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Missouri MeM Program Overview





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Introduction to MeM at Missouri

You know how complex projects can get as multiple disciplines come together to deliver results that benefit the public and minimally impact the environment. Engineering management professionals synthesize and monitor these aspects, streamlining projects and improving systems to deliver desired outcomes in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

As you look ahead in your career, understand how to direct projects from concept to completion with an online master of science in engineering management from Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T). This non-thesis degree program creates a stepping stone from a specialist role to one where you’ll integrate multiple engineering disciplines to solve problems, improve existing processes and achieve results. Courses highlight the intersection of engineering, management and technology and their real-world applications. You, in turn, will understand how to develop innovative and integrated solutions.

Why Study MeM at Missouri?


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Program Costs + Living Expenses : MeM at Missouri


Avg. Cost of Tuition



Avg. Living Cost


Avg. Cost of Study

This estimate does not include your textbooks or course materials. Your actual program costs will vary from these estimated totals.

See more about tuition and fees.

The University reserves the right to increase or decrease the fees charged for attendance and other services at the University when the Board of Curators considers it in the best interest of the University to do so. Any increase in fees must be approved by the Board of Curators not less than thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the academic term (semester, etc.) to which these fees will be applied. Any change in fees will be effective irrespective of whether fees have or have not been paid by or on behalf of a student prior to the effective date of the modification. For more information on tuition and fees, visit the Office of Cashiers.

Employment Prospects : MeM at Missouri


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Avg. Salary

    Most Sought-after Jobs

Investment manager.

Change management engineer

Fashion retail project manager

Capital markets analyst


Due to the positive reputation of Missouri S&T’s online master’s in engineering management, graduates see strong prospects after completing their degree. The program’s versatility creates a ladder for moving up in your field or allows you to pivot to another industry or role. Based on your current occupation, aspirations and how you specialize your knowledge, demand for engineering managers ranges from steady to above average over the next decade.

Opportunities exist in:

  • Consulting
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Supply chain management

Eligibility Criteria for MeM at Missouri

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a physical science.
  • Undergraduate GPA ≥ 3.00 cumulative.
  • Undergraduate courses: Calculus Series (I, II, III), Differential Equations, Statistics, Physics (I, II) or Chemistry, Engineering Economy.
  • All international applicants must demonstrate sufficient command of English to successfully pursue work at Missouri S&T. Minimum English proficiency test score requirements are 79 for TOEFL, 6.5 for IELTS, 53 for PTE, or 105 for Duolingo.
  • Minimum of 12 months of work experience preferred or currently accepted into the graduate degree program at Missouri S&T.
  • Statement of purpose should be 2-3 paragraphs explaining why you are applying for this program. Statement is to be submitted electronically on the online application; you’ll copy and paste it into the provided text box.
  • Two letters of recommendation. List two recommenders in the “Recommendations” section of the application. Letters of recommendation are not needed for those applying to a non-thesis master’s degree program.
  • Unofficial transcripts are sufficient for an admit decision. Upload your transcripts on the online application under your “Institutional Data.” If you previously attended S&T, please email [email protected] if you need an unofficial transcript for your application. An unofficial transcript is required for your application to be processed.
  • Official transcripts should be mailed to S&T Admissions:
    Missouri University of Science and Technology
    106 Parker Hall
    300 W. 12th Street
    Rolla, Missouri 65409-1060

Application Deadlines - MeM at Missouri

This program does not have set deadlines, so you can apply at any time. We do encourage students to apply by the stated dates to ensure their application gets processed in time for the beginning of the semester.

FallJuly 31August
SpringDec. 31January
SummerMay 19June

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Scholarships Available : MeM at Missouri

Students may receive several types of financial aid, including loans, grants and scholarships.

The S&T Student Financial Assistance Office can provide further information and assist you with federal aid and upcoming scholarship deadlines.

Specializations & Electives Offered

The online master’s in engineering management is a 30-credit-hour program divided between a core (12 credit hours), electives (18 credit hours) and an emphasis area. No campus visits are required. Courses use a semester-based format: the typical student takes one or two classes each semester to finish in two to three years.

Consider developing a specialty in one of the following areas:

Lean Six Sigma: Explore Lean Six Sigma methods and practices and how they make projects and processes more efficient.

Project engineering and construction management: Learn how to manage all stages of construction projects, better utilize resources and develop more effective systems and processes.

Project management: Prepare to meet Project Management Institute standards and apply these methods in engineering and technology contexts.

Safety engineering: Create a safer environment for all workers. Learn to identify and mitigate risks and hazards to prevent accidents during the course of a project.

Financial engineering: Get ready to take Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA) certification exams. Courses expose you to financial theory, markets and managing financial risks.

FAQs About MeM

Admission requirements typically include a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and satisfactory GRE scores. Please refer to the official program website for specific details.

While a background in engineering is typically preferred, the MEM program may consider applicants with relevant work experience in technical or managerial roles. Contact the admissions office for personalized guidance.

You can enter all types of work experience in the Education and Experience section as well as detailing these experiences on your CV (Resumé).

MEM graduates often pursue careers in engineering management, project management, operations, consulting, and leadership roles within the engineering and technology sectors.

Yes, the MEM program fosters industry connections and offers opportunities for internships or collaborative projects with engineering organizations. These experiences enhance practical skills and provide networking opportunities.

Application Process & timeline

We strongly advise all our clients to have a proper excel sheet or a timetables mapped out.
Once you are done with GMAT the entire application process usually take 4-6 weeks

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Step 3

Application Prep

3-4 weeks at least. 

Start writing at least 1 month in advance of their 1st deadline. First application usually takes the longest.

Step 4

Interview Prep

1 week

School will notify you and give you roughly 1 week to schedule your interview. Ideally, start your prep ASAP and Do some mock interviews.

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