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UCD Smurfit Letter of Recommendation

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UCD Smurfit Letter of Recommendation Questions 2023-24

1) How long have you known the applicant?

2) In what specific capacity have you known the applicant?

3) What is your estimation of the applicant’s principal strengths as they bear on participation in an MBA Programme? Please evaluate the applicant’s ability to communicate in oral and written form.

4) Do you consider the applicant’s achievements to be a true indication of his/her ability?

5) What are the applicant’s outstanding strengths?

6) What are the applicant’s weaknesses? Would you have any reservations about the individual undertaking an MBA programme? Yes/No

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UCD Smurfit Letter of Recommendation Example - 1

I am Mohamed Shaffeeq, the Chief Executive Officer of Illumine Energy. We are a solar EPC service provider in the southern states of India. We have been into the solar power business for the past 10 years. This letter is regarding Binyamin Basheer ’s application for the UCD MBA program. I am happy that he is trying to climb new heights in professional life and I believe UCD will definitely transform him into a better entrepreneur. 

I came to know about Binyamin and his firm Foplus Integrated Solutions through one of my friends in 2017, when we were moving to our new office. I met him as one of the potential vendors for installing security cameras, networking, EPBX systems, biometric systems, and public address systems. What I vividly remember is his passion to educate us on how to choose the right products within our budget. His price was a little higher than the lowest proposal I received, but he gave me a detailed comparison and convinced me why his price is higher and bagged the work contract.

I think his biggest strength is to be able to connect with people, communicate with clarity, and pull off the deals. His negotiation skills and mental math skills are also very good. Since he is quite young, I initially had doubts in his capacity to complete such projects. But his team completed the project wonderfully. It is rare to see such enthusiasm and clear vision in people of his age. 

He is also a quick learner. I have seen him coming up quickly with new solutions for the complicated requirements in our projects. One month after our first project was complete, he called me to learn about solar systems, took my appointment and came to my office. He came with the clear notes of all possible questions a customer could ask about solar systems, the brands, types, quality aspects, pricing, production etc. and noted eagerly down all my replies. The meeting I planned for 30 minutes lasted even after office hours and ended in a dinner together. That was the moment I identified his eagerness to learn and analytical skill and that was the beginning of our partnership as business referrers. He referred me to five projects, of which I closed two.

Best part about his firm is the way they take care of after sales service. Binyamin has always made sure that the preventive maintenance service and breakdown supports are addressed as soon as possible. It was the beginning of a good business relationship, as we both work in closely related fields of the construction industry. Due to his persistent support attitude, I regularly recommend him for all his services.

During our collaborated project, he used to spend a lot of time along with my installation team to understand more about the design, quality, technical detailing, installation and quality check process. He was very keen and curious in understanding any new technology. Another thing I have noticed about him is his service and support attitude. As a client and referral partner, I admire his service-oriented approach to clients. He will always make sure that we are getting the best and quick support as soon as possible. 

Today Binyamin is someone who I can approach for an opinion before purchasing any new technology related product. He was the one who recommended Atlassian Jira for operational and project tracking purposes to me.

As a person dealing with quite a lot of different categories of people, I think his strengths are his clarity of his thoughts, project management and communication. 

Sometimes I feel like he is overpromising and taking on too many projects than he could possibly deliver in a set period of time. This always kept him busy and might have reduced his efficiency. Because he pushes some projects to their deadline, sometimes he had to make unnecessary efforts to complete projects on time. I used to tell this to him always and he has significantly improved over the time. I believe Smurfit will train him in risk calculations and plan projects more systematically.

As a well-wisher and highly satisfied client, I would like to see him as a successful entrepreneur and continue to be an empathetic human being. I expect him to become one of the best service providers in the world with high customer centricity.

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UCD Smurfit Letter of Recommendation Example - 2

I am the owner and founder of NYC Enterprises. We import and manufacture zippers for jeans and jackets. Aman Apparels has been our client since 2008 when we were dealing directly with Ashish’s father. Since 2016 when Ashish joined the firm, he has been our main point of contact.

Ashish’s firm procures zippers for jeans and other clothings that they manufacture for their clients, from us. I meet Ashish frequently to understand his requirements, decide on timelines and fix prices. He has been an ideal client, very polite and respectful in his manner, and prompt with his payments.

Ashish is extremely dedicated and diligent. Whenever I visit his office, he immediately makes time for me out of respect for my own time. This not only shows his professionalism but also highlights his business ethics. He is very meticulous in the way he places orders, makes payments and keeps an eye on quality. 

His principal strength according to me is his integrity. He never delays payment and his orders are always clear. Once he has committed to something, he goes against all odds to keep his word.  

I still remember an incident that happened several months back that showed this quality. He had placed a huge order for zippers from us and due to some unavoidable reasons at our end, delivery got delayed. As a result, his company was not able to finish the jeans and send them to the retailers on time. Ashish was extremely upset about this although he understood that the delay could not have been avoided at any cost. At the same time, he did not want to delay on his commitments. The day the shipment finally arrived it was well past midnight. But Ashish himself came to receive the goods. He had already told his employees that they would have to work an extra shift that night and on collecting the shipment ensured that his staff completed all their orders well in time to meet the deadlines he had committed to his retailers. I was extremely impressed by this attitude and this once incident was enough to convince me of Ashish’s potential to become a most successful business leader in the future.

Ashish is an Excellent communicator in both oral and written forms. 


One of the things I like about working with Ashish is his curiosity and innate desire to acquire knowledge that can help him grow the business. He always tries to gain more knowledge on the new fashions trends in the jeans industry. For example, in 2019 Ashish brought me a pair of diesel jeans that had a laser washing pattern with a unique zipper design which even I had not seen in my many years of experience. 

He went out of his way to learn why that particular design was incorporated and in turn, helped me brush up my knowledge and improve my business as well. We both then worked together to secure that zipper design and I was able to promote this new design further to a few more of my clients. This way Ashish’s knowledge helped me grow my business as well. That is why I like how he pursues all business opportunities and always focuses on acquiring knowledge about all the aspects of what he is working on. 

Overall I believe these qualities have distinguished Ashish as a business owner and shows his potential of achieving more in the future. He is determined to become a successful business man in the future and I am sure he will achieve his dream.

Ashish is very dynamic and passionate about business. He is good at dealing with people, whether they are his clients, vendors or employees. He is therefore able to generate loyalty from his team which is very important to be able to complete deliveries in time.

He also has very good interpersonal skills. He keeps his employees together and brings energy into the team with his good communication skills, his respectful attitude and genuine concern for their personal problems. In all these years that I have known him, I have not heard of a single employee leaving his firm out of disgruntlement or dissatisfaction.


One thing that I have advised Ashish to improve upon time and again over the last few years is the need to stay patient and calm when things do not go as planned. 

For instance, in 2018, Ashish was waiting for me to deliver an order for zippers so that he could complete his jeans manufacturing and deliver them to his clients. But due to the Chinese New Year holiday, one of my shipments got delayed and another one was stuck in the customs office. Ashish had to delay his delivery and his client was not happy about it. The client threatened to cancel the order and Ashish panicked. Instead of patiently explaining it to the client and working towards a solution he got very upset. This is when I stepped into the conversation. I calmed his client down and worked with Ashish to figure out a way to get my shipment unlocked from the customs office. 

 The next day we went over to customs and paid an extra duty to get the product clearance early as it was urgent. This half of the zipper shipment helped Ashish deliver half of the jeans order to his client and then in a few weeks he was able to deliver the other half. 

 As a business owner, Ashish needs to learn how to remain calm while working towards a solution. Calmness in these situations can sometimes be very valuable because even as a business owner, some situations are beyond anyone’s control. I keep telling Ashish that good business owners work with their clients with patience which helps build long term relationships. He is also very receptive to my advice and has definitely shown improvement in his attitude.

No, I don’t have any reservations about Ashish undertaking an MBA programme.

I believe I have said it all. I will simply end by saying that I believe Ashish will have this profound effect – both on people and organizations – wherever he goes. He will be an enormous asset to your program and to his future classmates, and by accepting Ashish you will be ensuring that your class has truly one of the best young managers – and best young people – that our country has to offer. He has carefully given thoughts and commitment on his as well as his firm’s future.


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