Options define the Schulich MBA experience. Students can switch between the part-time and full-time programs and customize their experience with 20 areas of specialization, three campuses (two in Toronto and one in India), and multiple start dates and scheduling. This flexibility allows students to complete their MBA in either 16 or 20 months. Students with a business background may also qualify for the eight-month Accelerated MBA track.

For MBA candidates with a global bent, Schulich offers a 20-month International MBA where students master a second language and specialize in a global trading region. IMBA students also complete an internationally focused work term and consulting project.

Underlying all of the programs is an emphasis on managerial effectiveness. The teaching format varies as the organization, pedagogy, and style of classes is determined by the most effective way to learn the course material. Instructors make use of case studies, in-class presentations, role-playing exercises, and visiting speakers and business leaders.

Students are encouraged to select electives that best suit their backgrounds and careers interests. Students may elect to cluster their electives around one or two areas of specialization (there are 20 options) to build functional or industry-specific expertise.


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Round 1: 01 December 2017

Round 2: 01 February 2018


Essay – 1

How will the Schulich MBA degree help you achieve your short and long-term career goals? (please limit your answer to 350 words)

A simple goal essay with enough space to talk about your past experiences, rationale for your goals and why you need an MBA from Schulich.

If you think about MBA as a bridge to connect your past and future, you will find it much easier to structure this essay. One approach could be first talking about your past and showing what you have learnt and accomplished till now and then describe where you want to go- thereby making the reader see and feel your need for an MBA. Another approach could be to show your grand vision of your future and then show where you are in the present moment, making a case for MBA to take you to your future. Whatever approach you take, make sure your goals are logical, credible and realistic.

Give enough thought and space to ‘why Schulich MBA’ part of the question. Ideally you would have done extensive online and offline research on how the school will help you achieve your goals before writing the essay. If not, do so now and the reasons for Schulich MBA will flow right  into your essay!


Is there any other information or area of concern in your academic or personal history that you believe would be helpful to the Admissions Committee when considering your application? (please limit your answer to 350 words)

Do you need to even write this essay? That is the first question you should ask yourself.

Attempt this essay only if you feel that it will improve the factual and material strength of your application. Do not submit a optional essay as an addendum to any of your essays. Do not submit your optional essay because you feel that the quality of your earlier essays is improvable – in that case simply redouble your efforts in those essays and leave the optional essay alone.

You could use this space to explain shortfalls in your application which you feel are truly detrimental to your candidature. Areas of underperformance (academic or professional or GMAT) or events which stick out such as gaps in your resumes or a previous MBA or academic disciplinary actions are possible reasons why you attempt this optional essay. Comment on your shortcomings with intelligence, perspective and credibility: giving vague excuses or blaming xyz for failures will be totally counter-productive. Explain the issue clearly and maintain greater focus on the correction for the issue. For example, if you had a disciplinary issue in college, spend most of the space demonstrating what you learned from the experience and how you have been a better person/ student/ citizen ever since.

Or, you could use this this essay to highlight exceptional aspects of your candidature that could not be accommodated in the previous essays. Since this essay does not have to be limited to a single theme or event, disparate yet impressive info points can be quoted.

Go for it!

Video Essay and Timed Writing Sample

Through the application you will record two video essays and complete a five-minute timed writing sample. You will do these in one sitting, and you get one chance to record your answer to each question.


• You will find a unique link to start your video essays at the bottom of the Essays section of the application. Once you have logged in and tested your technical set-up, a question will be posed via pre-recorded video by a member of the Schulich community. You will have 45 seconds to plan your response, and then up to 90 seconds to record it.

• There will be two questions where your answers will be recorded. You can get comfortable with the format first by practicing with mock questions. The practice will look identical to the real thing but will not be recorded.

• You can practice as many times as you like with up to five sample questions. The first of the recorded questions will be a get-to-know-you type of question, and the second will relate more to the workplace.

• The video essays are a compulsory part of the Schulich graduate business application.

LET US GET TO KNOW YOU The video essays lift your application off the page and help us get to know you better.

• The video essays do not replace a live interview with a member of our admissions team, which will come by invitation only after your application has been reviewed.

• While you might be nervous at first, don’t be! The questions are not meant to stump you and there are no right answers. The vast majority of applicants who have submitted video essays have provided positive feedback, and mentioned it was a great chance to present themselves to the Admissions Committee.




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