Pre-Interview Prep
1st Mock Interview
2nd Mock Interview

How it works


Pre - Interview Prep Phase

Before the call, we will share a list of most common interview questions and guide you on how to prepare your answers and your resume for the interview.

2 Mock Interviews

1st Interview : 4 days before, 2nd Interview : 2 days before your B-school interview
All Interviews will be conducted via over Skype. Here we simulate the actual conditions you are likely to encounter. First Interview covers all the basics and second interview with additional questions to allow you to get more practice of the ideas and techniques that we recommended in the first call.

Interview Feedback

Immediately after the mock interview, we provide feedback on all your responses. In addition, we share with you tips and suggestions including feedback on your overall presentation, body language voice modulation etc.
From there, a complete assessment of how you’re currently performing, what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve your responses, tailored to your personal story.
Do you know rejection rates for Indian candidates are ‘dramatically higher’ than any other nationality. Why ? Because

Indian candidate have - Awesome academic record and great professional experience

The Indian education system is inherently designed to push you towards great academic performance and score more than next door Sharma Ji's son. When it comes to work, we work our asses off to get that promotion or the coveted international trip. Avg. GMAT scores for Indian candidates are now above 700. So no doubt we have outstanding academic and professional record.

Indian candidates lack - Personality development & English speaking skills

Lets face it English is not our native language and we never thought about developing a leadership personality. As if we ever had time off from studying for IIT-JEE or DU 99% cutoffs. So, when we are competing against the best brains of native english speakers, with volunteering experience for doctors without borders, the odds are not exactly in our favour. Thats exactly where Indian candidates fall behind.

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