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Trinity Dublin MBA Sample Essays

Trinity Dublin MBA Application Essays 2023-24

Trinity Dublin Essay 1: Describe a project or a piece of work in which you have been involved since University, which you found difficult or which did not go well. What was your contribution? What did you learn from this experience and what would you have done differently in retrospect ? (378/400 words)

Trinity Dublin Essay 2: Describe a moral dilemma you have encountered, how you responded to it, and what you learnt from it. (358 words) 

Trinity Dublin Essay 3: What are your post MBA career plans? Please outline any sectors, industries or employers you may be interested in. Please also indicate if you are contemplating a career change and what that might look like for you.

Trinity Dublin Essay 4: How would you like to be remembered?

Trinity Dublin MBA Application Essays 2021-22

During my college festival season, I always took the initiative to go beyond my scope of responsibilities. I successfully ideated a new Dance society with my batchmates from diverse backgrounds. After hours of strategizing and seeking approvals from college authorities, we finally registered the first-ever dance society of our college. We were highly motivated to launch and invite participants from all colleges across the country. To set the plan in motion, we planned the outreach strategy to collaborate for the same. As part of the execution team and liaising with the strategy head, I extensively used secondary data and resources to compile a database of colleges. I ultimately became one of the primary contact points for the planned event. As the day came nearer to the flagship event, our workload also increased simultaneously. On the day of the event, we realised that we had become over-ambitious about the little things, which ultimately led to problems in relation to the footfall of the actual participants and hence overshooting the budget. One of the main reasons we faced issues on the day of the event was that our team needed help to collate and merge all the different perspectives offered during our initial discussions.
However, in hindsight, I could have researched in-depth to understand the focus points via robust financial estimates, adding flexibility in project scope and better planning based on sufficient external data to align objectives with execution optimally.
The incident taught me numerous lessons to consider while making any crucial strategic decision. In retrospect, I learned the importance of flexibility to adapt to last-minute changes. Thus, I appreciate the collaborative strengths of team members and the importance of seeking diverse opinions. There should be better project management and risk mitigation strategies established prior to the execution of strategic decisions. The initiative has indeed transformed me into a more thoughtful person. I focus on improving my interpersonal skills and strengthening my data analysis to overcome unexpected challenges. This experience taught me that one must understand, introspect and grow from mistakes. We must change our actions and adopt state-of-the-art tools to expect the desired results. Hence, I
have enrolled in multiple courses to strengthen the same and participated actively in a myriad of events to further my network and perspectives.

One of the important qualities in a leader is their risk-taking and critical decision-making ability. When the CFO of a leading distributor of premium enterprise reached out to Protiviti, where I worked as an Analyst, for a fraud audit assessment, the primary challenge was generating actionable information and drawing insights. Given the minuscule financial liability involved, the senior manager looking over the project told us not to dig any further because of the negligible difference projected through the reports after the first round of audit.
However, the overly complex accounting treatments pointed me towards a different
direction. Not convinced by the initial assessment findings, I was initially in a moral
dilemma about whether or not to question the senior manager. However, despite the
reluctance, our team expressed our disagreement to our reporting manager and asked her for a chance to prove our point. Based on consideration of the facts in question and reasonable sound judgement, we started checking for multiple critical issues that could affect the decision for the selection of vendors in order to rule out any fraudulent activity. We knew that in order to prove deliberate deception involving monetary gains, we would have to come up with solid evidence. After manually going through multiple vendor selections and cost reports, we realized a subtle pattern that seemed negligible initially. The multiple instances of inconsistent rates charged, the inappropriate basis of charging penalty, selection of wrong vehicle category, multiple rate revisions and unauthorized approvals on emails and such collation pointed towards inconsistency. We decided to quantify our findings and ultimately found a fraud of a tremendous amount. We were lauded by the CFO and the senior management looking over the project for arriving at a finding that was unanticipated and involved analytical evaluation. Through this experience, I realized that conscientious decision-making is challenging and not always straightforward. It needs a more granular analysis with the help of a plethora of stakeholders. The real meaning of leadership is to have a strong sense of accountability and engender confidence. Participating in this initiative to speak up enhanced my outlook and reaffirmed my confidence to grow into an ethical business leader.

My post MBA career goal is to work as a Sustainability and Impact Consultant to continue delivering value to societies by joining the Sustainability verticals of leading consulting firms, such as Google, Deloitte or McKinsey & Company, which are active on the campus of Trinity and have many alumni working there.
At TBS, I can bridge the current gap in my skill set by taking the Strategy & Leadership major along with the Public Policy courses. TBS’s case-based pedagogy and rich classroom discussions with the talented peer group will widen my horizons to gain big-picture thinking and the right approach towards problem-solving. Moreover, by joining professional clubs such as Trinity Entrepreneurial Society, I will be exposed to the knowledge and skills provided by industry experts and prepared for the next transition in my career. In future, I aspire to be in a leadership role (senior partner/managing director) at a reputed consulting firm or a leading industry player where I will be leading the Sustainability Sector. I want to help organisations amplify their positive social impact by delivering Greentech solutions, lean processes with reduced wastage, more impactful social initiatives strategy, smarter cities
etc. As I move ahead, I want to contribute to the social sector more significantly, supported by TBS’s large and close-knit community. This stems from my desire to play a proactive role in capacity building and skilling the newer generation.

One of the most challenging questions is how one wants to be perceived by the world. We don’t have control over most things that happen to us. However, the only thing in our control is our actions. I want to be remembered as someone who is indomitable and known for her actions towards her family, community and society. I do not wish to seek perfection, since we are meant to constantly stumble, struggle, and learn in this life journey, but I seek the courage to create a powerful life around my passion for empowering the lives around me. And I powerfully resonate with what Abraham Lincoln said, “Whatever you are, be a good one”. Some moments in life make you stronger and inspire you to follow your dreams. For me, being a girl in an
orthodox Indian Muslim household, others always drafted my life’s plan to get a decent education and a good enough job and then to get married at the “right age”. However, I witnessed the expectations from women differ from those that govern men, with a dividing wall too high to scale. As a result, I am motivated not to restrain my dreams and to become the first woman entrepreneur in my family. As my
first step in that direction, I started my own NGO ‘Project Panah’ during covid, wherein we adopted 85 families of widowed women and have continued to work for the welfare of other vulnerable communities. My father, who has been a senior government official for more than 25 years, has greatly influenced my outlook on becoming independent. As an impressionable adolescent, watching my father rise from a modest family and become a successful individual significantly impacted me. I witnessed his mentees visit our house to pay respect many years after attaining success and often talked about his meaningful impact on them. This inculcated strong values of helping and building capacity for others. Therefore, I strive to create something significant and impactful in my life and will embrace challenges, break barriers and push forward in order to do so. The action of how an idea can be transformed into a real business motivates me to achieve greater heights for all stakeholders. I aim to create wealth and opportunities for my community, especially those who are underrepresented. This also emanates from my desire to break myths about Muslim women and strengthen them to undertake bold decisions.

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