1 B-school

Application Prep

$ 700 / ₹ 50K

2 B-schools

Application Prep

$ 1050 / ₹ 75K

3 B-schools

Application Prep

$ 1400 / ₹ 1 L

1 B-school

Interview Prep

$ 350 / 25K

Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy – For Financial Times Top 20 B-schools refund is 50%, for all other schools it is 100% refund. To claim the refund you agree to submit the official rejection E-mail from school or give us access to your application portal for verification purposes. Refund policy needs to be agreed upon with Ameer Khatri before signup. In case we have agreed to work without the refund guarantee this condition no longer applies.

Exclusivity – To ensure the quality and our commitment to you, we would have to ask you to work exclusively with us. Dropping Out – After initial brainstorming sessions, if you do decide to stop working with us or not submit your application then we would have to charge you 50% of the fees for the consulting services rendered.

Content Ownership – During the consulting process both “client” and “consultant” will work together on the content and hence we are regarded as joint owners of the content created.

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