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Rotterdam Erasmus (RSM) Business School – Introduction


RSM MBA is recognized by the Dutch Government as a qualifying degree for a one year post-study job search visa and knowledge migrant residency permit.

At RSM “We do value people with solid work experience,” says Luijendijk-Steenkamp, explaining, “What you bring to the table, and how you will add value to the classroom discussions matters.” The current class have an average of six years experience.


Good facts about RSM:

– Low fees: 35 Lakhs (47000 Euros) almost equal to ISB and short duration of course: 12 months again equal to ISB. (Ofcourse living cost will be higher)

– Avg. age is 29 and avg. exp. is 6 yrs. 40% of class is above 30 yrs of age and 6 yrs of exp. A really good option for people with higher experience.

– 62% of the applicants found job in Netherlands after MBA. So great ROI if you can make it with an investment equal to ISB.

– Definitely loves to take in economics grads, this is the first school where i see more intake from Eco and business background rather than Engineering.

– When it comes to placement, highest placement is in Marketing, a good break away trend from consulting and Finance crazy MBA schools. So if you are interested in FMCG Marketing definitely consider this.

Not so good Facts:

– Avg. salary of the batch is $70,000 only as compared to $103,000 of INSEAD or HEC. Might be due to the low living cost in Netherlands and not so much placement in consulting sector.

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Rotterdam MBA Rankings

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Rotterdam MBA Sample Essays

Rotterdam Erasmus (RSM) Business School Essay 1: How do you see your career developing and how will this programme help you achieve your goals?

My career has seen a rapid advancement to the position of CFO of XX, a real estate development company and its group companies. In my position I reported directly to senior management and was responsible for coordinating the activity of the Financial Department. In this role I had to collaborate with various departments within the company as well as with numerous external entities like consulting firms. I was in charge of finance for the consisting of 15 Romanian and Austrian companies and 10 offshore companies.

The biggest project to date that I have coordinated and administrated was the “XX” project, an office building of 8.300 sqm, situated in the financial center or Romania’s capital city. Following these experiences, I have come to believe that at this juncture in my career a management education will help me integrate all the skills I have previously acquired into a coherent framework.

After finishing the MBA, in the short term, I see myself either taking up a management position in a large real estate company in Europe, focusing mainly on development projects, or joining a private equity fund that is particularly focused on real estate.

In the long term I would like to leverage both my personal and professional skills and build upon my management skill sets gained in Rotterdam and transition myself into an entrepreneur. I do believe that this MBA program will help accelerate my career path and more importantly evolve me as a global manager of repute.

I have come to realize that all too often I had to rely on my creativity rather than previously tested management frameworks and at times this has put a considerable burden on my shoulders. As an example I could mention that I have created and implemented a managerial tool for preparing and executing the budget as well as a tool that was suitable for illustrating and following the investment activities. I am convinced that in order for me to evolve towards becoming a good management professional I will need the skill sets provided by a management degree such as the one offered at Rotterdam School of Management….Continue Reading Here

Rotterdam MBA Interview


Yesterday evening, I had my interview with an AdCom of Rotterdam School of Management (RSM). This interview was over Skype because I was not able to attend the interview held previous week when she was in Bangalore (due to some personal reasons).
The interview started at 8:30 PM IST and went over for about 35 minutes. She decided to switch off her cam, because of dim lights in room. I was on cam. This interview was a little different from my earlier ones in respect of some very new questions. Here they go (not in the exact order they were asked):
1. I have read your essays. I want to know why you chose this year to apply for MBA? Do you think it is a perfect time for MBA for you?
2. You have mentioned your career goal in your essays. Could you explain in detail about it? What exactly is your plan, which is your targeted companies, etc.?
3. I see that you have served in one of the companies for just 4 months? Why you left it so early? Do you think you could have waited for some more time there?
4. Tell me something about the NGO you are associated with and your responsibilities there?
5. If I say, that you are taking this interview for RSM, then what is that one key thing you would be looking in the applicant?
6. How are the key things that influences Indian businessmen or entrepreneurs in doing business?
7. How your friends describe you in 3 words?
8. What will you bring to the RSM community?
9. What is that one thing you are very passionate about at this point in your life?…Continue Reading Here

RSM MBA Application Essay Tips


Essay 1 – How do you see your career developing and how will earning the Rotterdam Erasmus (RSM) University MBA help you achieve your goals? (Do NOT exceed 500 words)

To predict your career’s future development does require a brief summary of its evolution to date, but don’t make the mistake of writing 400 words about your past and leaving only 100 to outline your future and Rotterdam’s role in preparing you for it! I suggest spending about 200 words on your past, and then 100 on your goals, and 200 on the unique way that the Rotterdam Rotterdam Erasmus (RMS) Business School program will prepare you for your future. Be sure your goals are consistent with what other graduates do after graduating!

Essay 2 – Describe your favorite hobby, pastime or sport and explain how it reflects your personality. (Do NOT exceed 500 words)

Rotterdam Erasmus (RMS) Business School is proud that it prepares its graduates to collaborate across cultures and integrate people and planet into their profit goals, so Admissions will be seeking evidence of the ways in which you have collaborated and taken initiative in the community in the past. Use this space to highlight not only the hobby/pastime/sport but also specific situations within it in which you demonstrated these abilities.

Essay 3 – Describe the most difficult decision you have made and its personal effect on you. (Do NOT exceed 500 words)

Rotterdam Erasmus (RMS) Business School has a strong focus on preparing its graduates to juggle competing stakeholder needs. These competing needs are what make decisions difficult! Choose an example here in which those stakeholders each have clear, legitimate, and conflicting agendas and lead the reader through your thought process in resolving them. Creativity in problem solving will be an essential element of a successful essay. And remember to discuss the effect this decision had on you at the end!

Essay 4 – Optional Please feel free to supply any additional information that you believe would be helpful to the Admissions Committee in making the final decision on your application.

I highly recommend submitting an optional essay that demonstrates to Rotterdam another area of impact. This will make your application more compelling – assuming the examples you share demonstrate your ability to take initiative, be a big-picture thinker, and make a global impact.

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