IESEG School of Management MiM Interview Questions

IESEG School of Management MiM Interview Questions

IESEG MiM Interview Experience 1 I had my interview with an IESEG alumni over Skype. The interview was incredibly engaging and lasted for approximately 35 minutes. We delved primarily into my background and qualifications. Here are some of the questions posed during the interview: Can you walk me through your professional journey as outlined in […]

INSEAD MIM Interviews

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INSEAD MIM  INTERVIEW  To ace your INSEAD MIM Interview, you’ll need to understand the format and goals of the interview process, and give yourself as much time as possible to prepare. In most cases, MIM applicants are required to participate in two separate interviews, both with  INSEAD MIM alumni. Alumni are hugely important . In fact, one of the admissions […]

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