Sapienza University MeM Interview Questions

Interview Questions collected from Past clients

Sapienza University Interviews

About MeM Interviews:

The MeM (Master in Management) interview process at Sapienza University of Rome is designed to assess candidates’ academic qualifications, professional experience, and motivation for pursuing a graduate degree in management. The interview typically involves two components: a written assessment and an oral interview.

Typical Interview Method:

Written Evaluation

One or two essay questions are usually included in the written assessment, which is meant to evaluate applicants’ critical thinking abilities as well as their ability to write succinctly and clearly. The essay questions could ask about general management subjects or ask applicants to evaluate a particular case study.


During the interview, candidates can go into further detail about their professional and academic backgrounds. During the interview, the interviewer will probe about the candidates’ backgrounds, aptitudes, and reasons for wanting to pursue a graduate degree in management. To gauge an applicant’s capacity for quick thinking and problem-solving, the interviewer may also pose hypothetical questions.

5 Tips to Ace Your MeM Interview:

  1. Look up Sapienza University of Rome and the MeM programme.
  2. Put your essay-writing skills to use by practising on topics that are pertinent to the written evaluation.
  3. Be ready to go into great depth about your professional and academic history.
  4. Be prepared to explain why you want to pursue a management graduate degree.
  5. Rehearse responding to typical interview questions.
    Make sure to show up for the interview on time and in business attire.

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Sapienza University MeM Interview Experience-1

“Interviewed with a doctor who graduated from Sapienza University in 2019 for two hours. I guess part of the interviewer selection process was motivated by my long-term goal of starting a health technology company. We started by exchanging some background details and my resume synopsis.”

1. Could you explain how you would calculate the amount of chocolate bars eaten at Sapienza University every day?
2. What is the most important lesson you feel will impact your own management or leadership style that you have taken away from a former manager, supervisor, or instructor?
3. In your opinion, what is a service attitude? And how do you manifest that in day-to-day existence?
4. Could you share a moment when you defended your moral principles?
5. Please select the experience from your resume that most accurately sums up your qualifications.
6. Does a nation’s physical location have an impact on the evolution of its culture?

“Demonstrate your technological proficiency by discussing how you integrate educational technology into your teaching methods to enhance student learning.”

Sapienza University MeM Interview Experience-2

“I had a conversation with the interviewer recently. I was asked to go over my résumé during the interview and she asked why questions. We worked on my profile for twenty to twenty-five minutes, and we asked him questions regarding the programme for the final part of the interview. I can recall the following sequence in which the interview questions were asked:”

1. Is democracy the ideal form of government? What do you think?
2. What is the best way to get ready for something you can’t get ready for? Give us a case study.
3. Describe your methodology for estimating the alpinist population in the Alps.
4. Tell us about a professor, manager, or instructor who has inspired you. Describe how this will impact your ability to lead.
5. What is the process you use to get ready for something you can’t prepare for? Give us a case study.
6. Describe your methodology for estimating the alpinist population in the Alps.
7. Tell us about a professor, manager, or teacher who has inspired you. How will this impact your ability to lead others?
8. What is your motivation for studying in Switzerland?

“Is there anything additional that you want to tell us?”

Sapienza University MeM Interview Experience-3

“On November 25, 2019, I had an interview with Adcom off campus. The final decision was for me to be admitted.”

The queries that were posed were as follows:”

1. Tell me a little about who you are.
2. Is there a specific cause behind your poor GPA?
3. What position did you hold at your prior internship or job?
4. Could you explain the work you conducted on Project X? It seems like a fascinating project.
5. Why do you favour new businesses? List a few problems.

“Overall, the interview was light and I feel I could have done much better.”

Sapienza University MeM Interview Experience-4

“I was interviewed away from the Campus with Adcom on Nov 25, 2019. The Ultimate Decision was that I was Admitted.”

The following are the questions that were asked:

1. What are your advantages and disadvantages?
2. What inspires you greatly?
3. Can you handle the stress of a demanding educational environment?
4. What are the chances that your co-workers would tell us about you if we asked them questions?
5. Tell us about a moment when you resolved a conflict among coworkers.

“Showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion by sharing experiences or strategies you’ve implemented to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment.”

Sapienza University MeM Interview Experience-5

“I would recommend getting to know your stories. The interviewer’s follow-up questions probed deeper into my narratives. In particular, I was questioned about my ability to inspire or motivate individuals or groups. I attempted to imply how I worked with others and used evidence to persuade people.”

1. What special characteristics suit you well for the MEM programme?
2. How do you individually respond to obstacles and failures?
3. Tell about a time when you worked well with people with different personalities.
4. Give an example of how you have solved an engineering problem creatively.
5. What makes you think you’re a better team player or leader naturally?
6. How do you deal with uncertainty and ambiguity in your work?
7. What motivated you to enrol in the MEM programme, both personally and professionally?

” That’s all the questions asked. Hope it helps you as well. Best of luck.”

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