Kira video interviews is behavioral questions. These questions try to understand how you would work in a team, a challenging situation, or a morally questionable scenario. These questions require careful analysis of the situation and your consideration before answering.

How to answer behavioral questions in Kira Video Interview Questions

When you are asked a behavioral question during your Kira interview, it could be related to your personality traits.

Relate your answer to an experience you had during your professional experience. This could be a challenging situation you faced, and you can explain how you overcame it.

You can approach the question by explaining the situation that you were in, the task that you had to accomplish, the challenges that you faced, and what action plan you adopted to overcome the same.

Commonly used questions in Kira video interview

Preparing for your Kia video interview is crucial to impress your interviewer and get admission to the MBA program. Learning the commonly asked Kia interview questions and practicing them is your best course of action.

You can use the following questions to prepare yourself for the interview:

  1. How well do you work under pressure? What is your strategy for working under pressure?
  2. Do you go the extra mile while working on a project? Why?
  3. Could you explain your short and long-term goals after the MBA?
  4. If admitted, how do you contribute to the academic community at our school?
  5. Why do you think you are a good fit for our university?
  6. Can you explain an experience where you faced discrimination and how you overcame it?
  7. When looking back at your life, do you have any regrets? What would you have changed if given a chance?
  8. Talk about a tough decision you had to take. Why was it difficult? How did you manage it?
  9. Can you talk about an instance where you had to do something morally questionable? How did you go about it?
  10. Explain an assignment that you have done under a tight deadline. How did you do it, and what sacrifices did you make to deliver?

These are some commonly asked Kia video interview questions.


Putting your best foot forward during the Kia video interview is crucial to securing admission to your chosen MBA program. Prepare for the interview as much as you can to crack it. While it is likely that you may not always get all the questions you practiced, some of the questions may be similar. This will help you become more confident in the interview as it progresses. For example, a self-introductory question is very likely in all interviews.

You can use all these questions to prepare for the imminent Kia video interview and ace it to secure admission. While preparing for these questions, avoid common interview mistakes and be a standout to impress the interviewer. If you are struggling with your MBA application and how to go about it, we can help you. Contact us and make your MBA dream a reality.

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