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Rotman Full-Time MBA: Complete Overview

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This blog seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of the highly acclaimed Rotman Full-time MBA Program, which is internationally recognized as a top-tier institution. In light of the swift transformations occurring in business and society, there is a profound reimagining of the methods of connection and work. The Rotman School’s Full-Time MBA program empowers individuals to develop a solid understanding of essential business principles while providing immersive experiences and practical learning opportunities to foster personal growth and leadership skills. In the upcoming sections, we will delve into detailed information about the Rotman MBA, covering topics such as admissions, tuition fees, and the diverse array of available courses.

The INSEAD MBA Program: Getting Started

The Rotman MBA is crafted explicitly for competent individuals who aspire to undergo a transformative learning journey. As you progress in your professional path, obtaining an MBA from the renowned Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto equips you with the essential knowledge, adaptability, and self-assurance necessary to shape a successful future. With a focus on mastering business fundamentals, this program empowers you to realize your full potential within Canada’s leading MBA program.

The Rotman Full-Time MBA Program is designed to provide you with a well-rounded education and immersive experiences that enable personal and professional growth. By embracing innovative teaching methods and fostering a collaborative learning environment, the program equips you with the skills and perspectives needed to navigate the complexities of the business world.

Throughout the program, you will engage in a comprehensive curriculum covering various business aspects, ranging from finance and marketing to strategy and entrepreneurship. Additionally, you can customize your learning journey by selecting from a diverse range of electives, allowing you to delve deeper into your areas of interest.

Furthermore, the Rotman School emphasizes experiential learning, providing hands-on opportunities to apply knowledge in real-world scenarios. Whether through case competitions, consulting projects, or internships, you will gain practical experience that enhances your understanding and hones your skills.

The Rotman Full-Time MBA Program also fosters a strong network and a sense of community. You will have access to a diverse and talented cohort of peers and a supportive alumni network, providing valuable connections and lifelong relationships.

INSEAD MBA Program Overview

Program Structure and Duration

The Rotman MBA program is a 16-month course with a 4-month paid internship opportunity. The first year emphasizes core curriculum, problem-solving, and creative methodology, with over 90 elective courses available to add specializations. In the work placement period, students complete the “Applied Management: Placement” course and can choose three available internship periods.

The second year offers 15 MBA majors or over 100 available electives, focusing on customized MBA experiences and executive experience through clubs and councils. The program includes the Self-Development Lab (SDL) to develop interpersonal skills and the Joe Weider Foundation Leadership Development Lab (LDL) to enhance personal and professional development.


Rotman MBA Flexible Internship Program


Class Profile

The Rotman School of Management has gained recognition for attracting top talent from across the world with a diverse range of professional and academic backgrounds. Students in the program come from different ethnicities, nationalities, and cultures, contributing to an internationally diverse learning community. The program offers a blend of business fundamentals, creativity, and problem-solving that appeals to students from renowned academic institutions to exceptional professionals.

Students who choose the Rotman Full-Time MBA program can expect exposure to multicultural experiences. The program prepares graduates to face and deal with the challenges of a globalized economy. Through world-class faculty and groundbreaking curriculum, it helps them develop analytical and critical thinking, communication, leadership, and adaptability skills.

Business professionals and leaders from various industries choose Rotman for their MBA studies. Checkout the class profile here

Rotman MBA Reputation and Ranking

According to the Financial Times ranking, the Rotman MBA program ranks at 67th place globally for best MBA programs in 2023.

The Financial Times ranking evaluates criteria such as career progress, student diversity, and faculty research. This recognition highlights INSEAD’s commitment to excellence and ability to produce influential business leaders.

Rotman has undergone incredible growth in the last 15 years with its program’s size and scope, research depth, and teaching innovation. The management faculty at Rotman is known for its pioneering thinking, excellence in teaching, and management insights, ranking among the top 20 globally. The school’s reputation for inspiring change is continually bolstered through innovative centers like Creative Destruction Lab and Rotman Design Works, which keep it ahead of the curve.

INSEAD MBA Curriculum

The Full-Time MBA include a set curriculum of core courses in the first year, three elective courses in the first year, an associated course “RSM1380 – Flexible Internship Program (FIP)” during the internship, and electives in the second year.


Rotman MBA curriculum


In Year 2, the students must complete ten elective courses (5 credits), an Ethic course, and Flexible Internship Program (FIP). The regular course load for Year 2 is five courses, with a sixth-course option. Students taking Applied Management: Placement can only take one additional course. The MBA program elective courses are available in Fall and Spring terms, with courses in the Winter and Summer Intensive terms usually running for nine consecutive days. Students can take a maximum of two intensive courses during such intensive terms.

Core Courses

The MBA program includes the People/Teams/Diversity course for managing effective group dynamics. Other courses in the program cover model-based decision-making in Decision Making with Models & Data, organizational structure and performance in Leading People in Organizations, microeconomics in Managerial Economics, and financial accounting and its relation to organizational strategy in Financial Accounting.

Clink here for more information on Rotman Full-Time MBA core courses.

MBA Emphases and Learning Pathways

At Rotman, you can opt to specialize by emphasizing a specific area or broaden your understanding by taking courses across various learning pathways. Although famous for its prowess in Strategy and Finance, the Rotman School has expertise in various functional areas, which is showcased in the selection of elective courses.


With over 90 elective courses available, Rotman enables students to personalize their MBA experience to match their interests and professional objectives. The selection of elective courses includes:

  • Accounting

  • Economic Analysis and Policy

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Operations Management

  • Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

  • Strategic Management

Experiential Learning: Integrative Thinking and Business Design

Adapting quickly to changing business landscapes is a prerequisite for success today. At Rotman, you will develop a broad perspective that extends beyond the traditional functional areas of business.

You will tackle challenges with creativity and an openness to risk-taking and approach complex problems with Integrative Thinking. Integrative Thinking teaches you how to use models to structure business challenges for a better understanding and to enable better solutions.

Moreover, through Business Design, you will learn to solve complex problems with human-centered creativity that combines strategy with design thinking.

Self-Development Lab at the Rotman School of Management

International Study Oppprtunities

When it comes to providing robust global exposure for business education, location is a significant advantage, and Rotman is strategically located in Toronto, which is renowned as the most multicultural city globally, with more than half of its population originating from foreign countries. As an extension of this diverse environment, the Rotman Full-Time MBA program has one of Canada’s most internationally blended student bodies (50% of Full-Time MBA class) and an equally diverse faculty (71%) that exceeds most peer business schools.

To further enhance the international dimensions of your MBA, Rotman provides additional opportunities to broaden your global perspective, such as:



The Creative Destruction Lab: something out of the ordinary

Rotman MBA Admission Requirements

The Rotman Full-Time MBA program at the University of Toronto has specific admission requirements that candidates must meet to apply. The following are the admission requirements for the program: