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Trinity Dublin Letter of Recommendation

Trinity Dublin Letter of Recommendation Questions 2023-24

  1. 2 letters of recommendation (Two academic references)
  2. A 500-word statement of purpose

Trinity Dublin Letter of Recommendation Example – 1

1. How long and in what capacity have you known the candidate?

I have known the applicant for almost a year as she worked with us at Dinkar Marla and
Company in the capacity of a financial market researcher. During the complete duration, I
closely supervised her projects and tasks. She reported directly to me and showed great
enthusiasm and grit.

2. Having read the note above, give a candid assessment of the applicant’s strengths and
weaknesses as a potential MBA student. As a guideline, you might consider such
attributes as intellectual ability, maturity, initiative, interpersonal skills, team working
skills, leadership qualities, perseverance and adaptability.

I can personally vouch for Aliza’s analytical ability, which was showcased through her
in-depth research in the brokerage reports. She was always willing to learn and unlearn in
order to get the desired outcome expected from her. She would take part in meaningful
discussions and soak in the different perspectives offered by other team members. However,
sometimes she is too critical of herself. But that does not stop her from achieving the team’s
targets. Aliza was open to feedback and worked actively as per the recommendations.

3. Having regard to your comments above, how would you rate the applicant relative to
others you have known in a similar capacity? (eg: exceptional, good, above average,
average, below average, unable to judge.)

I would rate Aliza as a good applicant in relation to others. She has shown much personal
growth while she has been here. She contributed enormously to the KPIs set by the teams.

4. Any additional comments?

Aliza has a strong work ethic along with solid communication skills. She is well equipped and
capable of balancing the workload and the pressure she would face in college. Aliza is a
conscientious and gregarious individual who wishes the best for her team and often goes
above and beyond to help others in need. I am impressed by her competence and character.

5. It might be more appropriate for some MBA applicants to consider the programme at a
different stage of their career. In your opinion is this applicant suitably prepared at this
stage for the intensive time and financial commitment required. Why? (Applicants who
are suitable in all other respects will be considered for a future programme.)

Aliza has shown immense promise during her work experience. She has a diverse experience
in various fields and has learnt to manoeuvre the stress and expectations required of her.
She is fully ready to undertake this new challenge in life. The knowledge and the skills she will learn at the programme will prepare her well for future opportunities. She has
repeatedly proven that she is worthy by putting in long hours of work, enhancing
self-learning and training to deal with the commitment required of an MBA student. Her
thirst for knowledge and independence is what makes her an ideal candidate.

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