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What to do if you were rejected in Round 1 applications?

As round 1 application decisions begin to roll in, many candidates are not receiving the news they had hoped for. While this is no doubt disappointing, do not give up hope. Few things to consider next for round 2 applications: Apply to additional schools during round 2 applications. If now is really the ideal time […]

What to Expect in ROUND 1 vs ROUND 2

Mba Application Round1 Round2 Round3 Prepadviser Pic 636x410 - What to Expect in ROUND 1 vs ROUND 2 - Ameerkhatri.com - MBA Blog - MBA Rounds - Round 1 or Round 2

Are you too late to apply to Round 1, or are you unsure whether Round 1 or Round 2 timing is best for you? How will your application be perceived differently in Round 1 vice Round 2? Key Difference There are several key differences between applying in Round 1 and Round 2. Let’s discuss the […]

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