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MBA Elevator pitch for Interviews

Table of Content

  1. Get clear about your goals.

    Your personal elevator pitch must be responsive to the context. As you approach an Interview, Why are you attending and what do you want to get out of it? What are your goals? When it’s all over, what do you hope to take away (and leave behind)? Think customizable and consistent, not canned.

  2. Understand your audience.

    It’s important to know what business schools care about in terms of the key attributes they’re seeking in a candidate. For example: the ability to work on teams, leadership, analytical thinking and emotional intelligence, and among other qualities. A deeper awareness of the values championed by your target schools will allow you to make relevant connections to your personal passions, strengths and personal story.

  3. Be conversational and concise.

    Aim to strike a conversational tone that’s not overly rehearsed (which, ironically, takes practice). This means being able to tailor it to a situation, customizing it to be relevant to whom you’re speaking and where you are.

  4. Presentation matters.

    It’s not just what you say, but how you say it. Present yourself with strong eye contact, a solid handshake and an energy of positively that expresses genuine interest in learning more. Your impression on others often has more to do with how you make people feel than what you actually say.

  5. Inspire their interest.

    Putting your MBA materials together requires a lot of reflection, and your personal elevator pitch is just one component of the brand you’ll want to present. As you frame your brand to a succinct statement, it’s helpful to think about the top three or so things you want to convey – about your ambitions and yourself. Remember that your objective is to both make a positive impression and inspire further conversation by generating interest, not to share your life story.

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    For more information you can read the article on Standford’s Website .

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