Skype Interview tips with Do's and Dont's

Here are few simple Skype interview tips that will help you create that excellent first impression

Professional attire

- Present yourself in a professional attire. Put on a business suit or formals. Message is “dress for success”.
- If you are wearing just a jacket and no pants, it’s no good. Your mind needs to think that you are preparing for something important.
- Shirt should preferably be plane or check. Shirts with lining appear very bad on video creating unnecessary distraction. Check your shirt on webcam before the interview.

Basic technical setting

- Lighting should be neither too dark nor too bright. Test your mic and webcam.
- Call your brother or sister or friends and have casual conversation. At the end of the conversation, ask if they were able to hear properly without delays or frozen screen.
- If you are not able to fix any of the problems, let you interviewer know before the start of the interview.


- Pass proper pleasantries to your interviewers. Remember their names.
- Once you get a turn to speak, first let them know about any ensuing system problem/voice drop.
- Maintain proper eye contact. Look up into the webcam not onto the screen.

Set the appointment with perfect details

- Before the interview, make sure you know who is going to initiate a call. If not, call the admission office and ask clearly.
- Make yourself available 20 mins before the call. Some colleges do Skype testing, which could disrupt your mental state.

Keep phone call as a backup

- Sometimes internet connection could cause Skype to disconnect. So it’s always better to keep phone call as a backup.
- Even inform your interviewer that you could call them if possible. Some interviewers will allow it.
- If you are using Skype for voice call, make sure you speak slowly as it is known to have problem.

Body language

- During your interview, sit straight. Your body language is still very visible to everyone else. Show your hand movements only if required.
- While replying, still maintain eye contact. Don’t stare up or down. You can probably do in face interview, but in Skype interview, it connotes wrong intention. The interviewer may think you are looking at some prepared answers.

Professional environment

- Turn your table facing a clear wall.
- Close your door so no one can interrupt you. Keep a notepad, pencil and a glass of water handy on ur table to take notes.


- In the end, finish the interview with the closing arguments.
- Thank them for their time and apologize for any inconvenience.
- Take your time to shut off the webcam and mic before you talk to your family. If mic is on, they can still hear you.

Most Important - Keep Smiling

Open other apps on desktop

- Don’t forget to logout your Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp and other application because even if the browser is closed desktop notifications can still pop up with annoying sounds and create disturbance.
- Make sure no other program is running in your laptop or computer to prevent unintended sounds or videos from playing. Close browser/explorer/etc.

Make unusual facial expressions

- Do not make any unusual facial expression. If you say something wrong apologize and maintain your game face. Be confident.
- Apologize if something went wrong. If you are not able to listen to your interviewer, apologize and ask them to repeat. They will understand, but do not assume anything and start answering.

Look at yourself in the subset window

- While interviewing do not look in the subset window of yourself close the feature if you can’t avoid it.
- Do not forget to smile. Don’t come too close to webcam.
- Maintain proper distance.

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