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Politecnico di Milano Masters in Quantitative Finance: Overview





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Introduction to Politecnico di Milano Masters in Quantitative Finance

The Master in Quantitative Finance aims to provide complete and in-depth skills to operate in different areas of the sector such as risk management, valuation of financial products, trading of financial products, ESG issues.

The course takes care of both the methodological aspects and the application aspects with the aim of training professionals able to deal with concrete problems of quantitative finance within the banking, financial and insurance sector.

Why Study Politecnico di Milano Masters in Quantitative Finance?


QS Ranking

The MSc in Quantitative Finance is in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics and will provide you with all the skills you need to meet the needs of the banking, financial and insurance market.

You will come into contact not only with professionals in the field but also with the Faculty of the Politecnico di Milano, which is part of the QFinLab, the Quantitative Finance laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano. Its goal is to be a point of reference for national and international research in the field of quantitative finance.


You will have the opportunity to participate in face-to-face educational sessions on systemic risk and network analysis and seminars with experts in fintech and startup fields.


You will be able to participate in a Career Day dedicated to the Master in Quantitative Finance, which will put you in direct contact with the Master’s corporate network. In addition, through seminars with industry professionals and guest lectures, you will be able to expand your network.

Program Costs + Living Expenses: Politecnico di Milano Masters in Quantitative Finance


Avg. Cost of Tuition



Avg. Living Cost


Avg. Cost of Study

Living expenses in Milan can vary greatly depending on your lifestyle and preferences. As a rough estimate, expect to spend between €15,000 and €25,000 per year on essentials like:

  • Accommodation: Student dormitories are the most affordable option, costing around €400-€800 per month. Private apartments can range from €800-€2000+ per month.
  • Food: Groceries and eating out can cost around €300-€500 per month, depending on your dietary needs and preferences.
  • Transportation: Public transportation passes are relatively affordable at around €25-€40 per month. If you prefer cycling or walking, you can save on transportation costs.
  • Utilities and bills: Expect to spend around €100-€200 per month on utilities like electricity, water, and internet.
  • Other expenses: This includes things like clothing, entertainment, phone bills, and personal care. Factor in around €200-€500 per month for these items.

Employment Prospects : Politecnico di Milano Masters in Quantitative Finance

    Most Sought-after Jobs

Portfolio Management

Valuation of financial securities

Derivatives Traders

Design of IT supports for financial applications

Financial Advice

The Career Development Center provides students with a self-assessment of their skills and an analysis of the labor market; Candidates will design a personalized career strategy and an effective action plan, to turn their career aspirations into achievable goals. By the end of the program you will have developed a set of professional skills that will enable you to be highly competitive in today’s job market and become a successful “Career Leader”.

In the last editions, students have received internship offers at the following companies:

  • Iason
  • Intesa Sanpaolo
  • PWC

Internships activated during the Master:

  • Banking, Financial Services, Insurance 87%
  • Consulting 13% 

Selection in for Politecnico di Milano Masters in Quantitative Finance

Applications are on a rolling basis and places available are limited. This means that admissions may close earlier than the indicated date – so we recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible.

If you are a citizen outside the EU, we recommend that you apply at least 3 months before the start of the program, so that you have enough time to obtain a statement of comparability of your qualification.

Documents required: Politecnico di Milano Masters in Quantitative Finance

Fill out the appropriate online form on the apply.gsom.polimi.it platform and attach the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • photocopy of valid identity document/passport
  • Degree certificate indicating the marks obtained in the individual exams or self-certification indicating the planned graduation session*
  • Application Fee € 100
  • At least one reference letter
  • Motivational letter

Application Deadlines - Politecnico di Milano Masters in Quantitative Finance

Round 1
February 15, 2024
Round 2
15 April 2024
Round 3
15 June 2024
Round 4
15 July 2024
Round 5
15 September 2024
Round 6
15 October 2024

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Program Structure

The Master in Quantitative Finance is structured in several Core Courses, which aim to give you all the theoretical and practical skills, through seminars with professionals in the sector, exercises and laboratories, necessary to be able to enter the quantitative finance sector. Some of the didactic modules included in the program will be delivered in English.

The course also includes an International Study Tour in Europe.


At the end of the didactic modules, you will take part in the Project Work, which consists of the drafting of a final report individually or in groups, which includes research from secondary sources or on any internship in the company that you will carry out (optional). The Project Work will be presented at the end of the course in front of an examining committee.


Negotiation, Effective Communication, Team Dynamics, Leadership


You will have the chance to undertake a range of activities aimed at increasing networking opportunities, with the aim of exploring the business world and improving your skills as a future professional.


During your course you will have the opportunity to access a set of services from the Digital Innovation Observatories of the Politecnico di Milano, a reference point on Digital Innovation for students and companies thanks to their research, communication and continuous updating activities.

FAQs About Masters in Quantitative Finance

Graduates of the program are well-qualified for a variety of careers in quantitative finance, including:

  • Investment banking
  • Asset management
  • Hedge funds
  • Quantitative research
  • Risk management

The program is taught by a team of experienced faculty members who are experts in their fields. The program also offers students the opportunity to participate in internships and research projects.

The Politecnico di Milano Masters in Quantitative Finance is a good choice for students who are interested in a career in quantitative finance and who have a strong academic record. The program provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this competitive field.

Not required, but GMAT/GRE scores can strengthen application.

Application Process & timeline

We strongly advise all our clients to have a proper excel sheet or a timetables mapped out.
Once you are done with GMAT the entire application process usually take 4-6 weeks

Step 1

GMAT / GRE Score

2-3 months.

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Step 3

Application Prep

3-4 weeks at least. 

Start writing at least 1 month in advance of their 1st deadline. First application usually takes the longest.

Step 4

Interview Prep

1 week

School will notify you and give you roughly 1 week to schedule your interview. Ideally, start your prep ASAP and Do some mock interviews.

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