Exeter University MeM Interview Questions

Interview Questions collected from Past clients

Exeter University MeM Interviews

About MeM Interviews:

It is intended to help both University staff and potential students understand the framework in which interviews are conducted at Exeter. To ensure that our admissions process is fair and transparent.

Interviews can be stressful for applicants and this policy aims to ensure that the experience is professional and welcoming, allowing the applicant to demonstrate potential.

Key Tip:

  1. Stay calm and keep a smile on your face!
  2. Engage the panel and be confident.

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Exeter MeM Interview Experience-1

“I was interviewed away from the Campus via Skype on Nov 25, 2019. The Ultimate Decision was that I was Admitted.

The following are the questions that were asked:”

Duration: Fifteen minutes
1. Could you give a quick overview of your educational background and yourself?
2. Why did you decide on the University of Exeter’s Master of Engineering Management programme?
3. In your academic or professional life, how do you manage obstacles and shifts?
4. Which traits or strengths do you think you’ll bring to the programme?
5. Describe your involvement in a team project that you have worked on.
6. What are your long- and short-term professional objectives in engineering management?
7. Could you share a proud moment from your career or personal life?
8. In the realm of engineering, how do you adjust to the quickly evolving technical advancements?

“Demonstrate your adaptability by discussing how you stay current with educational trends and incorporate innovative teaching methods into your practices.”

Exeter MeM Interview Experience-2

“My interview for the Exeter Programme took place on March 15, 2022. The interview lasted for approximately forty-five minutes. It was a Zoom interview that was simple to conduct.”

These questions were asked:

1. Could you elaborate on a particular branch of engineering management that you find particularly interesting?
2. Which abilities or experiences from your professional and academic background do you believe will help you succeed in the programme?
3. After completing this programme, what kind of engineering management career do you see yourself in?
4. Tell about a time you had to resolve a dispute or disagreement inside the team by mediating it.
5. In your career or studies, how do you maintain organisation and motivation?
6. Give an instance where you had to decide something important based on insufficient information. What strategy did you employ?

“Highlight any certifications, training, or professional development experiences that showcase your commitment to continuous improvement and staying current in your field.”

Exeter MeM Interview Experience-3

“A career team member from the Exeter MeM Program conducted a 45-minute interview with me. It was held on February 18, 2021.

Following are the questions i can remember now”

1. How do you go about conducting research and studying on your own?
2. What part does collaboration play in engineering management, and could you give an instance from your work?
3. Could you describe a scenario in which you had to supervise a group of people or collaborate closely? What kind of project was it, and what part did you play?
4. Talk about your participation in any extracurricular engineering-related initiatives or events.
5. How do you efficiently prioritise your duties and manage your time?

“Do you have any questions for us?

Exeter University MeM Interview Experience-4

“My interview lasted for almost 30 minutes. The majority of the interview was conducted in conversation. The order of the interview questions I can remember is as follows:”

1. For your Master of Engineering Management, why did you select the University of Exeter?
2. Could you give an instance where you needed to manage scarce resources to accomplish a goal?
3. How is engineering management being affected by technology, in your opinion, and how do you keep up with new developments in the field?
4. Give an example of a project where your creative problem-solving and inventive ideas were put to use.
5. What characteristics are necessary for an engineering manager to be successful, in your opinion?
6. What part do environmental responsibility and sustainability play in engineering management, and how do you take these things into account in your work?


“Overall it was a great learning experience for me.”

Exeter University Interview Experience-5

“The interview starts exactly in the time given.I was greeted by two PhD who were going to conduct my interview. We exchanged greetings and I confirmed with them whether they could see and hear me properly.

They introduced themselves and briefed me about how the interview would be conducted and when I get the results.”

The following topics were asked:

1. Which particular undergraduate courses or experiences do you think best prepared you for the University of Exeter’s MEM programme?
2. How do you respond to criticism and comments about your work or studies?
3. Give an example of a situation where you had to decide quickly. What was your strategy?
4. Which pastimes or interests do you think offer a special viewpoint or set of abilities that could be useful in engineering management?
5. How do you manage your commitments to job, life, and school?

“Finally, they asked me whether I had any questions for them.

This part of the interview was a little uneasy because they couldn’t understand my question properly.

However, it turned into a discussion about what’s the environment of the classroom like and what’s the relationship between the professors and students.”

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