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University of St. Gallen MiF

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University of St. Gallen MiF Introduction

University if St. Gallen’s Master’s Programme in Banking and Finance (MBF) is a world-class programme that will help you kick-start a successful career. In the course of 3 semesters, this programme places equal emphasis on both theory and practical application, hence providing the students with a wholistic and career-ready learning. 

The clear and flexible curriculum provides a wide range of electives. The students also get to participate in a research seminar off-campus and write a research-based Master’s thesis along with opportunities for internships. Employement rate at graduation being 100% for the past years is a clear indication of the bright future that awaits St. Gallen’s graduates. Scroll down for further information on University of St. Gallen MiF Average GMAT, University of St. Gallen MiF Class Profile, University of St. Gallen MiF Application process, employment report, University of St. Gallen MiF fees, and more.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

University of St. Gallen MiF Rankings

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University of St. Gallen MiF Class Profile & Employment Report

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Class Profile Summary 
Class Size139
Average GMAT Score717
Average Work Experience (yrs.)<2 years
Average Age (yrs.)23
Employment Summary 
Average Starting Salary112,000 CHF (after 3 yrs)
Average Bonus 
% placed within 3 months100%
Tuition Fees Summary 
Total Tuition6,658 CHF
Living Cost27,600 CHF
Total Cost34,258 CHF


University of St. Gallen MiF Class Profile 2022 (Click Here)


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University of St. Gallen MiF Employment report 2020 (Download Here)


University of St. Gallen MiF Application Essay Questions

(Click here)

  1. State your motivation for enrolling in the desired Master’s programme.
  2. What do you want to achieve through the programme and what are your professional aspirations beyond your Master’s studies?
  3. How will the programme assist you in obtaining these goals?


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