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Important Key Steps For A Strong MBA Application

MBA Application

Making a good application is essential when starting the process to pursue an MBA. Because MBA programs are so competitive, a strategic approach is necessary. The key actions that prospective candidates can take to improve the success of their MBA application will be covered in this post. It’s important to realize that it’s difficult to […]

How To Evaluate Your Profile for an MBA Application

How To Evaluate Profile for MBA

Embarking on an MBA program is a game-changing move that could propel your career to the next level, and it all starts with crafting a compelling profile that captures the attention of the best business schools. However, let’s face it: getting into a top-tier institution is no easy feat, and you need to bring your […]

What to do if you were rejected in Round 1 applications?

As round 1 application decisions begin to roll in, many candidates are not receiving the news they had hoped for. While this is no doubt disappointing, do not give up hope. Few things to consider next for round 2 applications: Apply to additional schools during round 2 applications. If now is really the ideal time […]

Choosing Round 2 or Wait for Round 1?

Missed Obamacare Deadline December 15 - Choosing Round 2 or Wait for Round 1? - Ameerkhatri.com - Applications Blog -  - Round 2 or Round 1

That’s the question facing many MBA applicants at this time of year. The Round 2 deadlines are just around the corner in January (only 5 weeks away!). Although waiting until Round 1 next year means delaying matriculation until fall 2018. So which timing is right for you? What should you expect in Round 1 VS […]

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