Texas McCombs MSBA

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Texas McCombs MSBA

Texas McCombs’ MSBA is a 10-month, full-time program. It is STEM-eligible and ranked highly worldwide. The highlight of this course is that you can customize your curriculum with pathway options, including tracks in financial analytics and supply chain and marketing analytics according to McCombs. Students in Texas McCombs MSBA program interact readily with industry sponsors throughout the year in a series of speaker events, company treks, networking receptions, and many other opportunities for engagement.

To get students ready for the challenges of a career in business analytics, the MSBA focuses on a variety of different disciplines including: Applied Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Optimization, Consumer Behavior, Risk Management, Operations Research and Decision Theory. This is a growing field and requires attention of the students. To know more about Texas McCombs MSBA course, scroll down.

Texas McCombs MSBA


Texas McCombs MSBA Class Profile & Employment Report

Class Profile Summary
Class Size 134
Average GMAT Score 694
Average Age (yrs.) 25
Employment Summary
Average Starting Salary $77,306.00
Average Bonus
% placed within 3 months 90%
Tuition Fees Summary
Total Tuition $53,000.00

Texas McCombs MSBA Class Profile 2022 (Click Here)

Texas McCombs MSBA Employment report 2020 (Download Here)

Texas McCombs MSBA Application Essay Questions

Q1.Why is the Texas MSBA the next logical step for you? How do you hope to develop, both personally and professionally, during this one-year program? (250 words max)

Q2.  Imagine that you are in a job interview. The interviewer asks you to describe a time that you have had to solve a problem, and what the results were. How would you answer? (If applicable, please describe the quantitative methods you employed.) (250 words)

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