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Notre Dame Mendoza MBA Sample Essays

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Notre Dame MBA Winning Sample Essays

Essay 1:Please share your short term professional goals. How does the Notre Dame Master of Business Administration help achieve your career goals?

Essay 2: Tell us about a time, in your personal or professional experience, when you persevered and overcame obstacles or you had to start over and rebuild.

Optional Essay: Tell us about a time in your life, either personally or professionally, when you did not demonstrate servant leadership and describe how this experience informed your leadership style going forward.


Notre Dame MBA Winning Sample Essays – 1

Notre Dame MBA Essay 1: Please share your short term professional goals. How does the Notre Dame Master of Business Administration help achieve your career goals?

I started my career as a mathematics teacher, and three years later, I co-founded my first ed-Tech venture – TestCracker. I scaled Testcracker to form a team of 25 within three years before making a successful exit.

Last year, I started my second venture as a co-founder of ConceptsEra. Post MBA, I want to continue working on my startup to grow ConceptsEra internationally.

I implemented all my learnings to kickstart ConceptsEra; however, I am facing issues scaling up my startup. Therefore, I believe that Mendoza’s innovation and Entrepreneurship trek and unique facilities will help me to achieve my goals.

Notre Dame MBA Essay 2: Tell us about a time, in your personal or professional experience, when you persevered and overcame obstacles or you had to start over and rebuild.

I have been a Teacher and Ed-tech entrepreneur for the last decade, and devoted my life to educating the next generations as well as those from underprivileged communities. I have written my own book on numbers and taught 1000’s of students till date. The journey to this realization wasn’t easy and came from a very personal frustrating, and depressing episode of my life. 

 My passion for providing quality education started because I learned the value of quality education the hard way. I grew up in a large joint family with limited financial means. My parents did the best for my education, and I was enrolled in a government-subsidized makeshift school. I did my best in academics and acquired a Bachelor in Mathematics and a Master in Economics from the best university our small town had to offer. 

After my Master’s, I relocated to India’s capital – “Delhi” to make myself financially independent by crafting a successful career path. My dreams shattered one by one. A small-town groomed individual did not meet the selection criteria of the companies that I aspired to work with. In my hometown, getting a master degree was an outstanding achievement, but in Delhi, it wasn’t even worth the paper it was printed on.

Being a Mathematics Graduate and not an Engineer felt like a cardinal sin in India. The education I had proved inadequate and lacked quality, and I got rejected by 142 firms. A period of financial and psychological stress found me desperately trying to find a career path. This is where a small Ed-Tech start-up founder, Byju Raveendran approached me with an offer to teach mathematics in his start-up. I was desperate to start my career somewhere, anywhere and even though the teaching job was not financially appealing or what I imagined my career to be, it was a start.

 I took a chance to rebuild myself in this new direction. On the one hand, while teaching students, I found my passion for teaching and mentoring students. I went on to write and publish a book of my own, “The Magical Book of Number System”, with the sole purpose of making students fall in love with numbers. On the other hand, Working for Byju’s I saw how start-ups scale up fast to provide education to millions. Today Byjus is valued at $16 Billion, and working first-hand with Mr Byjus was an enthralling experience. His vision and motivation sowed the seed of being an entrepreneur inside me. 

I left Byjus after 2.2 years, and since then, I have been a successful entrepreneur in my own regard. I started my first company and made a successful exit while I was only 25 years old. Today I am starting again, and this time with a much bigger vision and aspirations that could match what Byju “s have done for India in the ed-tech space. I will continue to ensure that the people we reach will not suffer the same fate as getting rejected by 142 companies.

Notre Dame MBA Optional Essay : Tell us about a time in your life, either personally or professionally, when you did not demonstrate servant leadership and describe how this experience informed your leadership style going forward.

Life in a low-income family had fashioned me to think that Life should be directed at amassing so much wealth that I would not have to contemplate every expense. When I landed a job, my goals were clear – work like there’s no tomorrow. My experience working as a product and business development manager with a top ed-tech company made me perceive business only to make profit rather than perceiving business holistically from the perspective of the people, society and profits.

After spending 2.2 years in Byjus’ classes, which is an ed-tech company, I started my company in the same domain. I implemented all my learning to make it profit-oriented, and I turned the company profitable within two months and achieved a turnover of $50,000 in a year.

I became profit oriented rather than creating an inclusive environment. My goal was to increase the revenue of my company rather than understanding my employee’s needs. My company started suffering from a very high attrition rate, and the growth of the company gradually became stagnant. My company was on the verge of collapse because I was not focused on fostering meaningful relationships, understanding people’s value and their contribution to the growth of my company. This event made me realize the value of servant leadership and its impact.

The event changed my approach towards business. Now my focus is more balanced in nature. I focus on making education affordable for all rather than  only growing the company in terms of revenue and valuation. I give more value to my company’s culture, organisational behavior and positive workplace. As an entrepreneur, I need to still make profits but I focus on balancing profits with the people aspect.


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Notre Dame MBA Sample Essays – 2

Notre Dame MBA Essay 1: Tell us the story of a time in your own life or career when you had to overcome an obstacle, start over, or rebuild.

Sometimes, the greatest inspirations in our lives come from the darkest and most challenging  moments which define you and shape your character as an individual. The last few years have been a defining period in my life as a professional and as a son for my aging parents which have pushed me and tested my perseverance to the core.

In 2017, I was working on an international assignment in Saudi Arabia, the project was running smoothly, and I was on track to have a successful promotion.  In India, international assignments are a prized possession to boost your career growth, But towards the end of 2017, my father suffered from hemiplegia, which paralyzed his right side of the body. I immediately had to return home to take care of my family. 

The first few months were quite challenging. Due to financial constraints I couldn’t leave the job entirely but I was lucky to have a great manager and a team supporting me. When my father was in the ICU, I used to spend nights at the hospital corridors and worked throughout nights. When he returned from the hospital, I carried him to a physiotherapy center for rehabilitation every day while attending client calls from hospital waiting rooms. As both of my parents are elderly, I had to put in additional effort to take care of both. 

Tough times have a tendency to teach the most important lessons of one’s life. This time taught me the value of gratitude, many people came forward to help me and I am sure I would not have managed it without them. It molded me to be courageous, and taught me to be compassionate, and effective in time management. Even with all those challenges, I quickly trained another associate who filled my vacated onsite position. Additionally, I learned to shoulder the responsibility of the family as a single child. Besides, I learned to manage money more effectively by analyzing incomes and expenditures.

As my father’s situation improved, I doubled down to get my career back on track. In my first project, I supervised delivering a 100K USD patient management system for the Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia, in 3 months. The patient management system has supported the ministry immensely in its effort to combat the ongoing pandemic. After getting an extremely positive response, the customer plans to enable the product to its global customers. It is a remarkably satisfying experience to give back to the community by developing a product-based solution. Consequently, I received a contextual master award, an organization-wide recognition for delivering a successful outcome. Moreover, I got promoted in the same quarter.

As a testament to the recently acquired abilities, the senior management entrusted me to lead the offshore engagement of Saudi Telecom Company, Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, I have also received international assignment offers in Saudi Arabia and South Africa. I believe the recognition that I have received in recent years results from learning from the life-event.

Notre Dame MBA Essay 2: Please share your short term professional goals. What role does a Notre Dame MBA play in helping you achieve these goals?

I have 10 years of technology consulting experience spread across 5 countries. Now in the short term, Post-MBA, I want to transition from tech consulting to technical product manager role in a global technology company, such as Amazon or Microsoft.

I have extensive technical knowledge and project management experience. However I lack the business acumen and want to upskill myself as a business leader. I believe Notre Dame’s perfectly curated academic curriculum, a dedicated career coaching program and the uniquely structured Career Leadership Courses at Mendoza can help me achieve my objective. 

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