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SDA Bocconi MIM Introduction

The Bocconi MIM program gives a broader understanding of Global Business. SDA Bocconi MIM Class Profile brings together diverse students with different goals in its portfolio. It aims to train prospective Managers & Entrepreneurs to make a major contribution to the performance of organizations around the world. Bocconi MSc International Management program focuses on how acquired theoretical knowledge can be applied in practical international business situations. Bocconi is not only focused on academics but also on Culture, Sports, Art, and sharing ideas. Scroll down for further information on SDA Bocconi MIM Average GMAT, SDA Bocconi Mim Class Profile, SDA Bocconi Mim Application process, employment report, SDA Bocconi Mim fees, and more. Bocconi Master in Management program is an 18 months program and its divided into two years

The first year is focused on fundamental concepts of International Management where students will acquire knowledge of discipline-based concepts, the ability to acquire and analyze data, and information, and evaluate their relevance and validity. Second-year Bocconi offers study abroad options for both long-term and short-term periods. For the long term, there is a double degree program, a joint program that allows students to study at the top two business & economic schools and receive two diplomas one from each university, and for a short duration, there are exchange programs.

Financial times
Class Profile Summary
Class Size 85
Average GMAT Score
Average Work Experience (yrs.)
Average Age (yrs.) 24
Employment Summary
Average Starting Salary $ 77,452
Average Bonus
% placed within 3 months 98.3%
Tuition Fees Summary
Total Tuition € 28,146
Living Cost
Total Cost € 28,146

SDA Bocconi MIMClass Profile 2022 (Click Here)

SDA Bocconi MIM Employment report 2020 (Download Here)

SDA Bocconi MIM Application Deadlines

Deadlines Applications
Round 1  15 Sep 2021
Round 2 1 Dec 2021
Round 3  28 Jan 2022

SDA Bocconi MIM Application Essay Tips

Why do you think Bocconi MSc International Management programs are a good fit for you? (3000 characters)

Through this MIM Essay, Adcom is simply trying to find the best candidate among thousands of applicants. The motive of this question is to know whether your life goals are in sync with the program. It aims at not only revealing the relevant knowledge you have gained but also getting an impressive answer as to why you have chosen this school. Mention your career goals portraying a focused outlook and how ESADE’s MSc International Management program will help you achieve them.

To answer this question, we recommend you fill in with your strengths. Build a story from childhood to college life to professional life. Connect all the dots wisely as to how your life up till today has impacted your decision of pursuing the ESADE MSc Internationational management program. Showcase some personal examples that made you realize your inclination towards management or people who built your interest in this field. Also, mention your work experiences in terms of internships or full-time jobs in the field of management. Make a link with your career goals and how the curriculum of the program will contribute to your life goals.

Describe your mid-term and long-term visions for your post-MSc International Management program career path. What is it about ESADE that you think will help you reach your goals? (3000 characters)

Through this Essay, the Adcom wants to determine if you would be a perfect fit for the program or not. The first part of the question aims to know not only about your immediate plans post-MSc Management but also about your long-term career goals. It also demands a well-informed answer as to what steps have you taken in your life to reach closer to your dreams. Moving to the second part of the question, the Adcom wants to make a clear picture of you as to if you know what and why you are doing.

When answering this question, ensure that your answer must be in sync with the values of the school. Showcase your drive and determination to achieve your goals in life. Mention how your past experiences will contribute to the school and the SDA community in general. Also, mention how SDA will contribute to your long-term career goals. Talk about the curriculum, what you liked about it, and what courses are you planning to opt for that will further help you in your life.

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