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UBC Sauders Letter of Recommendation

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UBC Sauders Letter of Recommendation Questions: 2023-2024

  1. How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity?
  2. List 3-5 attributes or characteristics that best describe the candidate
  3. Of the qualities listed above, in which areas has the applicant distinguished himself/herself most?
  4. What would you consider the applicant’s primary area for improvement or growth?
  5. How would you rate the applicant’s potential for becoming a successful business leader?
  6. Overall Recommendation.

UBC Sauders Letter of Recommendation Example – 1

1)How long have you known the applicant, and in what capacity?

I have known Santosh for about five years now since he joined Coal India Limited in 2012 as a Management Trainee. He has trained under me in both Technical and Managerial capacities.

2)What do you consider to be the applicant’s principal strengths and special talents?

I think Santosh’s most outstanding Strength is his passion and adherence in driving things that he takes of. He will go all out to make it happen and take complete ownership of the activity. One specific instance, I can remember was during the expansion of the 33 KV electric substation to adopt the new longwall underground mining technology from China. The new mining machines and technology from China were due to get commissioned in 3 months’ time, but we need the expansion of electric substation to be complete before that. Since only then all the new machines can be operated at maximum efficiency otherwise power shortage would lead to huge productivity losses per day.

It was a tough task and seemed impossible to be completed in 2 months due to inefficiencies which are synonymous with any public-sector undertaking. But Santosh and his team stepped up and completed the project before the commissioning of new machines. He singlehandedly took charge of the project, worked long hours and guided his team with efficient collaboration. He performed beyond my expectations and became one of my most trusted resources in the team.

3)What are the applicant’s weaknesses or areas in need of improvement?

While Santhosh is a great asset to the team, sometimes he tends to stretch his limits and take a lot more responsibilities than his experience allows him to. Just after the commissioning of longwall technology project, the production of the project tripled and the post-production activities needed a bit more attention. He asked me to delegate the additional responsibility of handling the product despatch (coal) to him which I advised would be too difficult for him to handle given his already stretched work scope. Enthusiastically, he persuaded me and I assigned the task to him. It proved to be a tough task for him to manage and he overstayed after work frequently. I immediately advised him to offload some projects. Although it was a challenging experience, I believe Santosh learned from his mistakes and learned how to manage expectations for himself and his team.

4)Comment on the applicant’s style and interpersonal skills considering general attitude and confidence, ability to work under stress, and sensitivity to others.

Santosh has a strong set of Interpersonal skills. When he joined our project, he was completely new to the state with no knowledge of local language(Bengali) or culture. I remember advising him to learn the language and the culture of the subordinates in order to have a smooth control. He took the feedback positively and started learning the language. Within 6-7 months he was able to converse with his subordinates and integrate into their culture. This shows his sensitivity and willingness to adapt to as per the needs of his team or his subordinates.

From my personal experience with Santosh, I think, he is always calm in pressure situations and has a good ability to deliver results in stressful situations. One instance I remember is when he was in charge of Underground lift, and the lift broke down in the middle of its journey with around 60 people stuck inside the lift in our underground mine. While the lives were at stake, He kept a cool head and monitored the rectification process. He guided his team efficiently and successfully rectified the fault and rescued the people. He showed a lot of patience and nerve during the time of stress which is necessary for any leader working in a dangerous work environment of an underground mine.

5)How has the applicant demonstrated managerial potential?

Santosh was appointed as a Management trainee and after the training, he has managed three independent technical teams comprising of 24 personnel when he was an assistant manager. He has always been a collaborator enabling more potential in the team members. 

He also led a quality circle team which is a problem-solving initiative in substation comprising of electricians and technicians. With this team, he was able to successfully implement a project which reduced the electricity bills of the mine by improving the power factor and efficiency. This project was appreciated by the senior Management and won him the special achievement prize for the year 2015 for his managerial potential. In recognition of this project, he was promoted to Deputy Manager.

6)How would you rate the applicant’s achievements when compared to those of his/her peers?

As long as I can remember, five years back Santosh joined the company as a trainee along with four other trainees. His drive and dedication towards work have fascinated me. That’s why I choose him to manage critical tasks on my team. Since then he has proved himself and never let me or his team down.

As a manager, he surpassed our expectations and I consider him the best manager I have ever trained. I believe his special achievement award speaks for his potential as an engineer and as a manager.

7)Additional comments?

Overall I believe, Santosh is a talented and hardworking person, highly capable of achieving his career goals. I feel his decision to pursue MBA at this point makes perfect sense as it will help him take his expertise to the next level. He has got all the qualities which I believe will hold him in good stead when he goes through his MBA program and his subsequent career.

UBC Sauders Letter of Recommendation Example – 2

1)How long have you known the applicant, and in what capacity?

I have known and directly supervised Santhosh’s work since last two years. He joined my team two years ago after being promoted to deputy manager. My team and I, handle the post-production delivery and supply activities of the coal mine.

2)What do you consider to be the applicant’s principal strengths and special talents?

I think one of his principal strengths are his organization planning skills and ability to seamlessly integrate with new teams. Prior to his promotion, he was involved mainly in technical aspects of any project. But the role of a deputy manager on post-production supply chain activities is all about negotiation skills and workforce management. 

He has great team management skills and bond with everyone on the team. To my surprise, he adapted to his new management role fairly quickly. Despite his limited experience, he has shown immense capabilities in leading a labor workforce of 30 and manages the entire post-production supply chain process.

3)What are the applicant’s weaknesses or areas in need of improvement?

While he has been a great engineer, the one skill inherently found lacking in all the good engineers is project management skill. There were times when he gets deeply caught up in minor management issues between individuals. As the deputy manager, he needs to be able to step back out at regular intervals and learn to manage process and task delegation in the team instead of getting entangled into small scuffles. I have given my feedback to him a couple of times and he has shown great learning and improvement.

4)Comment on the applicant’s style and interpersonal skills considering general attitude and confidence, ability to work under stress, and sensitivity to others.

Santhosh has always been soft spoken and friendly when it comes to addressing or interacting with team members. One thing I like about him is he cares about his people. He takes interest in the lives of his subordinates and acts as a head of the family which makes things easy while delegating tasks because team members feel motivated to have a healthy environment around. 

His recent initiative to help a contract labor’ child by fundraising also shows his character. His willingness to take up the initiative to a higher level and start a movement for a positive change in the lives of daily wage laborers is fascinating and speaks to his sensitivity towards others.

The operations part of our job that is supplying coal to nearby power plants is a 24-hour job and very challenging. There is always some sort of breakdown in the process and one needs to continuously monitor and stay on top such situations. Santhosh has never disappointed me in handling these stressful situations. Hence I believe he can handle stressful situations very well on his own.

5)How has the applicant demonstrated managerial potential?

In my experience, Santhosh was the youngest employee to be promoted to deputy manager in our mine. After joining my team, he played key roles in the implementation of GPS monitoring system in the Coal trucks and link up of all the weighbridges from mine to sidings of power plants to ensure theft free coal transportation. He led the team of 30 odd personnel monitoring every single aspect of post-production activities and is responsible for the transportation of 10000 tonnes every day which requires a great potential.  

His capabilities in handling such large operation with only 5 years of experience is a testament to his managerial potentials. 

6)How would you rate the applicant’s achievements when compared to those of his/her peers?

I would rate Santhosh as an outstanding employee in my team when it comes to peer to peer comparison.  His way of handling the stress situations, willingness to adapt and attitude towards subordinates shows how good a manager he is. After the fundraising campaign, he spearheaded for helping out the child of Contractual labor, He became the most recognized employee among the peers at Coal India Limited. 

With his leadership skills and his capacity of adapting himself to the new and challenging environment, Santhosh will be a good addition to the class of UBC Sauder. I strongly feel that you will find him to be a student whose talents will only shine further through your graduate program.

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