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Trinity Dublin MBA Interview

Trinity Dublin MBA Interview

Good interview preparation can improve your performance on the day and help to reduce interview nerves. When the day of the interview comes you should feel that you have a good understanding of the role and the company from your research, and have prepared evidence to demonstrate how you meet the role requirements. Anticipating and preparing for the types of questions they are likely to ask will help you to make a strong impression.

In advance of your interview it’s advisable to review the job description, highlight the key requirements, and come up with a list of questions that you think they could ask, alongside a list of your evidence to support the reasons why you are a suitable candidate. You can then practice answering these before the interview itself.

Who will interview you, and how long will the interview last?

Like most B-schools, the Trinity interview is taken by a Panel. The Panel usually consists of 2-3 professors. The interview typically lasts for 25-30 minutes or may extend to 35-40 minutes in some instances.

Will the interviewer have read my application?

It is always safer to assume that the Panel members have access to your complete application. In most instances, they would have read it completely. Unless the school specifically says that it will be an blind interview. Mostly North American Business schools in US and Canada have an  Blind interviews, European and SE Asian schools conduct interviews via Alums or panels which have full access to your entire application. 

How can you prepare for your interview?

Like most MBA Interviews, your interview will mainly revolve around a pretty similar set of MBA interview questions. You can never predict what questions will be asked, but with enough research, you can predict what are the most commonly asked questions in these interviews. We have created a short FAQ list below to get you a jump start, and we also have a free guide linked below to help you prepare for these commonly asked interview questions.

Trinity Dublin MBA Frequently Asked Interview Questions

  1. Tell me something about yourself?
  2. Walk me through your resume?
  3. Why MBA? Why Trinity Dublin?
  4. Why MBA now or Why MBA at this stage of your career?
  5. What is your short & long term goals?
  6. What is your Plan B if consulting/Investment banking does not happen?
  7. What are your key strengths? Can you give some examples please?
  8. What is your biggest weakness ? Can you give some examples please?
  9. How can you add value to the Class?
  10. Why should we take you?
  11. One reason that we should not select you?
  12. Interests and Hobbies – Be prepared!.. questions as basic as “Why do you do poetry (or any other activity” may be asked.
  13. Some Situational & Behavioral Question
    • What would you describe are your greatest achievement to date?
    • Give me an example of a time you faced a conflict while working on a team. How did you handle that?
    • Give me an example of a time when you did not meet a client’s expectation. What happened, and how did you attempt to rectify the situation?
  14. Case questions are fairly common in MBA interview especially for consulting aspirants. Below are a few sample for to practice for:
    • How many Golf balls can fit in a Boeing 747?
    • What’s the global market size for smartphones?
  15. Do you have any Question for us?

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Trinity Dublin MBA Interview Questions – 1

I was shortlisted for an interview and completed the interview couple hours ago.

As I come with over 20 years experience, 8 years in leadership capacity my interview questions were as follows:

1) Tell me how you get to this role, what is your strategic decision making capacity.
2) Why now, why MBA, why Trinity?
3) What kind of leader are you and what do you want to be? What do you want to improve on?
4) What kind of team player are you?
5) In a live project with a SME company, how would you and peers go about entering a new market I.e. UK?
6) Which companies do you see yourself working with in Dublin and what kind of roles?

Good luck guys!

My advise is prepare, prepare, prepare.

Trinity Dublin MBA Interview Questions – 2

“Hello Everyone! I would like to share a bit about my interview with Trinity College, which took place in December 2018.

As I live in Brazil, my interview was made through a phone call to my cell phone with a MBA Associate Director. I asked to change for a Skype call, but I believe this is their standard procedure. The advantage was having my notes in front of me without anyone seeing 😉 My phone rang just on the time scheduled.

The director introduce herself and asked me if I was available to take the call and then we start.

First question: Can you talk about your graduation background and work experience?

– I tried to pass trough all my education and career experiences, trying to highlights some accomplishment that it would help to show my qualities and why they should accept me. (The notes really helped me here! because I had everything prepared in a time -line focusing on the most important events and work projects).

Second question: Why MBA? Why now? and Why Trinity?

 – Here I explained my personal and professional reasons for taking a MBA and why now. I introduced also my expectations such as what I want to bring for a businesses merged with the MBA.

– I had the advantage that had visit Trinity MBA in June of last year and I could know more about the program and I used this information to justify why Triniy (1st Ranking in Ireland; Reputation; 3 real projects during the MBA; plus 2 yrs work visa from Irish government).

Third question (surprising for me): How do you intend to financial your MBA?

– This question was my Achilles heel! My GMAT score was 570, so I am not yet eligible for a scholarship and this is a limitation for me. I have savings but I explained I plan to take the GMAT test again in the beginning of 2019 to try the scholarship.

Last question: She asked if I would like to know anything from them.

– I had some question about the program, specially about the international residence week.

The interview was short but, as I was admitted, it was enough for showing why they should accept me.

Preparation is important to focus in the answer that it would help them to see why you should be part of Trinity MBA.

My saga continues! I still need to score 700 in GMAT to be eligible for a scholarship and join 2019 Trinity MBA class!! I

I hope this can help the future interviews. Good luck for all! and for me ;)”

Trinity Dublin MBA Interview Questions – 3

  1. Discuss your career progression.
  2. Give examples of how you have demonstrated leadership inside and outside the work environment.
  3. What do you want to do (in regard to business function, industry, location)?
  4. Why the MBA? Why now? > Describe an ethical dilemma faced at work?
  5. What would you do if a team member wasn’t pulling his own weight?
  6. Is there anything you would like to ask me/us?

Trinity Dublin MBA Interview Questions – 4

  1. What contributions would you make to a group?
  2. Name three words or phrases to describe yourself to others.
  3. What is most frustrating at work?
  4. How would co-workers describe you?
  5. Describe a typical work day.
  6. Have you worked in a team environment?
  7. What were your contributions to the effort?
  8. Discuss any experience you have had abroad.

Clients Testimonials

Trinity Dublin MBA Interview Questions – 5

I was interviewed at the College. My Interview was conducted on: Jul 5, 17

The Ultimate Decision: Admitted

“It was a stroke of luck that I was able to get into the program. I would like to talk about my previous experience with interviews. In Madrid, the wait was half an hour.

Please provide me with some general information regarding your academic and professional history.

Why get an MBA, and why now in particular? Why Trinity?

– What are your short-term and long-term objectives once the program is complete?

What occupations would you invite to live on an uninhabited island with you if you had the choice of choosing ten people to join you?

– can you explain inflation to me?

– What is the current (GDP) of your country?

– what is 12 times 12 plus 10?

Who currently serves as the President of China?

– What languages do you speak?

– what does 279 sixth equal?

If you had the opportunity to meet a renowned person, whether they are still alive or not, who would it be and why? if so, why?

How will you be able to afford to continue your education?

I didn’t try to be anything other than myself, and I was honest. It ended up being a successful interview, and I got the offer on Monday.”


Trinity Dublin MBA Interview Questions – 6

I was interviewed online on Skype. My Interview was conducted on: Apr 27, 18
The Ultimate Decision: Admitted
“I conducted my interview with a former student of Trinity over Skype. The interview lasted for roughly half an hour and consisted mostly of casual chat.
The bulk of our time was spent reviewing my resume. Here are some of the questions that were asked:
1) Please go over your resume with me.
2) Why an MBA? Why Trinity?
3) You’ve already been given a number of promotions to higher positions. If you were to get promoted once again this year, would you consider joining Trinity?
4) Have you ever worked or traveled in a foreign country? Given the wide range of backgrounds represented in the student body, how do you anticipate navigating the classroom?
5) What are your plans for the near term and the long term?
6) Additional information regarding my essays (which mainly concentrated on AI, machine learning, and other related topics): How dependent do you believe we are on artificial intelligence and robots at this point? Do you believe that this will end up changing? What kind of effects may we expect?
7) Do you have any questions for me? (I questioned a few individuals about the laboratories and the professional opportunities available to foreign nationals in Texas.)
In the end, our conversation revolved around his time spent at Trinity and how it had influenced him. In general, it was quite pleasant, and there wasn’t much of a psychological examination involved. It was explained to me that there was a possibility of a second interview round with the admissions officers from Texas.
But I was accepted into the program about a week after the interview.


Trinity Dublin MBA Interview Questions – 7

I was interviewed online on Skype conducted on : Nov 28, 18

The Ultimate Decision: Admitted

“Since I had already talked to the interviewer before when I was still selecting which colleges to go to, she had a lot of information about me before this official interview. Because of this, not a whole lot of questions were asked because she already knew a lot about me.

I do not remember the question in any particular order

1. Why an MBA right now?

2. Why an MBA in International Business in Particular

3. The Value of Trinity 

4. If you were accepted to all of the institutions to which you applied, what factors would be most important to you in making your decision regarding which school to attend?

5. How did you decide to focus on schools and universities in Texas (I exclusively applied to schools and universities in Texas, namely in two countries), and why San Antonio?

6. When you were part of a group that had to overcome a difficulty, what approach did you take to do so?

7. How would you describe yourself, and what are some activities that you participate in outside of work?

8. What course of action would you take if you noticed that a member of a team wasn’t pulling their weight?

9. Who do you look up to, and why do you admire them?

We spent a lot of time discussing the Trinity program as well as the various topics that piqued my interest. Also discussed certain topics related to women in business, etc. It felt more like a chat than an interview to me at that point in time. Very friendly.

That’s all I can think of right now.

The interview lasted approximately half an hour.

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