Rotman MBA Interview

At the Rotman School, the final stage of the application is the admissions interview. If you receive an interview invitation from us, first of all congratulations your application made a very good first impression and we wanted to meet with you in person! Second, the admissions interview means you’re half-way there.

Some people see the admissions interview as a routine procedure. However in fact it is way beyond that. At the Rotman School, we assess the applications from a holistic perspective; this means all components carry equal weight: Essays, work experience, GPA, GMAT/GRE, references and admissions interview. Before we finalize our admission decision, we definitely make sure we meet with the candidate either in-person or via Skype or phone.

If you are invited to the Rotman MBA interview, you should realize that it is your chance to strengthen that first impression that you had made on paper and to share some of the things you were not able to share in your essays or your resume would not tell us!

Frequently Asked Interview Questions

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Tel us 3 key learnings from your work experience.
  3. Why MBA
  4. Why do you want to do MBA at this stage in your life/ career
  5. One reason that we should not select you?
  6. What are your short- and long-term career goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  7. Tell us about a challenging situation that you faced? How did you resolve it?
  8. What are your greatest strengths? Give examples
  9. What are your weaknesses? Give examples
  10. What would you describe are your greatest achievement to date?
  11. Interests and Hobbies – Be prepared!.. questions as basic as “Why do you do poetry (or any other activity)” may be asked.
  12. Do you have any questions for us?

Interview Transcript - 1

I had the interview through Skype with an adcom member. The interview was quite relaxed and the adcom was very friendly.

Here are the questions:

– Introduce about yourself

– Why do you want to do your MBA now? – Couple of follow-up questions to go into the detail

– What is your post MBA goal? why? if you cannot achieve this goal, what will be your plan B?

– What motivate you to stay far away from your family and apply to Rotman? (I am international applicant)

– Tell me about an experience when you lead a team

– What type of leader your teammate will think of you?

– How do you deal with conflict?

– 15 mins for question

I spent an hour on the interview but didn’t feel any stress at all. The interviewer did a great job to keep a relaxed mode and have me perform at my best.

Good luck to you all.

Interview Transcript - 2

I had an interview a couple of days ago. It went well. More relaxed than interviews with the US universities. Questions like – A time when something went wrong and how you dealt with it… Long term plans?… Why MBA… What are your hobbies? .. An achievement you are most proud of… Interview went on for about an hour!


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Interview Transcript - 3

My interview experience –

I was recently interviewed by Marie, it was a pleasant interview and lasted approximately 20 minutes. Some of the questions were –

  1. Explaining present job profile
  2. An incident where I managed a tough subordinate or a team mate.
  3. An incident where I creatively resolved a problem
  4. My weakness

That’s all I can recollect right now. Overall, it was not at all a pressure interview….Probably being interviewed by Marie made it all the more relaxed.

I am being asked to wait till November 2012 for the final result.

My suggestion to you would be to be prepared with general questions and thorough with your application, in totality you should be able to reflect a well knit picture of yourself with minimal loose ends.

All the very best to you for the process ahead.

Interview Transcript - 4

The interview is more of a chat than an interview, its rather laid back. Most of the questions they ask are pretty run of the mill. You should be able to talk precisely about why is it that you want to get an MBA, why at this particular school and what will you do after you have it. You should be able to describe what it is that you do in your current job. The interviewer also asked me what kind of things I do for fun and what I think are my two greatest achievements. She told me she was born in the same city as I, so we had something in common to chit chat about.

Be prepared to ask them a few questions after they are done asking you. If you are an international student, this is the best chance you’ll get at interacting with a Rotman person. Just avoid being negative. I asked her that though everything else seemed great about Rotman, I got the sense that the alumni network and career services weren’t as great as Ivey or Schulich or McGill. Big mistake. She got all defensive and it got uncomfortable for a moment there.

Unlike a lot of other b-schools which have faculty or 2nd year students interview you, its a staff member (they have a bunch of people called Assistant Directors) who’ll do it at Rotman. So it all seems like an exercise to gauge your spoken English skills. Think of it as an HR interview for a job.

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